Living The Reiki Way Without Fear


Fear. Many faces come to mind here too when people’s eyes are filled with worry.

Like I said in the last bit about anger, in our Universe, everything tends to come down to two things anyway: love and fear, and Reiki my friends is pure Love. It is the opposite the umbrella of fear under the sub clause of anger and worry both.

We all worry from time to time about certain things. Getting sick, paying bills, or getting into car accidents. The list of negative possibilities is endless, but excessive worry, can lead us down a very dark path into mental neurosis.  Excessive worry can lead us to severe anxiety and paranoia, something which greatly impacts our ability to heal others and be healed, hence the the Gokai principle of “just for today, I will not worry.”

If we spend huge amounts of time obsessing over the “what could be’s,” and the “what if’s” we are putting an incredible amount of energy into manifesting those such fears. Remember that whole Power of Attraction thing?  Furthermore, this goes completely against the principle of “just for today:” of living in the Now.

Worrying makes it difficult for us to concentrate, and to cope. It disturbs our sleep and eating patterns. It makes us lose confidence in ourselves (all that hard work you did in Reiki 1). It perpetuates cycles of feeling physically and emotionally drained. If we are any of these, how do you suppose we can stay grounded and centered and connected to our Source?

This is why it is so important to “let go and let flow.”

If there is something that which you fear, or a person rather, it is time to let go. As scary as it sounds, I trust you know and would agree that no one deserves to be abused.

Reiki forces us to look at our fears with humility, and to heal those parts of ourselves that we are so afraid of. So what do you fear?

Fear of the unknown? Fear of the known? Fear of getting old, of being alone? Of death and/or dying? Afraid of failure? Afraid of making it on your own? Afraid of leaving your spouse? Afraid of telling your family you practice Reiki? Afraid of conversation? Afraid of standing up for yourself? Afraid of being pointed out? Afraid of being hurt and abused? Afraid of flashbacks? Afraid of yourself? Afraid of being true to yourself? Afraid that your family will stop loving you?


What about specific phobias? Fear of spiders, heights, or water? Why? What deep seated insecurities or traumas have you experienced in this life time or in others?

Our thoughts are directly related to our actions, and “faulty thinking” creates some of the most upsetting emotions like anger, guilt, anxiety, resentment, and poor self-esteem. “Faulty thinking” means that you think in terms of black and white instead of considering that most things live in the gray area. There is no such thing as right or wrong, good or bad. Everything is somewhere in that liminal and beautiful in-between realm.

It also means that you blame others for your own mistakes, or blaming outside forces instead of accepting that people fail all the time, and it is okay. To err is human. Disappointment abounds. However, abuse is NEVER okay. And I strongly urge you, that if you are in an abusive relationship. Pack your bags, and LEAVE. Now.

Comparing yourself to others, jumping to conclusions by assuming the worst, filtering out and ignoring positives and self-proclaiming yourself a proud pessimist, does not a healthy Reiki Practitioner make.

Labeling yourself and others doesn’t help much either. Judging others without knowing who they are, what their story is, what they are going through, or what they have had to live through does not make you a compassionate and kind person. If you are to label, label everything and thing  a divine being of grace and beauty. Regardless of any other trait.


We are all adults. We should be able by now to look at ourselves without bias, and really get to the roots of our trauma, neurosis and dis-ease. Sure it may be scary, but we can take solace in that we are not in this alone. We have the techniques. We have the training. So we must utilize and apply it! We can become masters of our own fear, not the other way around. By using Reiki we can calm ourselves in the moment and reach for the higher ground of tolerance, compassion, strength, courage, and forgiveness.

This would be a great time to do the exercises on pages 114, 129, 131, 144-147, 148, and 151.  in “Living The Reiki Way” by Penelope Quest.

Here are 20+ Reiki Tips For Dealing With Your Fear:

  • Look into effective coping skills. Identify your negative thoughts, beliefs, and/or attitudes.
  • Journal about what you feel and say about yourself. Self image is a key component to overcoming your fears. If you know yourself, you know your limits.
  • HOBBIES! Gardening, meditation, knitting, wine making, bee keeping, etc.
  • Read a book or watch a movie. (Probably not a horror flick.)
  • Chamomile tea!
  • Aromatherapy. Lavender, Sandalwood, and Spruce—can help you relax.
  • Whenever you are afraid, smile, “psychology can follow physiology.”
  • Chane how you think about your worries, and about what you do as a result.
  • Make use of visualizations.
  • Stretch and release the inevitable muscle tension effect of fear.
  • Meditate with an affirmation or mantra of “Just for today, I will be calm, cool, and collected.”
  • Eat healthy foods without processed preservative hormones that do impact your reactions.
  • Get some exercise. Endorphins work!
  • Community service or volunteer work. Getting involved with helping others can take your mind off of your fears and changes your vibration so that you can attract less fear and more love.
  • Practice responsible alcohol consumption.
  • Don’t try to self-medicate with addictive drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, shopping, sex. These things are only escapes from actually dealing with your emotions and situation.
  • Don’t run away from your problems, they always find you.
  • Express your fears with a trusted friend or therapist.
  • Express your fears through artwork. Make music, paint, or write a short story or poem. Pour all that you are into it.


  • “Living The Reiki Way: Reiki Principles for Everyday Living” by Penelope Quest (2013 Edition)
  • Gratitude to Creative Commons Photographers Christopher Cotrell, Leo Hidalgo, and Ingrid Richter.

4 thoughts on “Living The Reiki Way Without Fear

  1. Hi! I really liked your post. It was a very timely read. Thank you 🙂 I do not practice Reiki, but it seems like something i would like to learn. Can you point me in tje right direction?

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