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Distanced eCourses & Local Classes

HIH offers a wide variety of classes, workshoppes, and lectures for corporate businesses, non-profit organisations, and individual growth. 

As of 2017, HIH offers free classes, however students will need to purchase associated class materials unless a financial assistance need be greater. Students are encouraged to make a donation to any local community organisation such as Black Lives Matter, Citizen Action NY, the Albany Social Justice Center, Albany Free School, Grafton Peace Pagoda; or Densho, a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving, educating, and sharing the story of World War II-era incarceration of Japanese Americans in order to deepen understandings of American history and inspire action for equity.

Click the following to view each semester newsletter showcasing non-credit and credit hour courses. Please note that all HIH courses are available to any practitioner or healer regardless of class or financial status. Ask us about our annual Scholarship Programmes.

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Spring 2017 Classes:

  • UREI 110 Introduction to Shoden: Usui Reiki First Teachings (25-weeks)
  • UREI 210   Okuden: Usui Reiki Inner Teachings (Level 2 for Intermediates)
  • UREI 220   Advanced Okuden: Usui Reiki Deep Inner Teachings (50-weeks)
  • UREI 357   Shinpiden: Usui Reiki Mystery Teachings (Level 3 for Masters) (50-weeks)
  • UREI 405   Shihan for Teachers (25-weeks)
  • UREI 500   Shichidan for Advanced Masters & Teachers (50-weeks)

Other Classes:

  • DIV  101   Introduction to Tarot
  • DIV 110   Tarot as Therapy Method

Other Self-Led Classes:


One thought on “ECourses & Classes

  1. From Lilly, : “The Tarot study is totally fabulous. I am not exaggerating. I have spent decades trying to just “remember” what each card meant – with no luck whatsoever. The study you have put together makes sense, gives the reader a broader perspective of how to utilize the cards, and flows naturally. It speaks to me in ways that no book has ever been able to. I’m so grateful that Brenda introduced us! Blessings and hugs!! xxxx” It is moments like this that I know what I am teaching is truly REACHING people. I feel so blessed. 🙂

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