The Art of Keeping in Touch

Staying in touch is like a big old hug, no matter the distance you can still feel the warmth in the sincerity.
I love staying in touch with friends both old and new, and that goes for clients as well.

Even if you have questions to what services I can provide, or for special arrangements, feel free to call or write me.

If you want to go a step farther, I also entertain pen-pals via postcard or letter. I have a number already which have evolved into beautiful friendships. I feel there has become a true erosion of the age old art of writing to a friend or even sharing kind words with a complete stranger.

Business hours are 24/7. Allow me a 24 hour period to get back in touch. I may not always get back to you right away, but I do always respond.


admin AT healeyinstitute DOT org



Mailing Address (Send me a postcard!):

Derek James Healey
80 Winthrop Ave. Albany, NY 12203

Interweb Communities:

Follow me and join the community!

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I look forward to talking & connecting with you soon!

Bowing peacefully three times to you,

4 thoughts on “Contact

    1. As of now, we are only offering scholarships for Shoden and Okuden:
      However, please feel free to submit an essay according to the specifications outlined on the previous link, and email it along with your certifications, lineage, and teacher contact information as a verification of your credentials. Please send to admin AT healeyinstitute DOT org
      Bowing to you three times,
      Healey Sensei

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