Guidance & Holistic Counseling


Healers, as any good Holistic Health Practitioners would do, address a client’s feelings, attitudes, and knowledge toward treatments to achieve wellness goals. Incremental steps are often recommended over the course of several weeks to help a client change specific patterns of behavior. This takes guts and dedication. Individual lifestyle practices such as diet modification, meditative practice, alternative health therapies, exercise regimens, and environmental health awareness may be recommended in conjunction with traditional medical advice.

Many people come to HIH for so many different reasons. Relationship advice, marriage counseling, spiritual counseling, space clearing of negative energies, and more practical help with anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, Bipolar, and cancer dis-eases.

We work together, you and our team, to determine a unique path, or a unique health plan that is unique to your dis-ease, your lifestyle, and your budget.


Environmental Health Counseling

This is always the last thing practitioners focus on, but not us. Our surroundings affect our health. The community, the neighborhood, the people, places, and the things in our lives and homes impact our level of wholeness. Let our trained & gifted healers help you to foster a life free of clutter, negative energy, and pollution of all kinds.

Physical Health Counseling

Everyone knows that they should eat” right” and exercise. Yet, so many suffer from obesity, malnutrition, and fatigue. Good health requires a proper seasonal fresh whole food diet, fresh clean water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and plenty of rest. Let HIH help you foster a life filled with flexibility, stamina, and strength no matter what dis-ease currently has you restricted.

Mental Health Counseling

You are not “crazy.” You are not “ill.” You are not your “diagnosis.” You are human. You are not “stupid.” The human psyche cannot be placed in a box. Descending into the subconscious, analyzing it, nurturing it, and expressing those things that are within is sometimes the only way to find peace and health. Let HIH help you foster a life with less anxiety and worry and allow you to keep your mind fresh and at peace.

Emotional Health Counseling

Modern society likes us to perpetuate the cycle of drama, yet it does not teach us how to cope. Life can either be filled with fear and anger, or love and contentment. The choice is ultimately yours. With help, you can learn to embrace your courageous vulnerability and stop the cycle of abuse, low self-esteem, and unhealthy relationships.

Sexual Health Counseling

The concept of Sacred Sexuality has been lost in today’s modern society. So many suffer from sexual trauma, rape, and other sexual abuse now more than ever. As survivors of sexual assault, some of us can help you to no longer be a victim.

Spiritual Health Counseling

No matter what your heritage, no matter what your religion or non-religion; everyone needs to believe in something. Everyone needs hope. In this new age there are more people waking up to their higher selves, their higher purpose, and their higher connection with all that is. If you are struggling or are curious about a universe so much larger than yourself, we can help guide you along the way.

Beloveds, do not be afraid to reach out to us. Send us a confidential email. You have found us. Ask for help. Ask for advice. Ask for assistance. Ask for teaching. Ask a question.
We are here. We will always listen.


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