Reiki Guardians of the Capital Region Candle Blessing


Twice a day, we try to take a moment and meditate on peace, love, and harmony in the region as well as sending that energy in all directions. It seems like a big thing, but really, it isn’t so bad and only takes about a minute if you’re in a real hurry. Normally, I like to make it last a little longer (about 30-60 minutes.)

I also send that energy to all the other Reiki Guardians (WOW! About 25 of us now!!).

There are a few different ways you can do this. I like to mix it up but here are some ideas:


#1. A grounded and open-hearted attitude.

#2. A local beeswax candle specifically for this purpose:
(Often Coops or Farmers Markets will have these)

  • Sweet Sunshine / Honeybee Gone – Johnstown, NY 12095
    Contact: Dan Kerwood Tel. 518-762-9364
  • Pleasant Valley Apiary – Hudson Falls, NY 12839
    Contact: Thomas Wells Tel. 518-746-1662/518-248-2520
  • Anne’s Bees – Delanson, NY 12053
    Contact: Anne Frey Tel. 518-895-8744
  • Bees of the Woods Apiary – Altamont, NY 12009
    Contact: Jennifer Ford & Keith Freeman Tel. 518-861-1019

#3. A toothpick or knife (optional)


Upon waking and right before bed, I meditate. I always do this by lighting a candle or, “turning the altar on” as Joanna Powell Colbert likes to say over at Gaian Soul.

I ground and center myself, for which there are many different ways, unique ways which everyone has their own.

Next, once I purchase a new candle, I will bless the candle and set an intention.

For this: set an intention along the lines of:

  • “May this candle light the darkness in this home, neighborhood, and region.” -OR-
  • “Thank-you Universe for guiding the light of this candle for the health and harmony of all in the region.”

So, pick and write your own. The important thing is to speak from the heart.

Then you can hold the candle in your hands, and channel Reiki into it, imagining the sun shining, the bees who produced it’s beautiful aroma and texture. I normally will thank the sun, and flowers, the bees, the beekeepers, and candle makers.

Now would be a good time to either imagine any Reiki Symbols imbedded into the wax, or if you like, actually inscribe the candle with all or any symbols you wish. I like to imagine at least the Distance-Symbol and the Master-Symbol(s.) If you aren’t a Reiki Practitioner, any symbols you like that represent protection, harmony, and healing would be fine.

Next, follows the actual meditation.


Once you have your candle, or candles ready, get comfortable. You may wish to sit, stand, lay down, or sit. Do what is most appropriate for you. Light your candle and close your eyes.

Imagine yourself surrounded by darkness, but you are not afraid. Because after a little while you start to notice your hands begin to start warming and begin to glow. Imagine this light moving up your arms, up to the top of your head and down to your toes.

Imagine yourself completely engulfed in warm beeswax golden glow.

Next imagine your aura building upon that, and your physical body starts to blur. The more you brighten the warmer you get and soon enough you are a shining and burning Reiki sun. Omnipresent, and safe, and strong. Nothing can harm you. You are a sun. Both a destroyer and a bringer of life.

Now imagine your light rippling outward in all directions like circles on a pond. Originating from where you are, and going out into your neighborhood, and your town. Imagine it touching the trees, the lakes, the rivers, and animals. Imagine it touching and warming the hearts of everyone it touches. Your neighbors, your friends, your boss and peers, your family and pets, your fellow Reiki Guardians and other healers yet found. Name and imagine them: all that you can remember.


Then imagine all of the Guardians who have made a vow just like you, walking the talk, and doing this with you as well. Imagine them lighting their candles and soon enough they become suns and stars of their own. Their light rippling and touching yours, and soon enough all of your ripples overlap and expand into the entire region. Touching every park, every store, every corner of your community. Now, call upon your guides, ancestors, ascended masters, angels, elementals, deities, all of them helping to aid you in helping you and everyone let go of that which no longer serves their higher good. Letting go of fear and pain one little bit at a time.

And when you’re ready imagine it expand a bit farther and into the entire state, the entire country and continent and planet. Imagine the whole solar system and galaxy and universe radiating with loving and healing light.

And when you’re ready to bring it all back to Source, release the energy by blowing out the candle and placing your hands onto the earth and to Reiki Source for the good of all.

You may wish to end with a blessing of your own making, or simply chant the Reiki Principles.

I like to end with Namaste. Om. Shanti. Shanti. Peace. Peace. Peace.

Bowing to you in Gassho, hands over heart for today and always.

-The Reiki Guardians of the Capital Region.


If you are ready to answer the call, and my guess is that you already have by reading this, then contact us and join your fellow Guardians.

There is much work to be done.

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Bowing to You in Gassho, Hands over Heart.

Dōmo arigatō gozaimashita. | どうも ありがとう ございました。

Thank you very much for what you have done, and thank-you very much for all that you will do.



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