New Updated UREI 210 Classes Begin This Fall


UREI 210 Okuden: Usui Reiki Inner Teachings
(Level 2 for Intermediates)

$ZERO (104 Hours) FIFTY-TWO 2.0 hrs. Seminars
Cost of class is free, however students will need to purchase associated class materials unless a need be greater. Students are encouraged to make a donation to any local community organisation such as Black Lives Matter, Citizen Action NY, the Albany Social Justice Center, Albany Free School, Grafton Peace Pagoda; or Densho, a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving, educating, and sharing the story of World War II-era incarceration of Japanese Americans in order to deepen understandings of American history and inspire action for equity.

This class is offered as an ecourse and locally with an interactive online component. Level 2 focuses on mental-emotional healing as you learn how to connect to the heart center. This course expands from an initial 2-day workshoppe, which will give each student hands-on practice and facilitate a better understanding of True Love, and True Suffering. Okuden clears negative emotion and thought patterns, assists with addictions, and heals past lives. It is at this level that the student learns and practices Shodo & Sumi-e Calligraphy, seasonal patterns of chi, distance healing, and Karmic healing via the Power, Harmony, and Distant Healing Symbols. Students will be required to complete 20 hours of community service to include 1-hour unpaid reiki therapy sessions. In order to receive certification, students will keep a journal documenting a Usui 21-day detox for purification and energetic clarity over the period of this 52-week course.

PREREQUISITE: Usui Reiki 1 Certification from Healey Sensei or another Reiki Master Teacher. However, an interview tea will need to be completed to see where you and your studies are currently at. You may not be ready for this level, or perhaps will be better suited to a higher level of course study.

Click Here for the current Syllabus: 
UPDATED 7/4/17: UREI 210 Okuden Syllabus


Shinpiden Usui Reiki Hikkei – Makafushigi: The Mystery



Shinpiden Usui Reiki Level 3 for Masters
$265 (49 Hours) TWO 5-hour days, followed by THIRTEEN 3 hrs. Seminars

This class is offered as an ecourse and locally with an interactive online component. The Third Level focuses on spiritual healing as you learn how we are expressions of the Divine Source, how our movements are an aspect of this greater movement. It is at this level that the Usui Master and Grounding Symbols, as well as other nontraditional symbols are taught. Shinpiden prepares students to pass along the Reiki tradition, and this is where students take Reiki Vows possibly for the first time in their lives. Students will also learn the skill of Chado Tea Ceremony. This course expands from an initial 2-day workshoppe, which will give each student hands-on practice and facilitate a better understanding of what it means to become a Sensei. Students will be required to complete 10 hours of unpaid reiki therapy and 5 hours of community service at a local place of worship, garden, park, hospital, homeless shelter, nursing home, or non-profit. In order to receive certification, students will keep a journal documenting a Usui 21-day detox for purification and energetic clarity; and 40-day challenge, over the period of this 13 month course.

PREREQUISITES: Usui Reiki 1 Certification , Usui Reiki 2 Certification, and Advanced Usui Reiki Certification from me or another Reiki Master Teacher. However, an interview tea will need to be completed to see where you and your studies are currently at. You may not be ready for this level, or perhaps will be better suited to a higher level of course study.

REQUIRED Third Degree class materials include:

Text here (1) Text here (6) Text here (3) Text here (4)

  • Completion of all the above PREREQUISITE materials
  • Holistic Arts Institute Usui Reiki Level III Handbook (2012) (PDF File)
  • Gaian Tarot deck by Joanna Powell Colbert
  • The Mindfulness Survival Kit: Five Essential Practices by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • After the Ecstasy, the Laundry by Jack Kornfield
  • Buddha in a Teacup: Contemporary Dharma Tales b Todd Walton
  • The Teacup & The Skullcup: Where Zen and Tantra Meet by Chogyam Trungpa

A Letter from Me to You

Being a Reiki Sensei is simple, but not easy.

It is doing everything we have done before, but differently.

When we begin exploring Reiki, we study, read, and consume knowledge like it is candy. Then, we slowly realize that this is not just a one day, or a one 21-day thing. We slowly realize this is going to take work, and sweat, and many tears, and even a stronger sense of humour. Because not only do we study, read, consume knowledge like it is candy, but we do. We do the exercises, we do what the great teachers and books say. We do the meditations; we make the necessary lifestyle changes for our health. And then, we walk our talk.

We study, read, consume, do, and then LIVE what we have learned and continue to learn. Being a Master Teacher is like being a student all over again, but with insight. It is having done it and breathed it and lived it, but continuing to do it, breathe it, and live it.  It is having eyes to See, words to Speak, noses to Smell, ears to Listen, hearts to Love, and hands to Touch the world. We have grown and grown to accept that yes we are mentors and examples, but that we are also human.

We have bad days just like everyone else.

We cry, we yell, we get bad. We break up, we drink, we may even cuss. But we also love, unconditionally, and nurture ourselves and are kind enough to ourselves, because we Know- capital K, that we are still human.

We don’t go around wearing all white and throwing glitter. We aren’t now magically exempt from the suffering of the world because we are Master teachers. We are the wounded warriors of the soul. Through all the other levels and the more to come, we have become members & now leaders of the Scar Clan. With each passing day, we have grown to carry more and more of the suffering of the world in our hands, but we do not allow it to bog us down. Because as Master Teachers, when we peer into the darknesses of the world, and within ourselves, it is not that we are no longer afraid, it is that we know we have the cajones & ovarios enough to persevere and jump into the thick of it regardless.

Yes, to be a Teacher we have much work to do for others and the Universe, but especially for ourselves. Because yes, we may be “Masters,” but we have not yet reached mastery. But as Masters, we Know; we know that we do not have to do it alone.

Back to the Training


Each student will Master the following Coursework over the course of the following year at different Reiki Dharma Seminars:

  1. Reverence for Life 301
  2. True Happiness, Love & Intimacy 301
  3. Deep Listening & Loving Speech 301
  4. Nourishment & Healing 301
  5. Global Ethics 301
  6. Mystical Laundry 301 (In One Voice Documentary)
  7. Forgiveness & Reconciliation 301
  8. Mature Spiritual Language & Awakened Emotions 301
  9. Laughter of the Wise 301
  10. Reiki Ceremony & Ritual 301
  11. Chado: The Way of Tea 301 (Fieldtrip)
  12. Dharma Tales 101
  13. Oxherding 101

Each student will be attuned to Reiki 3 at the end of each training. The attunement is a process that happens between the Reiki Master/Teacher and the student. As the auras of the two people meld together, the student’s energy channels open and obstructions or blockages start to release. Each time a person receives an attunement, a larger percentage of this density releases. With less obstruction, the light of the Universe flows brighter and more in phase, like a coherent laser beam. Each Reiki Master has their own way of passing attunements, and various methods are valid. I just so happen to attune people at a Buddhist Temple sometimes. You needn’t be Buddhist or even religious to participate. All faiths/non-faiths are welcome!

An attunement does not give you anything new; it opens and aligns what is already a part of you. Attunements offer a sacred moment, a memorable crossing from one phase of life to another. It heightens and strengthens your capability to send healing outward into the world to your family, friends, and community. During an attunement, as many different things are experienced as there are initiates. Some see colours, others see pictures, and still others recall past lives. Some are filled with light or a feeling of total peace, wonder or love. Some may perceive more than others do. When asked to place their hands upon someone else to bring the energy through, the new Reiki healer may experience for the first time the Reiki characteristic of heat radiating through their hands.



We will all meet at The Interfaith Center in Albany by 8:30am for the training. There will be a break for lunch around noon, (Please bring your own homemade food, I only ask that it be fresh and organic to help facilitate your attunement process.) Herbal waters, Tea, and Healthy Refreshments will be provided. After lunch we will discuss some more followed by a meditation and attunements. After the attunements, I will give you all some time to talk amongst yourselves, meditate and possibly write/reflect in your journals. Then we will all gather for a walk to Washington Park, followed by a Japanese dinner at the Shogun restaurant.

Japanese Tea Ceremony Location TBD, possibly at Kaji Aso Studios in Boston, MA.


  • Gaian Tarot deck
  • A notebook and pen.
  • A crystal of your choice for concentration.
  • A healthy lunch, and water/tea bottle.
  • A walking stick (not required)
  • A yoga mat (not required)
  • Please dress comfortably and accordingly. (It gets quite cold OCTOBER-APRIL.)
    (Bring a sweater/hoodie should it get cool. This is a RAIN/SNOW or SHINE event.)
    -Please feel free to bring non-toxic bug spray/sun block since this will be an all day event until around 5pm. (MAY-SEPTEMBER)

TRAINING COST: The training cost of the first day is $150 and non-refundable to help pay for course materials and time. (You will need to PREPAY a $60 depsoit for your Book Bundle and to secure your spot.) Each of the other Trainings will be $10 US. Other training out there can be very expensive, and so in a way to help and teach everyone of every financial situation I have created the above price, alternative payment options and this Scholarship.

Text here (4)   ITEMIZED PRICING:

Shinpiden Book Bundle – $80 US
Tuition – $180 US
Training Room Fee – $5 US
Monthly Reiki Dharma Seminars – Included with Tuition (Series of 13 Above)


If you for some reason miss a class, you will automatically be added to the next month’s training date, and an additional $35 US (Reiki Dharma Seminars $10 US) will have to be charged. Of course things come up and happen, however I have to secure and maintain the training space and this allows us to keep running. If students never showed up, we would not be able to maintain the center.

Please be considerate and respectful of other students and your teacher.


You will be attuned the day of the training, however, as stated above you will not be certified until you complete the following criteria:

  • Completed Reading of Shipiden Book Bundles
  • Complete the 21-day Detox
  • Complete the 40-Day Challenge
  • Complete 10 Hands-on & Distanced Practicum Practice Sessions
  • Complete 10 Practicum Attunements
  • Complete PROJECT: 50 Random Acts of Kindness & Gratitude, includes 3 Peace Vigil Walks
  • Complete PROJECT: Sacred Retreat
  • Complete Individual Reiki Vows
  • Complete all 13 Reiki Dharma Seminars (See above for course list)
  • Complete Oral Presentation (10 Question Final Exam)
    Study Guide will be provided.

Students are expected to practice Reiki daily, obey the Five Principles, make an effort to live those principles in their daily lives, encourage mental & emotional growth, practice Hatsureiho daily for self-cleansing & spiritual enhancement, and to continue spiritual development by attending regular training seminars to receive extra Rei-ju attunements for cleansing, purification, and to strengthen their abilities to access Reiki.

THIS is also open to any degree practitioner for a tune up/refresher. ((This course is also available as an eCourse)) (*If you are interested in the class/distanced eCourse, message me: )  

COURSE SYLLABUS: The goals for the first day’s training will be that the Student will be able to:


  1. Explain the meaning of Sensei.
  2. Explain the meaning of Bodhisattva.
  3. Describe the role of the Reiki Master/Teacher.
  4. Explain the intent of Dai-Ko-Myo.
  5. Explain the intent of Raku.
  6. Explain the intent of Tibetan Dai-Ko-Myo.
  7. Explain the intent of Kriya.
  8. Explain the intent of Nin-Giz-Zida.
  9. Describe the applications for the symbols.
  10. Explain the happenings of a Spiritual Upgrade.
  11. Explain the intent of attunements.
  12. Describe the preparation for passing hands-on attunements.
  13. Demonstrate how to pass hands-on attunements.
  14. Apply the hands-on and distanced attunement methods in daily practices.
  15. Describe the process for sacred space, sacred object, and healing attunements.
  16. Explain the significance for Reiki Certificates.
  17. Explain the significance of good Reiki reference materials.
  18. Explain the significance of charging for Reiki classes.
  19. Explain the importance of being prepared when learning/teaching Reiki.
  20. Explain the importance of sharing when learning/teaching Reiki.
  21. Explain the importance of letting others share when learning/teaching Reiki.
  22. Explain the importance of taking lots of breaks when learning/teaching Reiki.
  23. Explain the importance of drinking lots of water while learning/teaching Reiki.
  24. Explain the importance of knowing one’s limits when learning/teaching Reiki.
  25. Explain the importance of relaxing and having fun when learning/teaching Reiki.
  26. Define miracle as it applies to Reiki healers.
  27. Describe the practice of Imagery in Healing.
  28. Describe the practice of Reiki Shamanism.
  29. Explain the meaning of Lightworker.
  30. Explain how the human heart is a source of intelligence.
  31. Define Spiritual Avatar.
  32. Explain how Reiki is a part of planetary healing.
  33. Apply the Unified Heart technique in daily practice.
  34. And SO MUCH MORE…

Learning to become a Master is a process. It takes time, dedication, and diligence. It takes patience of the Self and of the world. Every student in my opinion is a Master-in-Training. Everyone is a Master and my students are just as much my own Teachers as I am theirs! Once again students are asked to develop their personal practice before moving on to the Fourth Level of Shihan Secret Teachings. (COMING SOON!)

Text here (5)

Being Attuned to Usui Reiki 1


This morning I slept in, cleaned my room, did some laundry, and proceeded to take a sacred shower. I got out, dried off, and misted myself with some Rose, Rosemary, and Grapefruit essential oil mist I had made for the occasion; because today, I prepared for my first attunement in Reiki.

I sat in lotus position, turned on my playlist with Loreena McKennitt, lit my candles and incense, and added a few tarot cards for visualization. I opened myself up, began my rhythmic breathing, and allowed myself to be swept away…

This process is more of a initiation  where a Reiki Master facilitates a release of obstructions in the student’s energy channels and aura. This is where the students built up issues from their life begin to release and lift up. It opens and aligns what is already a part of the student. It is a sacred moment of moving from one phase of life towards another, and in studying Usui Reiki, there are three main attunements that occur before one then becomes a Master teacher  her/himself.

During this initiation meditative state, the student can experience many different things, one of which is the characteristic warmth/heat of hands that goes along with healing-touch.

For me I saw many different waves of moving colour. Some were circle rings that moved like water in and out, some where wave movements and still, others formed images. Some were rainbow, some were bright green and turquoise blue. Some were purple with stars behind the colour. It was a pretty trippy fireworks show.

Physically, I felt several things. There was a slight pain/crack on the top right of my head that burned down to the base of my occipital bone.

Then it slowly went down to my chest center like a running stream of water, down into my solar plexus which felt like electrical pangs of hunger, and then finally down to both my feet, which tingled as well as felt warm.

My left hand felt like I was holding a fire ball, and my right felt like I was holding a snow ball. Each had an electrical feel, and also a warm pulsating static electric feeling. You know that feeling when you’ve just come in from a really long hike in the winter time? When your hand feels so cold that it feels hot? That’s my best explanation of how that went.

After the hour long meditation, I simply looked in the mirror and noticed my eyes were a little teary.

My face felt warm and plump as if I had just been the gym. As I touched my face with my fingers, it was as if I was saying hello to a long lost friend. I paused my meditation music, layed down for a moment to soak it all in. I felt happy, strong, and at peace.

I felt warm, hungry, alive, yet also a little tired. As if I was only partially here and there, but what is odd is that I felt as grounded as I ever have before.

I drank the glass of cold water I had poured for myself afterwards, and just let it glide down my throat. It woke me up a bit and ignited my cravings for a nice big lunch.

So, now I am sitting here, eating some leftover mushroom, red tomato, chicken and farfalle with a tasty fresh slices of mozzarella, basil and tomatoes with a balsamic vinaigrette. My taste buds thank me. My belly definitely thanks me. And my heart thanks me as this amazing journey towards healing begins.

After sharing what I experienced with my teacher, she responded:

Hello Derek, Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

I discovered that your chakras were already very clean and balanced.  I detected just a few teensy dark flecks in the area of the left solar plexus, and in the area of the physical pancreas.  Most likely these were just indications of being a bit hungry. 

It is also apparent that you have already established a strong connection through your Gaia or Earthstar chakra.  This would make perfect sense though with the shamanic work you have been doing in the lower world.  I see these energies as infrared light with a dynamic oil slick quality to them.  They impart an extremely subtle pinkish oil slick quality to the lower three chakras… 
I am glad to know that you are nurturing yourself well following your attunement.