Love Letter Project

hon sha ze sho nen

Everyone deserves a love letter. Everyone deserves to be told that they are loved and lovable.

Because it is the truth. There is a beauty in every person’s heart. Sometimes opening up to that beauty can be a challenge, but it remains there just the same.

See your own heart, in all its unique brilliance. This is your source of your creation. If you listen closely, you will always hear your heart’s inner voice. Don’t confuse this voice with the voice of ego, however. Within your heart, within your capacity to give and receive love is where we are at one with all other living things in the universe. And it is also where all healing begins.

Each letter will be written in a way that is both inspirational and motivational. Each card will be a unique piece of artwork and prose.

Just contact me and send me a private message.

You can respond to the letters publicly, if you wish here:

Meditate and reflect on your card when you receive it and notice what, if any, heartstrings are pulled. These letters will be powerful tools for self-esteem, self-acceptance, and of course, unconditional love.

If you give yourself five to ten minutes a day just to focus on the concept of loving your Self, you will be able to attract even more love into your life, because a mere act of self indulgence and nurture releases a changed vibration. This I promise, your life will change. You will begin a conscious path of new beginnings and emotions in your life that will take you to places that you have always wanted to visit but couldn’t. You will become aware that there are wonderful people in this world, who are genuine. Who are kind. Who are sweet. Who are truly beautiful souls. You may experience great wholeness, but we must first start somewhere, and that sometime is today. You will also release issues that you have avoided facing, in your life, and by beginning this process, you will begin to created the things that you desire in your life.

creative commons envelopes

Law of Attraction, it’s that simple. Like attracts like.

If we are lonely and seek only a codependent relationship, that is what pets are for. They offer great unconditional healing love. However, codependence has no place in a long-lasting and loving relationship.

By opening yourself up to this different concept of self-love, you will allow the love, truth, and courage within in you to come forward. All of this will begin to manifest and impact your day to day life. You’ll start to focus on the positives, rather than the negatives. You’ll create this bubble of self perpetuating desire and passion for life that will be inescapable. This is the essential process in healing. By opening up, and welcoming it with open arms, the healing energy, the Reiki, automatically flows through all of the dimensions of our creative energies and begin the healing process in ourselves and those around us, who will be more apt to open as well.

We’ve all felt it from someone before, that uncontrollable urge to be swept up in their arms, whether they were grandparents or a new lover. Love is visceral, and it can be felt for miles away. It is addicting this feeling of calm, relaxed, safe security. But how can we be sure which you are feeling, Lust? Or Love? You can tell, when you really open your heart to the matter and ask the necessary questions. It will always be honest. It will never lie. Yes or no questions are better left unasked: they are far too easy to manipulate when hormones are in the mix. But I will tell you this:

Every card, each letter, will be infused with creative unconditional Love.

When you open that envelope, you will feel oneness with creation, and your heart will swoon with undeniable Love, and Light, and Peace.


creative commons mailboxes

Why not welcome in some real mail for a change?


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