Complete Health Circle is where Ancient & Modern Medicine collide in a spiral dance of symbiosis.

As a Poet, Earth Steward, Reiki Practitioner & Ordained Spiritual Shaman, my philosophy of life and all that encompasses it, is really that of whole complete health. 

The philosophy behind Complete Health Circle is very much a hodgepodge of holistic ideas gleaned from spiritual guides, teachers, personal experiences, inspirational & historical figures.

Our Vision is to bring awareness to every student and client and show them that they can take control and be responsible for their own healthcare & harmony with their environment.

Our Mission is to help people allow themselves to Love themselves. It’s that simple. To help them Love themselves enough to take care of their physical, mental, emotional, sexual, environmental, and spiritual health in order to remember who they are becoming, and to live authentic, wholehearted lives.

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How Is This Manageable?

It isn’t so easy living in balance.

To live in harmony, or to attempt to live harmoniously and in balance, is a very difficult venture. To have a lifestyle that fosters good mental, physical, emotional, sexual, environmental, and spiritual health is one that many people already do without even thinking about it. Conversely, some people may only focus on one aspect of this health cycle, which then causes dis-ease. And a cycle is what our state of health is.

Mental health effects both your body and your spirit. Being depressed or anxious all the time effects hormone & chemical levels in your body, which can cause a slew of physical ailments. Furthermore, being depressed or anxious can cause one to either lose faith in themselves, relatives, friends or the Universe entirely. It can also cause one to go in the other direction and focus on finding spiritual answers for one’s ailments so much so that you lose sight of the actual physical cause that is manifesting. However, if you are mentally sound and happy, you tend to draw more happiness to you, or are at least better suited to defend against naysayers, black clouds, and even help others who may be going through hard times.

Physical health affects your state of mind, i.e. your emotions, dreams, hopes, etc. and also your spirit. If for example you have a debilitating cancer, anyone can understand how this would affect a person’s state of mind and create feelings of worthlessness, depression, etc. And could again call into question one’s faith or break a person’s hold on their reality in general. However, if you are in good physical health, one can see how this would help urge a person to do soul searching, to go out and find and do things that would bring them joy.

Spiritual health also affects both your body and your mind. If your spirit is happy it will help manage your level of physical and mental happiness as well. A happy heart is great medicine. If however if you feel like you are lost this can affect your immune system to the point where one could even become immuno-compromised, which also goes in hand with poor mental dis-ease as well.


The key to living holistically is to try to keep all of these things in check. Plain and simple by:

  1. Cherishing your body by eating, drinking, sleeping and exercising your physical body for optimum good health.
  2. Cherishing your mind by studying, learning, and promoting stress relief for your head for optimum good health.
  3. and cherishing your spirit by praying, soul searching, helping others, and devoting yourself to a good moral code for optimum good health.

Anyone who wishes to live holistically can create their own set of rules. There is no dogma. There is no one true way. Each person is different, and everyone will have their own way of doing things. Which is incredibly beautiful.

I began to live my holistic lifestyle by doing a different thing every day. It can be a gentle process.

“Most people shy away from any mention of a holistic lifestyle, simply because they are unsure what exactly it means. Living holistically, means that a person is living their life in a way that is both natural to them and the world in which they live. Living a holistic lifestyle means that you are committed to living a meaningful life to the best of your abilities.” (1)

It isn’t so easy taking care of your mind, body, spirit, environment, and sexual drives all simultaneously. But that isn’t the point. When one thing in our lives is out of balance, it generally has an effect, much like a virus, on our other levels of health as well. So, if you can pinpoint where in your life you are struggling, we can figure out a solution.

Overall, the best things you can do to be completely healthy are things that are healthy for you.

It’s a no-brainer, eh?

For my body, I try to shop at the co-op as much as possible, and eat fresh and local organic whole foods. Likewise, I try to as much as possible drink plenty of water, herbal teas instead of coffee, and 100% juices with low or no added sugar. Choosing nutrient rich foods over processed is far healthier than simple fast food. You are what you eat. Whole foods consist of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains like brown rice, millet, wheat, rye and oats, and beans like pinto, mung, lentils and garbanzos. (2) I try to exercise by hiking, doing yoga, and by going for neighborhood walks and runs several times a week. I don’t pollute my body with bottled water, unless it is contained in glass, plastics, pharmaceutical drugs (unless I have to), excessive alcohol, or pollutants such as air fresheners or tobacco smoke. I recycle anything that can be reused, deposit or not. My recycling always outdoes my trash can on garbage night. I try to think in terms of preventative care rather than reactive care. I take use of alternative medicine therapies, and also try all-natural remedies to restore, rejuvenate and heal myself or others when illness or dis-ease takes a hold.

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When the body is energetically out of balance, it is important to access what is causing the imbalance and how to remedy it. The Body is comprised of your Physical health – a state of heightened energy and vitality; freedom from pain, disability, and disease; the ability to perform challenging physical feats. The body is also attune to your Environmental health – living in harmony (neither harming nor being harmed) with and feeling nurtured by your environment; a condition of respect and appreciation for your home, nature, and the earth. Take action by discovering healing therapies and remedies for bringing the body back into good health. Next, it is important to start learning good nutritional health and following a full spectrum approach to eating right. The body needs physical activity. Especially as we age. Start creating an exercise plan. Sometimes the body can be so out of balance from living and eating poorly, that bad habits must be reformed as you help the body to detox more naturally. Making needed changes in your environment and taking positive steps to have a clutter free home will make a huge difference. The most reliable way to invite change is to awaken your respect for life! (3)


For my mind, I take notes and analyse my dreams, use a visionary board to stay focused, meditate, and practice mindfulness. I try to keep a positive and optimistic attitude. Even in the face of adversity, I always know deep down that it will soon pass. I have cut away unhealthy relationships, and practice compassionate detachment from the horrors of the day, which may range from a troubling and selfish relative to a world crisis. I only subscribe to good news, and try to not get sucked into media propaganda. I read. I listen to lectures to keep my mind working. I take photos on instagram. I play my singing bowl. Whatever positive outlet I have at my disposal at the time for stress, I do it. Whether it’s listening to or humming a favourite tune, making art: cooking, singing, playing an instrument, photography, collage, sketching, dancing, etc., journaling, mindful breathing, meditating, sniffing a pleasant essential oil. You have to find what works for you. Holistically enough, all of these things simultaneous feed the soul too.

Keeping our energy positive and enlightened can help to encourage our wellness, just as negative thought patterns can continue to make us sick. Since the main cause/instigator of illness is stress, understanding how to control your stress levels is imperative. The Mind is comprised of your Mental health – encompasses peace of mind, optimism, work that you love doing, the ability to forgive, and a sense of humor. The mind is also your Emotional health – identifying, expressing, experiencing, and accepting all of your feelings. The mind can lead us to greatness on every level. Therefore, it is our priorities of life, which defines who we are and how we can live a life that celebrates more peace, unconditional love and ultimate happiness. (3)


For my soul, I look to several of my spiritual teachers for guidance when I feel uncertain about myself. Rumi, John Kabat-Zinn, Joanna Powell-Colbert, Starhawk, Dr. Jane Goodall, The Dalai Lama, Brene Brown, Maya Angelou, Thich Nhat Hanh, Santa Claus. Kwan Yin. My Ancestors. I create. I write poetry. I do random acts of kindness. I show gratitude. I do simple ritual. I light candles. I pray. I blow blessings to passersby. I practice Reiki. I volunteer my time to help others. I use Tarot. Runes. Bibliomancy. I listen to the whispers on the winds, and look into the eyes of the people & animals I run into. I go to nature for peace. I laugh and share time with friends and family. I follow a Code of Ethics for Holistic Health Practitioners. All of this feeds my soul.

The spirit is our deepest healing resource. To recognize a power that is greater than our own is to recognize our Spirituality. When we are spiritual we consciously strive to live with awareness, love, faith and devotion. Our Spirit is comprised of Spiritual health – a condition marked by a diminished sense of fear and the daily experience of unconditional love, joy, gratitude, and a personal relationship with your God (or an awareness of an inner source of infinite power and compassion.) Our Spirit also comes through Social health – and consists of a strong, positive connection to others in community, family, and intimacy with one or more people.  One of the best ways to connect to our spiritual selves is through a practice of love and awareness. There are many ways to find spirituality and that can be through meditation and/or prayer, with a yoga practice or religious study. Through your finding spirit and a higher sense of purpose, you can gain a broader perspective in self-awareness. No matter what religion you practice, like any religion, these tools can be a bridge to enhancing your spirituality. It is important to commune with nature. Nature connects us to the treasures of the earth and the seasons of our lives. Embrace the intangible spirit through metaphysics and understanding divinity. It can show us what is truly important in life. (3)

Code of Ethics for Holistic Healers (& Anyone Else Who Wishes)

Do No Harm:  The holistic healer does no harm and serves humanity with the objective of cultivating goodness and wholeness.

Unconditional Love:  Holistic healers offer care from an infinite field of love and compassion.  The holistic healer strives to adopt an attitude of unconditional love for clients, other practitioners, and all of life.  Unconditional love describes the ability to love without reservations or agendas.  This type of love rests on a firm foundation of intentionality.

Model Healthy Behaviors:  Holistic healers model healthy behaviors and engage in practices that support wholeness.  The holistic healer has a responsibility to identify and integrate self care strategies to enhance their own well being and assist others in their efforts to do the same.  Holistic healers recognize that self care practices can support and enhance healing capacities for every client.

Form Quality Professional Relationships:  The holistic healer maintains cooperative relationships with other professionals whether holistic or allopathic. Holistic healers have a responsibility to nurture each other, and to support other healers to work as a team in the interest of client care.  The holistic healer makes referrals to other qualified professionals when appropriate.  The holistic healer does not make medical diagnoses nor prescribe medications without appropriate training and licensure; neither do they suggest that the client change prescribed treatment or interfere with the treatment of a licensed health care provider.

Form Quality Client Relationships:  The holistic healer strives to see the client as a whole person—body, mind, and spirit—and provides care that is culturally appropriate and consistent.  The holistic healer is sensitive to the boundary needs of individual clients.  The holistic healer holds in confidence all information obtained in professional practice, and uses professional judgment in disclosing such information.

The Pursuit of Wisdom:  Holistic healers pursue wisdom and act wisely. Holistic healers cultivate awareness and understanding concerning individual consciousness and one’s relationship to Universal Consciousness.  Holistic healers recognize that clients may bring lessons to the healer; illness, pain, and the dying process offer learning opportunities for both the client and the healer.

Competence in Holistic Practice:  The holistic healer carries personal responsibility for practice and for maintaining continued competence.  Holistic healers provide services commensurate with their training and perform only those services for which they are qualified.  Holistic healers pursue continuing professional education and training to maintain and enhance their competence. Holistic healers have the obligation to determine the efficacy and safety of all healing actions.  Wherever applicable, holistic healers utilize research findings in directing of practice.  Holistic healers observe all applicable laws, and uphold the dignity and honor of their profession.

Professional Responsibility:  The holistic healer plays a role in determining and implementing desirable standards of holistic practice and education.  Holistic healers work with others in their field and other fields to guide these healing professions toward holism, and to maintain and monitor high professional standards of care.  Holistic healers support holistic research and the development of holistically oriented healing theories.  The holistic healer participates in establishing and maintaining equitable social and economic working conditions in holistic healing.

Societal Responsibility:  The holistic healer, along with other humans, has a responsibility for initiating and supporting actions to meet the health and social needs of society.  Holistic healers serve humanity with full respect for the dignity, autonomy, and sensitivity of fellow human beings. 

Environmental Responsibility:  The holistic healer, along with other humans, has a responsibility to establish environmental harmony so that planetary healing may take place.  The holistic healer considers the health of the ecosystem in relation to the need for health, safety, and peace for all persons.  Holistic healers view all of existence as sacred and interconnected and serve with reverence and respect for all.  Healing relationships occur within all of existence and include not only people, but animals, plants, and the local, global, and cosmic environment.


1. How to Live a Holistic Lifestyle, 2009.

2. Staying Healthy with The Seasons, 21st Century Edition, Elson M. Haas, M.D., 2003, 1983.

3. Your Mind, Body Spirit Journey. Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.A2011.

4. The Gaian Soul Credo for Everyday Mystics, Healers, & Creatives.


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