Reiki Master Lessons

Seattle Japanese Gardens
A colorful fall day at the Seattle Japanese Gardens – Chris Weber

Here are a selection of some of my sayings over the past few years. I hope that my words may inspire not only your practice, but your daily life!


Wisdom Bits, odds, and ends

Ki is manifest in our emotions and in our senses. Me must utilize all of them to produce healing in this world, not only healing touch, but also healing sight; speaking healing words and cooking healing tastes, healing music and listening to other’s truths; healing aromas with dirt, ocean, wind, herbs, and fire; and healing spirit with grace and patience. Manifest a world with every daily action by affecting your environment. You were put here to do good work. So get out there and work it! Heal with all your emotions and senses. Show others how to handle their anger and fear, through joy and courage. Invoke diligence and dedication, showing others their worth and witnessing your own; be grateful and appreciative; and throw about your surroundings compassionate kindness with every step and breath you take. Enact, transmute, and be the peace. (c) 21 JUN 2016 DJH

“We all must walk the dark path alone at some point along our journey, and not just once, twice, or three times; but countless times throughout our lives. Each time becomes a bit easier. You learn to walk with a bit more assurance. You develop the strength; but then there come moments when it’s time to take off the armour. To trust. To surrender. To allow the box to be opened that for so long was kept hidden in the back of the backs of our minds and hearts. To walk and take the hand of our wounded parts of self. And yes, this means sometimes we have to take the small hand of a frightened child… We walk with them, we become them once again; facing the darknesses head on, together. Confronting the truths, crying if necessary; yelling too; and responding eventually with sincere compassion.” (c) 20 MAR 2016 DJH

“Reiki is not pouring the tea, and letting it go cold. It’s pouring the tea, warming the hands, and enjoying the moment for what it is: transient, aromatic, and medicinal.
Reiki is not all about the sparkliest crystal, and most expensive essential oil. It’s about the stone in the backyard, and scent of freshly brushed teeth: Simple, effective, and to the point.
Reiki is not saying one thing, and doing another. It’s about walking the talk in every aspect of life.
Reiki is not suppressing your anger or fears. It’s working, creating, and transmuting them efficiently and therapeutically.
Reiki is not all rainbows and butterflies. Although unicorns pay pop up time and time again; you have to be willing to get your hands dirty in the deep dark rich earth of your psyche.
Reiki is not about keeping grudges, hating your job, or complaining to the high heavens. It’s about forgiveness, compassion for all others, and realising that the world does not revolve around you and petty grievances.
Reiki is not about feeling continuously depleted, taken advantage of, or allowing others to manipulate your energy. It’s about grounding yourself in empathy, not sympathy.
Reiki is not about fancy hand positions or secret symbols. It’s about connecting to all that is organic, flowing, changing, and evolving.
Reiki is not being afraid to look in the mirror; it’s looking death straight in the face and nurturing those last moments before you blossom into a better version of you.
Reiki is not just touching someone’s body; it’s giving a hug, sharing a smile, and listening to someone’s pain. Sometimes you do more by simply touching their heart, than stroking your own ego.” (c) 25 FEB 2016 DJH

“The screens we use serve to beautify the teaching. But, remove the screen and what remains? The light, which with all its shine and splendor is expressionless. It is the projector, but we and our teachings give it personality, we give it humanity. We add words and culture and colour and texture and form. With our experience, we pull flavour from the light in hopes of explaining the unexplainable.Ultimately, we prepare the student until that one day they peak behind and behold the flame. Hopefully, with enough training, they are not burned but wrapped in the same ecstasy we have discovered. Every teacher tries and attempts and hopes for this. Yet, some students inevitability will not be enraptured, but to the contrary, consumed by the heat of the Source. In their haste, they do not develop the armour to withstand the inferno. Teachers remember, this is not your doing but theirs. Theirs is a path chosen, not offered. Above all things, do not blame yourself. You are the screen, you are the teaching. If the student decides to toss you aside, what is to be expected? Take us away, and the candle blows out. Take our protection away, and the fire grows out of control. Yet too, on occasion, the lucky chosen student enlightens… But again when egos are too large for their eyes, they do not see or feel what is happening. Disillusioned by grandeur or lost interest in discovery, students will disappoint. And they will suffer for it. As teachers, we will inevitably lose some, and… we will feel their pain… Remember… we can hope the best, but we must also accept the contrary. Remember, we are teachers not God. All we can do is as instructed by our Master’s Masters: teach those who diligently seek our teaching with kindness, and never give up hope on those who turn away from us in anger or out of fear for what they might discover behind the screen.” (c) 8 FEB 2016 DJH

Sometimes we meet very wise people who have never gone anywhere special, never undertaken a systematic spiritual practice, never had a mystical experience. They can appear as the generous-hearted and loving child care worker, the sage who works in the local bookstore, the smiling person sitting next to you in a cafe, or the compassionate grandmother beloved by an entire community. Such people emanate wisdom, immediacy, a gracious and free heart; they exemplify those who are unafraid to live, to love, and to let go. When we realize that we can be healers who possess these generous hearts we change. We change into healers who are fearless and cheerful, who live, love, and let go. We can be those healers in this very moment. Without the attunements, and without the grand adventures. We can if we choose to be amongst the present moment that is filled with unlimited potentiality. Unafraid and loving. (c) 31 MAY 2015 DJH

“Whatever we wish to know well, we must love. We can’t master any field of study – whether music, art, an academic field, or a profession – unless we love what we are studying. Study without love leads to a shallow, superficial understanding. Real mastery comes from love. For many, Reiki is the path of love. To love others, to love the beauty of this world develops the capacity for love. The more we can love, the more we can heal. The more we can love, the more we can love the Source. To Love the Source is to Know the Source. Many of us are afraid of love. We have been disappointed before, not only by our romantic loves, but also by friends and family we have loved. We can become afraid to open up and love again. There is an old Turkish saying, ” The one who was burned by the soup blows on the yogurt.” Yet whatever our past hurts and fears of future pain, we must learn to love again. One of the most important functions of a teacher and of a Reiki group of sincere seekers is to provide a safe place to risk loving. We also fear love because it may transform us. And it is so. For the true lover, the true healer, the sense of self dissolves so that lover, love, and beloved become one. The false-ego is afraid of losing control, and even more afraid of dissolving, and comes up with reason after reason for refusing to let go, refusing to let ourselves love fully. We can then let ourselves be inspired by the words of those masters who have become lovers. Who have become healers in spite of this fear.” (c) 18 MAY 2015 DJH

“We are our own barometers of Self. We can sense, hear, and feel when changes are in the air as well as within us…if we only stop to take the time to pay attention. Oftentimes changes and true transformation occurs slowly with time, that we don’t even realize it until a friend, lover, or family members asks you what has changed?

It could be for good or it could be for bad. Our jobs as seekers is to pay attention to our inner barometers of Self, so that if we are slipping toward the darkness, we can correct it before it gets too bad. Although, if you are any like me it takes a close person to your heart to snap you out of it. None of us are perfect. But with time, and with practice, you’ll be able to see the changes unfolding. Look in the mirror and have a look for yourself. Do you like what you see? Do you love what you see? Do you accept what you see?

I do.” (c) 14 AUG 2013

“There is a duality to everything…like I wrote today, I’m not always happy.
I acknowledge the sadness, ponder it for a bit, shed a tear on a leaf if need be, and send it floating away on a stream…[‎& that is beautiful, because it is acceptance which is often an impossible thing to conquer.]  Yes, yes it is. It is so hard I think, because we have a tendency for self affliction as a species. We dwell, and dwell and dwell without actually taking the time to truly get to the root of the issue. Oftentimes though, the truth is hidden, deep in the forest. I just happen to be one of those adventurers who isn’t afraid to wield a machete.
I may bleed, and cry, and produce a bit of mucus, but the struggle, the fight to LIVE and to say that I lived makes all the difference in the world. I try to epitomize that through my writing. My words bleed raw sometimes, as my heart bleeds. I know what suffering means. I think that is why I try to help others out of theirs. You’re right, I am a “people for the people.” (c) 13 JUN 2012

“What is the difference between living and existing to you? Everyone has their own each individual meanings, but living, truly LIVING, for me is all about experiencing your hours and minutes to the fullest of your abilities. By seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, hearing and sensing something beautiful each and every day with either just myself or with friends and family. Much like Life itself, it needn’t be grand. It can be small and fragile and simple and deliciously marvelous. Existing would be just “getting-by,” and trudging on amongst the monotany. Mindlessness without personality or passion. Sadly, many people do this, and in so never quite find what they are looking for. If only they looked a bit closer, they would see that life and its many fruits are all around them.” (c) 17 APR 2012

“The skies have never looked so black and the aire never smelled so fresh! Listening to crickets by the fire.” (c) 15 APR 2012

“I dont think it matters where you live. Whether its in the wild or in a big urban setting. As long as you can make a conscious effort to live life with all your ability. To see, taste, smell, hear, touch, sense something beautiful everyday. It’s all about shifting from the mundane and seeing the magick that is truly all around us.” (c) 11 APR 2012

“Stop existing and start living.” (c) 11 APR 2012

“I walk in the sunlight, and dream, and smile, and breathe.
I walk in the moonlight, and fly, and explore, and dream some more.
What type of walk will you make with your steps to-day & night?” (c) 10 APR 2012

“Soul-word of the day: Gather. Gather thee a bundle of sweet rose friends and hold them close to your heart…Blessed week end!” (c) 6 APR 2012

“Namaste. Namaste. Joy. Namaste. Heal. Namaste. Detox. Tea. Namaste. Joy. Breathe. Namaste.
Breathe Joy into your Heart & Mind. Namaste.”  (c) 19 APR 2012

“Hello & Happy Spring Soul-friends! Clarifying your life can be so eye opening! These past few weeks I have undergone a serious look inside my mind, body and spirit. I have pruned from my wintery tree not only boxes of clothes, books, and unwanted decor, but also friends& lovers that unfortunately for this time are unhealthy. I will miss these people greatly, and honestly the love I have for them has not lessened. The ultimate wisdom in this purge is that it is necessary and perfectly accepablte to say “NO!” to negativity. To say “NO!” to untrue love. And to say “STOP!” when you are continually trying to carry people on your shoulders while they take advantage. This is normal and respectable. Knowing your limits as a divine human being, is paramount. Because all of us grow and move to our own drums, and our own lives. Paths cross, and sometimes cross again. For now distance may separate us, but our hearts have been imprinted. And I choose to remember the happy memories of the past. I miss you, but I need to be a bringer of light and not of darkness. I follow a drum of honestly and of love. If you can’t hear my beat, it is time to say good-bye. Good-bye Loves. For now, until you are healthy enough to travel alongside me looking upwards toward the skies and getting lost. Being honest, and truthful will set you free. With Spring’s surprise & rainbow’s embrace, quickened be the heart within you & Opened be your Soul to grace. Blessed Equinox! Blessed Spring!” (c) 20 MAR 2012

“Tree buds are like eggs that hatch when they are ready to show the world their beauty.” (c) 22 MAR 2012

‎”Moon’s full-tide blessings in Leo~
What will your Lunar meditation be?
Will it be filled with passion & creativity?
Or instead, of a story buried in your heart?
From a space you’ve made room for a Soul-part?
Remember still, we are young.
So vision a dream, dance, sing & run!” (c) 7 FEB 2012

“Each new day we are reborn, with brand new opportunities and a new beginning to start fresh. I’m glad your spirits are well, we all ebb and flow. We simply need to fight to remember ourselves as if we were ghosts of dreams long ago forgotten. That’s the fun part, voyaging into the unknown…”(c) 7 FEB 2012

“Last night was filled with dreams of a visceral nature. What have your dreams been whispering to you? Both kinds of dreams, the daytime flutters and the darktime slumberings? Mmmm, aren’t they just delicious?” (c) 19 JAN 2012

“The blessing of love be ever with you, Over sea, over shore, over stone… May you be blessed and protected wherever the Auroras bring you..” (c) 10 JAN 2012

“Freya’s Day Philosophy: Take a moment today to do some *Mindful love walking…” (c) 30 DEC 2011

“Warmth of spirit defrosts even the bitterest cold.” (c) 11 OCT 2011

“A person will get well when he is tired of being sick.” (c) 30 SEP 2011

“The soul recovers by going out there and pieceing it together again, it isnt a puzzle, it is fluid. Its like pouring water back into a glass, the container always fills itself.” (c) 27 SEP 2011

“Diosa, how I missed the trees!” (c) 16 SEP 2011

” I say this blessing to you, and yours. May you find Home~
And breathe the aire that is fresh& moist & cool. Let the breath carry you about your day, follow in its wisdom. The calm taking you over. Simple cycles of purity, taking you there. Home.” (c) 9 SEP 2011

“Counting Ladybirds, lots and lots of Ladybirds.” (c) 1 SEP 2011

“Celebrate! There is nothing better than to sink your teeth into something that is equally healthy for your mind, body& spirit.
Presently preparing the warm breads soaked in honey…” (c) 31 JUL 2011

“There is a spark in my chest that shines without rest.” (c) 4 JUL 2011

“‘Twas a night to ponder amongst the roses and mulberry groves: a true midsummer night’s dream come true.” (c) 26 JUN 2011

“If I could bottle up this feeling, so that I may sweetly ponder it in years to come, it would smell of raindrops, and tea, and dusk, and You.” (c) 22 JUN 2011

“Breakfast tea-
-the dog barks loud.
(c) 2 JUN 2011 Attempted Haiku

“This Memorial Day I give homage to not only all of the men but also the equally deserving women who have been warriors throughout our past. Especially, Joan d’ Arc, whom Mark twain (Samuel Clemens) said was “easily and by far the most extraordinary person the human race has ever produced.” He spent 12 years researching and writing his book titled “Joan of Arc.” Even though it is not his most well known, he considered it one of his best. This Memorial Day REMEMBER, that each of us is a warrior, and we all carry our different weapons…” (c) 29 MAY 2011

“Sincere, compassionate excercise is the most perfect way to breathe.” (c) 24 MAY 2011

” Breeze rain perfume of apple blossoms~ `tis a magickal day.” (c) 10 MAY 2011

“Always speak with integrity. Never with rage. And most of all with a Smile.” (c) 4 MAY 2011

“Take a moment, conscentrate on a cluster of flowers or sit at a Garden retreat. Breathe. Let the prana flow~Connect. If you are a more adventurous type take off your shoes& socks. No one will mind. Use this as a moment for yourself. Breathe. Let go. Only FEEL. Use the fresh new Spring earth as your yoga mat. Breathe. Its okay to be a little wild. Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) is nice. Or Full Child Pose (Balasana). Really fuse your consciousness to that of the Garden: The Earth. Have fun& just let go for a little while.. Happy Healing!” (c) 3 MAY 2011 On International Garden Meditation Day

“The Whole World is SPEAKING. Be still a moment.
Listen with your Heart. There are Beings all around You.
Don’t be afraid to hear them.
the ancestors,
the elders,
the living spirits of nature.
With their guidance we’ll thrive.
Together.” (c) 29 APR 2011

“The smell of rain weighs heavy upon my eyelids. Heat lightening adds spark to these prophetic dreams. Where centipedes wear top hats& ebony finches red petticoats. Where men purr into one`s ear, beguiling a stammer. Ah yes! Thursday has come! Thor`s Day indeed!” (c) 28 APR 2011-Thursday

“Learn to navigate all of Life with Grace by tapping into your more natural fluid nature.” 27 APR 2011

“I am better off now, here. Thinkin’. The tea pot is boilin’. The dog is a barkin’.
I am better off now, here. Lovin’. This spot of herbal remedy. With the cat a meowin’.
I am better off now, here. Trancin’. This shaman dream hike. With animals in the wood. A Screamin’.
I am better off now, here. Journeyin’. This bright new world. With my guides a Flyin’.
I am better off now, My heart is a Healin’.” (c) 9 APR 2011

“That which is unavailable. Do thy test me? When the cloit of clouds hang over thy agostic head, i search for the answers.. I want thy flesh upon my flesh& yearn for thy pleasure& esctasy. Do you want me? The way thy wants thee? Who shall cast the first ripple? Do i even want thy ripple? So many questions which can be answered with a simple exhale of breath. Yearn& grasp at which you want most dear..I will be thee. I will be thy. Thy will be Thy. Magick in thy grasp.” (c) 5 APR 2011

“Grow in the Fire! Burn in the Clouds^
Swim through the Vines~ Breathe in the Sea….
*FEEL your Spirit EXPLODE**” (c) 3 APR 2011

“At the heart of the Festival of Bacchus was carelessness, ecstasy, and unbridled happiness. Choose to be happy…” (c) 2 APR 2011

“Hyacinths, Narcissus. Sprouting through the thawing ground. Bathing in the Sunlight. It`s time for us to reconnect with the earth, too. Break new ground. Get Growing.” (c) 18 MAR 2011

“May apple blossoms sprout in your dreams, filled with robin’s flight & Spring’s fresh delight.” (c) 14 MAR 2011

“FEEL your inner Thunder on this rainy Thor`s Day~ My hands are clapping to the sound~ Living by Spark of Lightening. A change is slow in coming/ My eyes can scarcely see/ The rays of hope come streaming/ Through the smoke of apathy.
But oh my heart be strong/ And guide when eyes grow dim/ When ears grow deaf with empty words/ When I know there`s life within.
May the spirit never die/ Though a troubled heart feels pain/ When this long wintre is over/ It will blossom once again.” (c) 10 MAR 2011

“when you close your eyes, may your eye-lids smile back at you from the inner darkness. let your cozy nest keep you warm on this cold night, your heart warming from your toes to your nose. May your dreams give you thoughts to ponder in the morning& may they always ever be pleasant..blessed dreaming Soul-friends.” (c) 8 MAR 2011

“I have spent my days a think’n. My mornings I’ve spent a smili’n. My afternoons a dreamin’. And my nights a wishin’. When will the hallucinations stop? It’s like a melting paragua, without the syrup. A roundhouse without dung. I have spent my days a think’n. Creations in my head, come to life in the sunlight, these sparkling hallucinations, that keep me alivin’.” (c) 1 MAR 2011

“there seems a time to remember. To remember the times and moments long ago, when all else seemed so warm and alive, and to have found it- a fire within me. That seems so long ago. It comes from time to time, and I remember. And I feel again. The warmth, the spice. The aroma. There seems a time to remember. To remember the times and moments so near, when all seems so warm and alive, and to find it once more.” (c) 26 FEB 2011

“Once the mind quiets, the path you are walking begins to seem not so much long and daunting as it is time well spent traveling. Feel & seek adventure in your Life every day. So, as your breath heart exhales, and your head upon the dream-pillow sinks, remember always there is never a shortcut to anywhere worth going.” (c) 20 FEB 2011

“Oh! have you ever noticed? The Sun rise? That golden grapefruit hue, that seems to cover every cold worry? I`ve seen the sun-rise, have you?” (c) 09 FEB 2011

“I feel my roots sinking into the damp warm earth. nutrients filling me- sated with minerals. My lungs expand filling with carbon dioxide, creating energy, exhaling oxygen. I feel alive. My green veins move with the flow of chlorophyll rising to the very tips of my fingers: outstretched, reaching. Towards the sun’s warm rays. I smile up to the heavens, the sky smiles back. All is in balance& I take another breath, I am whole again..” (c) 03 FEB 2011

“And it came to be a beautiful-wine night amongst the shooting stars & Pleiades’s..sweet dreams.” (c) 06 JAN 2011

“Sometimes, even the Dalai Lama has a bad day. but he acknowledges it, analyzes it, and then, GROWS from& with it.” (c) 17 November 2010

“Inspired: the night sings to me as if i were once deaf to the song of life. it is awakened and the banshee weeps. It is this moment. This unending divine moment: where the young can love. Where life is but a transcendence of time and dream mixes with reality. Where I am free.” (c) 10 November 2010

“When will be the day that life is renewed? when it is tasted through the ears and the mouth is but a conduit for the lusciousness of the fruit? when shall the mighty take part in acts of love, in acts of frivolity, in lust? when shall the land be renewed?” (c) 9 November 2010

“Let the earth rain, let the water fall, let the drops hit: the ground. our hands. our minds. our hearts. let it wash away our hate, our selfishness, our immature behaviours. let it cleanse us all of the non-sense. all the drama. all of the blame. and all of the struggle. let Gaia renew, refresh, recharge. this world needs a heavy wash& good rinse-cycle…” (c) 6 October 2010

“Life is a labyrinth, be sure to walk yours everyday…” (c) 3 October 2010

“To all of my friends with a still beating heart, a heavy breadth, a bright eye& a dreaming soul: i salute you!” (c) 12 August 2010

“Oh! wine does flowww with the lips;
with the hands, with the eyes;
with the hips…” (c) 14 July 2010

“It’s this moment: during the gloaming. when the sky is peach with clouds inching of thunder& feeling electricity with your feet. this is my favourite time of day. when everything is glowing. when everything is illuminated in shades of light& shadow. beautifying the chances to come…” (c) 11 July 2010

“…painting my own reality…” (c) 6 July 2010

“has seen the golden ring of his destiny surround the lip of a crystal wine glass…” (c) 3 July 2010

“watching Venus quietly smile& shine…the night speaks but is so rarely heard.

“Listen to the wind, the breeze gliding past your cheeks, skin..eyelashes. Giving you Inuit kisses. Laugh and bask in the delight. In the sight, tonight could be YOUR midsummer night`s dream come true.” (c) 30 June 2010

“Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food…” Hippocrates (c) 30 June 2010

“Is weary of pugnacious dirges, as the warfare consumes the once pure souls of the mind. oh! How struggle mishapes the heart, and blinds the eyes. Forbearance is easier said than done, and for the two that wish to see& hear again. This one`s white flag is unwrapped…For this war does not truly exist in this reality. No more tears. I no longer wish for heartache. We`ve both become warriors: and the enemy has become ourselves…” (c) 28 June 2010

“Hot crimson embers; flames licking at my feet. Marshmallows& poke sticks. Midnight stars dancing above.  Spinning Venus with thy sweet Dionysus… ohhh, la. la.” (c) 15 June 2010

“How supple the fruit when brought to a poorman`s dry lips, “Has he found his oasis?” Ask the flying ibis`. “No….just a MIRAGE….” says BP. as they fire upon the passing flock…” -In response to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill (c) 8 June 2010

“Supersonic expansions of aire& plasma thrill the senses; As torrents pass over saturated torsos painted in chill bumps, Electrifying fingertips with the Touch; Making hearts and hormones aflutter: Inundation enhances the vigour-…the pulsing rhapsody of life…” (c) 6 June 2010 On lightening storms.

“Great is the breeze blown on a warm chest; Blown from the mouth of Dionysus…Great is the candid truth of word; Truth torn from destiny`s pages: flying in the wind. Great is conception; the idea of Life, of Love, of Liberty…Great is what we Wish. What we wish the world was like; what we hoped had happened…Great is t…he Unknown& the Unknowable; Great is my heart: my Mind…(c) 3 June 2010

“Stars. Suns. Starlight. Sunlight. All it takes is Hydrogen. Gravity& Time….We can all live up to VY Canis Majoris” (c) 10 May 2010

“Can You feel the adrenaline? The positive stress making a rise out of your hair? The bumps, the speed. The beauty?” (c) 8 May 2010

“Trusting my own, extra-literary experiences. Picking at his own scabs of poetry. Examining his own thoughts with clarity& psychological accuracy….what is shy and confused is now succinctly and elegantly phrased. Finding a piece of himself in pencil lines built into sentences of which his mind is made…” (c) 25 April 2010

“I am cenesthetic to the converse logic that this life is indeed Surreal..” (c) 23 April 2010

“Making music.. When i hear music, i am transformed. Transmorphified. Transmutated into a higher being listening to the dynamic range of life; Transubstantiated into wine, into the ethereal pitches of bramble fruit? Cocoa? Oak? Violets. When i hear music, i am changed. I am made warm. My soul sings. Yes- i am changed, changed for good…” (c) 10 April 2010

“Drip. Drop. Drip, drip, drop. DRIP…drip. DROP. Each rain drop is an echo. Echo. ECHO…Rippling on the surface, beneath it. Within. Drip. Drip. Drop, goes my heart…” (c) 29 March 2010

“YOU KNOW THAT PLACE? Where hallucination turns to hope, Hope turns to dream; Dream turns to wish. Wish turns to Sleep? Hallucinating pillows& sheets. Dreaming you in them. SLEEPING with happy thoughts… zzzz..” (c) 27 March 2010