Healing Circles

creative commons group hug

The circle is an ancient and modern symbol for so many cultures around the world, but a predominate meaning is one of connection, of cycle, and of healing.

There are physical circles, such as stone circles, artistic circles, such as those made for intent and focus into medicine wheels, mandalas, or labyrinths, or even a spiritual circle of like minded others and friends.

I am interested in forming a circle of Reiki Practitioners, Massage Therapists, and other Healers to create a moving Free Clinic! Email me if you are interested!

I do however gather circles twice a month around the New & Full Moons.

During healing circles, you can reconnect with spirit without religious dogma to mend your mind, body, and soul. Together we can raise our awareness of our interdependence with nature and the need to live harmoniously with the planet, to offer energy to each other, and to even situations beyond our direct control.

Gatherings typically run for about 2 hours, once a month & donations are always welcome.

Herbal tea, water, fresh fruits/veggies, and home-baked goods are usually provided potluck style by participants. Feel free to bring a dish/beverage. We try to be as organic/vegan friendly as possible, but understand that this is not always possible.

However, don’t feel obligated to make a financial contribution. There are many ways to show gratitude, a simple “thank-you” is often all anyone could hope for with community service.

We don’t promote beliefs beyond:

#1. The living healing intelligence of nature and the universal life force.
#2. Oneness with the earth and the necessity of staying in balance with the planet.

#3. The power that comes from being able to express ourselves genuinely in a supportive community setting,

#4. Everyone is welcomed, no matter what his or her orientation or background.

#5. Any expression is welcomed with the only guidelines being to share from the heart.

During the hands-on work, insights might pop up. Emotions especially can bubble up to the surface, fresh insight might be gleaned, and perspectives may shift.

In receiving healing, people can more easily let go of past hurts and grievances to open their hearts. In doing so, they often gain a deeper understanding about their life’s journey and what they may uniquely offer to the larger whole of humanity.

By working together, we can create shifts in our lives, in the lives of others, and in the life of the planet. By coming together we embrace our vulnerability and become peaceful warriors, healers, visionaries, and teachers.

Creative Commons Image Courtesy of Joris_Louwes


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