New Advanced Okuden UREI 220 Classes Begin This Fall

UREI 220 Advanced Okuden: Usui Reiki Inner & Outer Teachings
Donzoko: The Depths

$ZERO (100 Hours) FIFTY 2.0 hrs. Seminars
Cost of class is free, however students will need to purchase associated class materials unless a need be greater. Students are encouraged to make a donation to any local community organisation such as Black Lives Matter, Citizen Action NY, the Albany Social Justice Center, Albany Free School, Grafton Peace Pagoda; or Densho, a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving, educating, and sharing the story of World War II-era incarceration of Japanese Americans in order to deepen understandings of American history and inspire action for equity.

This class is offered as an ecourse and locally with an interactive online component. Advanced Level focuses on drinking the tea in order to heal self and others. Self-cultivation of the Gokai needs practical application in everyday life not only for us as practitioners but in a way that impacts our neighborhoods and communities. This course expands approximately 11 months, which will give each student hands-on practice and facilitate a better understanding of traditional Usui Reiki philosophy and cultural context. It is here where students are introduced to Chinese Magical Medicine, epidemonology, Buddho-Taoist exorcism, Tendai buddhist concepts of omnipresence and emptiness through the lens of chado ‘the way of tea;’ the hard truths we must embrace as individuals and society. Students will dive deeper into the influences of Taoism, various esoteric Buddhist practices, Shintoism, martial arts, and Chan Zen on Usui Reiki’s roots while confronting racism in America in a way that communicates compassion.  Students will be required to complete 10 hours of unpaid reiki therapy and 10 hours of community service at a local place of worship, garden, park, hospital, homeless shelter, nursing home, or non-profit. In order to receive certification, students will keep a journal documenting a Usui 21-day detox for purification and energetic clarity; and 19-day challenge, over the period of this 50-week course.

UPDATED SYLLABUS: UREI 220 Advanced Okuden- Usui Reiki Syllabus


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