Living the Reiki Way With Gratitude: 30+ Reiki Tips


How hard is it for you to say, “thank-you,” and mean it?

Taking things for granted or living with regret are no ways to live. However, we can show appreciation for the things we do have, the people in our lives now, in the present moment, rather than the ones who have left us or the ones who aren’t yet. By living with Gratitude, we raise our consciousness where toxic anger and worry have no standing.

We already have hundreds of things to be thankful for in this very moment.

If you are reading this you may wish to take a moment to be thankful for the technology to even be able to read these very words. For the electricity, for the designers of the computer screen, for your teachers that guided you how to comprehend the written word.

For the air that you are breathing, for the never failing pulse and rhythm of your heart. For the clothes on your back, and for the structure keeping you warm and happy tonight. (it’s currently quite cold here in Albany, NY.)

For allowing yourself to delve into the realm of Reiki, and for the synchronicity of how the Universe brought it into your life.


See? Right there we have TEN things to be grateful for. Simple but true.

In the words of Siddhartha Buddha, “Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so let us all be thankful.”

This Gokai principle shows us that we already have quite a bit, and smacks us awake from our materialistic lifestyle and reminds us of our simpler senses. It also smacks us out of our sometimes selfish and ego-based personalities. We humans have always has a penchant for wanting more, but there is a very big difference between the things we need and the things we want. There is a difference between the things that feed our souls and the things that only feed and pleasure us for a moment or two.

I love this Precept because it really does get us thinking about what truly matters in our lives. It keeps me in a positive, light, and optimistic mindset away from fear and anger. It keeps me humble too, because it shows us to also be thankful for the unpleasantries of life as well. It teaches us that everything is a lesson, and that problems can actually be opportunities.

This Principle is a good segue into the Kindness precept, because to be grateful is also to be kind, and vice versa. It teaches us to see the magic that is around us, and to also be selfless and giving. Giving of our time, energy, and love.

See, as with all the Gokai, each go so much deeper than the surface. Reiki is so much more than healing with our hands. It goes way beyond that. Reiki is the creative use of anger; the transformation and acceptance of fear; the random acts of kindness that we do every day; the gratitude we show others and how we show that gratitude; the passion to work on ourselves; and the time, even if it is a second, to stop and be in the present moment.


30+ Reiki Tips for Showing Gratitude

  • Develop an attitude of gratitude.Stop complaining!
  • Keep a daily Gratitude Journal.
  • Send out prayers and Reiki blessings to all your friends, family, and the planet every morning and night.
  • Make everyday a day for thanksgiving.
  • Take time for the little things, the little moments. They are the most important.
  • Consider your place in the web of life.
  • Show up. Be present. Gift others with your presence.
  • Just say it. In person, via text, letter, email, or on the phone.
  • Just do it. Acts of kindness, and simple gifts are most appreciated. 
  • Sincerity is key. People like to be appreciated.
  • Do some Random Acts of Kindness.
  • Bake Reiki cookies or soup. Cook a favourite meal with Reiki.
  • Leave random thank-yous at police/fire stations, churches, shelters, emergency rooms, and hospices.
  • Look into the 5 Love Languages and see how you like to be shown appreciation.
  • Share how you like to be loved and shown appreciation with others.
  • Show yourself gratitude for all of things you do for yourself on a daily business.
  • Meditate or journey to your Higher Self and Guides and thank them for all their hard work. Listen to Josh Groban’s “Thankful.”
  • Write a letter to your past and future self thanking them for X, Y, and Z.
  • Buy a gift that the person is unwilling to buy for themselves and bless it with Reiki.
  • Truly know who you are truly gifting and showing gratitude to.
  • Go with a favourite flower, a card with a quote by a favourite poet/ book/ tv show.
  • Bless any and every gift with Reiki.
  • Be specific as possible for what you are thanking them for
  • Let your feelings show.
  • Thank them, without any ulterior motive.
  • Consider different ways to say thank-you
  • Use photos or write the thank you in an unusual way.
  • Create a thank you note card with a photo of the flower arrangement to show the sender how beautiful it was or write a note in the sand if near a beach. Take a photo and use it to create a digital thank you note.
  • Teachers are good with thank you notes from students…sending a guest speaker drawings made by the class or a card signed by all the students.
  • Send “follow-up” thank-yous. Sending a card or email, even a phone call months or years later to express continued joy a gift has given is greatly appreciated. Every time I dust items that were given to me, I think of the person who gave it to me. It’s nice to let them know.
  • Be unique, personal, engaging, and CREATIVE! Check out Shanon’s 22 unique messages below.

22 Creative Ways to Say Thank You! by Shanon Doolittle

  1. If it wasn’t weird, I would have sent you a picture of myself. Because I look totally grateful.
  2. Great googly gratitude. Thanks so much for your gift!
  3. Thank you (not sent from my iPhone).
  4. Next time, I’m sending you a cape. Thanks for your superhero-sized gift.
  5. Two words: Endless gratitude. Thank you.
  6. You score phenomenally high in the kind-o-meter. Seriously, I checked.
  7. Your version of shine is a search light. Thanks for spreading so much good.
  8. Thanks so much for putting up with our direct mail. But even more, thank you for responding.
  9. You’re kind of a big deal. Don’t believe me? Ask our clients.
  10. You = awesome. Me = grateful.
  11. Move over Gates and Buffett, there’s a new philanthropist in town.
  12. Our clients have started an unofficial fan club. You should start practicing your autograph.
  13. Do you practice being so wonderful? Thank you kindly for your gift.
  14. Amazed. Inspired. Grateful. That’s how your generosity makes me feel.
  15. When it comes to making an impact, you rule. (Note: Draw a ruler. You can do it.)
  16. You’re a spark plug for good. Thanks for igniting something amazing.
  17. a) A peach b) Bee’s knees c) Cat’s pajamas. You’re d) All of the above. Thanks for your bigheartedness.
  18. You’re what making a difference looks like. (Note: Draw a mirror. Up the fun factor.)
  19. You’re a lifesaver. Literally. And thanks for believing in someone you don’t even know.
  20. Is there no limit to your awesomeness? Thank you!
  21. You can’t see me but I’m totally doing a happy dance.
  22. I’m beginning to think you’re serious about this whole humanitarian thing.

Remember, your job is to delight people. That boring, vanilla, and yawner of a thank you note? It doesn’t reinforce the happiness they felt when they made their gift. Rather, it sends a message that you can’t be bothered to send a unique, personal, and engaging message—that you care more about the gift than the person behind it.


  • Arabic – chokrane
  • Azeri – çox sag olun / tesekkur edirem
  • Cherokee – wado
  • Chinese/Mandarin – xièxie (simplified: 谢谢 – écriture traditional: 謝謝)
  • French – merci
  • German – danke
  • Greek – ευχαριστώ (efharisto)
  • Hawaiian – mahalo
  • Hebrew – toda
  • Hindi – dhanyavad
  • Italian – grazie
  • Japanese – arigatô
  • Korean – 감사합니다 (gamsa hamnida)
  • Maori – kia ora
  • Portuguese – obrigado (M speaking) / obrigada (F speaking)
  • Spanish – gracias
  • Thai – ขอบคุณค่ะ (kop khun kha) – woman speaking
  • Thai – ขอบคุณครับ (kop khun krap) – man speaking
  • Urdu – shukriya
  • Zulu – ngiyabonga (literally means : I give thanks)
  • Zulu – siyabonga (= we give thanks)
  • Zulu – ngiyabonga kakhulu (thanks very much)



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