Tarot Therapy


Many have used the Tarot as a tool for therapy for centuries. From the ordinary practitioner to psychologists, people have been fascinated by the Tarot’s uncanny ability to tap into the human subconscious.

“They are psychological images, symbols with which one plays, as the unconscious seems to play with its contents. They combine in certain ways, and the different combinations correspond to the playful development of events in the history of mankind. These archetypal ideas, of a differentiated nature, mingle with the ordinary constituents of the flow of the unconscious, and therefore it is applicable for an intuitive method that has the purpose of understanding the flow of life, possibly even predicting future events, at all events lending itself to the reading of the conditions of the present moment. It is in that way analogous to the I Ching, the Chinese divination method that allows at least a reading of the present condition. You see, man always felt the need of finding an access through the unconscious to the meaning of an actual condition, because there is a sort of correspondence or a likeness between the prevailing condition and the condition of the collective unconscious.” -Carl Jung, 1 March 1933, Seminar about the Tarot and active imagination.

It is in this way that Tarot Therapy can work.

It is in this way that as a Tarot Practitioner of the past ten+ years, that I share with my clients my expertise.


Reading tarot, or any other divination tool, for me is about connecting our present moment to the Inner Source of our Being. Which, also in effect, connects us to that which is all around us: the Sun, the Earth, the birds in the sky and fish in the sea. The living plants and flowers too. We are all connected in a web of connection that may at first seem supernatural, but in actuality is very natural indeed. We are engineered by nature to seek connectivity. Our atoms dance around the atoms of the computer you are using right this second.

I am here as a guide, a helper. I do not do “Fortune Tellings,” nor do I predict your untimely demise nor do I predict your concrete future. It is your job to live it and “divine” it for yourself. The way I tap into the psychology of the Tarot is much like any conduit or catalyst. I open myself up to what the Universe wants to share with us during our time spent together. Call it chance, I call it synchronicity.

I trust my inner compass and always leave room for serendipity. Readings with me are a bit unconventional, and I always try to incorporate a sense of fun. I may make boundaries clear, but I promise to always be respectful and tender. I try to meet you at your own level, because at the end of the day we are all family.

So, what can you expect? You should expect a safe space to open up honestly and truly without judgment or blame. All readings are conducted with utmost confidence and privacy. Readings are a very personal experience to be had, not only for the client but also for the practitioner.

Key Things During a Tarot Therapy Session

To come to the session with an open mind. To be there. To be present. To actively take a role in your current situation.

To be honest about your self and not be afraid of shame, judgement or blame. All of these are absent.

To pay attention to what is being said and what has heart and meaning for you as the client.

To be open to outcome. The realization that nothing is written in stone. Nothing lasts forever. And no situation  is unchangeable.

Code of Ethics

All in all however, I am not a doctor, nor a licensed social worker and I will always encourage you to seek professional assistance if for whatever reason. I know many wonderful therapists, including my own! My role is to help you gain some sense of insight into your circumstances whether they be for good or ill. But just note: I do not predict fixed outcomes, because change can happen at any time. That is the meaning of Life. And as such, I believe that we are each responsible for how we conduct and respond to the situations in our lives. Like I said above, each session is conducted with privacy, however I am a mandated reporter and will do so accordingly should the need arise.

Distanced eCourses & Local Classes

Tarot Classes ($10.00/ per class. Most classes are available on Wednesdays and Fridays. However individual classes can be arranged with appropriate scheduling and on your own time via the eCourses. Required class supplies include: a journal and writing/sketching instruments; a preferred tarot deck, an open mind and heart. Basic comprehension of social sciences will also give you an advantage. A light snack and tea will be provided. Each class ranges from 2-3 hours.) These classes are for both beginners and advanced Tarot Practitioners. Classes are offered in distanced learning or local workshoppe settings.

Tarot Spread Photo of the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.
Gratitude to Ricardo Rosado for the beautiful Photograph~


8 thoughts on “Tarot Therapy

  1. The reading gave me a deeper perspective on who I am as a person now and the person I want to grow into in the near future. Derek said that he was not there to predict my future because that was in my hands – – this was an empowering statement that made me think about looking inward and listening to myself more. The experience was different then anything else I had encountered in my life and helped appreciate the power of spiritual healing.

  2. You and I approach doing Tarot readings in much the same way! I’d love to get a reading from you sometime, to both learn about myself and improve my own reading abilities! Do you do email or skype readings?

  3. I feel really good about this reading in terms of getting insight into what is currently happening and staying strong and I feel a bit more hopeful.

  4. Derek, My first reading gave me new insight into what I am currently experiencing. The lesson from last night further helped me understand the power that these cards can hold. Thank you for your teaching and I look forward to our next session.


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