sunbay vieques oct 2010

“Your life should consist of more than commuting, working, eating, surfing the Internet, sleeping and watching TV. Your life should be filled with purpose-driven experiences and projects that bring excitement, passion, energy, and authentic meaning and joy into your life.”
― Richie NortonThe Power of Starting Something Stupid

Throughout the year, I get together with my friends and colleagues, and create stuff, do stuff, and talk about stuff. These heart-felt experiences bring us wholeness, peace, and authentic joy. In the scroll, you will find specific year-long projects involving labyrinths, love letters, mandalas, and healing circles. On this site, I have also written about seasonal projects in the following categories:

Tide of Hallowmas: Season of the Ancestors, the beginnings of Winter.

Tide of Winter/ Yule: Season of the Deepest Cold. 

Tide of Imbolc: Season of the Returning Green, the beginnings of Spring.

Tide of Spring: Season of the Deepest Planting. 

Tide of Beltane: Season of Passions, the beginnings of Summer.

Tide Midsummer: Season of the Deepest Heat. 

Tide of Lammas: Season of Music, the beginnings of Autumn.

Tide of Autumn: Season of the Deepest Harvest.

All of these tides not only follow an agricultural sense of time, but that of the inner changes that happen to us as the seasons lull and sway our minds, bodies, and souls to and fro. With each passing comes health highs and lows, and I have detailed several articles focused on the concept of seasonal prevention. The elements affect all living things on this beautiful planet, and by integrating both Eastern and Western medicines, and both modern and ancient philosophies, I have cataloged holistic remedies for the ultimate lifestyle. A  lifestyle  based on mindful choices, choices that have rhythm, choices that have potential for mind, body and spiritual health. A lifestyle in which to keep us attuned to all that is in our environment: to stay balanced with mother nature.


One thought on “Projects

  1. I received a beautiful love letter in the mail as part of the love letter project. I am touched that such beauty and good intentions was created not just for me but for many others as well. What a perfect idea to spread love and warm wishes. It is currently on my fridge where i see it often and it brings a smile to mt face. Thank you.

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