Reiki Detox Bath


Now, if you don’t know me, know this: I am a BIG fan of baths!

I even wrote a scholarly journal about the benefits of botanical baths: Aromatherapy and a Journey Towards Wholeness.

Hydrotherapy has been an effective means for detoxification for eons. Our earliest ancestors knew this and we continue to use the sacred act of sweating out impurities and then bathing in many rituals all over the globe.
Sweating helps rid the body of wastes products, regulates body temperature, and invigorates our largest organ, the skin. Steam increases white blood cells, which protects and  strengthens our immune system. Medical studies show that frequent steam baths help reduce stress and keeps your circulatory system running smoothly. However, if you are pregnant, have diabetes or have heart disease, consult a doctor before taking a sauna or steam bath.


  • 2 Tbsp. Ginger Powder
  • 1 Cups Sea Salt
  • 1 Cups Baking Soda
  • 1 hunk of Amethyst Crystal
  • Tub
  • Pure cold water
  • Pretty 16 oz. water glass
  • White plush towel/bath robe
  • Music
  • Small tea light candle & holder
  • Kuan Yin Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild (optional)

The ginger should be as organic as possible from a trusted source, same with the other ingredients. The amethyst I used was a good sized cluster about the size of my palm in all dimensions. The tub should be the kind in which you can lay down far enough for the water to cover your shoulders. We keep a 4 gallon sun tea Mason glass jug with a spigot in the fridge all the time. For this I used peppermint leaves and cucumber slices.  If you don’t have one, you may wish to premake yours however you wish. For music I used Pandora and began with Sara Bareilles Radio with Ray Charles singing “Here We Go Again (feat. Norah Jones)” and then switched over to Shamanic Tea Radio with Bahramji & Maneesh De Moor singing “Deamcatcher.” And lastly, I pulled card 31: Sweeping Willow Sister, which was very appropriate. (You’ll see why in a minute.)


  1. Run your bath water as hot as you can.
  2. Light your tea light and place your oracle card behind it on one of the sides of the tub or on a table near by.
  3. Get your music ready.
  4. Test the temperature and place the first four ingredients in bath. (No first degree buns please.)
  5. Bathe for a total of at least 20 minutes.
  6. Lay back for a while until your ready to do your energy work.
  7. Sit up in the water in Japanese seiza-style comfortably and close your eyes.
  8. Sense and feel that you are in your heart chakra.
  9. Imagine this as a beautiful space with a body of quiet reflective water and masses of sweeping willow trees dipping over the water’s edges.
  10. In this beautiful space within your heart, you become aware of Kuan Yin sitting near the largest willow tree, her hair and robes gently swept in a light breeze.
  11. As she smiles at you and raises her hands in healing mudra, a soft breeze of healing energy flows into your heart, helping you open and release.
  12. Allow Her energy to flow through your heat and become aware of cords of energy extending from your heart connecting to people, places, things, and memories from this and other lifetimes.
  13. When ready say aloud: “I now accept the loving assistance of Kuan Yin as I release any cord or attachment that is draining my energy. TO all those with whom I have unfinished business, through all time and space, I now declare, I acknowledge you are a Soul, leanring just as I am, and I forgive you. If I have hurt you in anyway, please forgive me. I now choose to free you and free myself from the past. May we all be blessed with Kuan Yin’s Mercy and Grace, with the kind healing power of Sweeping Sister Willow. So be it. Om Mani Padme Hum.”
  14. Visualize and intend that Her light in your heart becomes like a white fire of energy, burning away any cords or attachments that can now be released.
  15. Visualize the light flowing down your navel and infuse it with power, energy, and vitality.
  16. Imagine cords snapping back into your energy field, no longer leaking your power out of your aura.
  17. Pick up your amethyst cluster and bring it up to your heart with the points touching your skin. Imagine that all the blockage and cords there are becoming attached the the crystal and when ready, pull the crystal away from you and rinse in the water.
  18. Repeat again by bringing the cluster up to your third eye. Pull away when ready and rinse again. This one may in fact be more pronounced depending on the amount of pressure placed on the crystal.
  19. Bend down, plug your nose on either side with your index& middle fingers and with a big breathe submerge yourself with your forehead resting on the cluster under water.
  20. Think about all those clusters culminating. Repeating, “I forgive you. Forgive me. I release you.” Until you can no longer hold your breath and then break the surface with a loud and deep inhale.
  21. Bring your hands at your heart centre in Gassho prayer pose, and then open them with the heart mudra.
  22. Breathe deeply in and out  feeling the peacefulness of Sweeping Willow in your heart.
  23. Drink your water, and feel it replenish your body with purity.
  24. Step out as if a new person free from all negativity and dry yourself off with the towel with appreciation for your physical and spiritual form.
  25. image

    This bath withdraws impurities from your body and helps you to feel better. You may experience muscle twitches, rising throat mucus, flatchulence, and even may need to empty your bladder. Please do so when out of the tub. Please though take your time getting up because you may be a bit light headed. If this is so, ground yourself by stomping your feet and drinking more water. Pick up your area and place your crystal next to the head of your bed or even next to your pillow. Record your experience in your journal and sleep tight.This bath can be done 2 to 3 times in a week or as needed.


  • Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. – leading Acupuncturist, Fertility Specialist, writer, and Oriental Medicine herbalist:
  • Kuan Yin Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild.

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