Living The Reiki Way Without Anger: 13 Reiki Tips for Dealing With Your Anger


Anger. Many faces come to mind when the face of anger is there. Scrunched up, red-eyed, teeth showing, snarling anger. With this description you can easily laugh. Anger after all is a tad dramatic.

In this light, and from this angle we can see anger for what it truly is at its source: fear.

In our Universe, everything tends to come down to two things anyway: love and fear, and Reiki my friends is pure Love. It is the opposite the umbrella of fear under the sub clause of anger.

Now anger can range from mild irritation to full on rage. It can come quickly or last for days and even years. Anger raises our blood pressure and lowers our immune system’s ability to combat dis-ease both physical manifestations of this toxic energy.

What triggers you when you get angry? What normally gets your blood boiling? Do you get road rage? Are you abusing yourself with words of self-hate and judgment?

The next time you get angry, pause the moment like a movie, and ask yourself “why?” What is really going on? Are you really angry about the trigger, or is it just the last straw in a series of things you have been suppressing? There is always something deeper going on. A resentment reaching critical mass and being released like a siren or Mt. Vesuvius.

You can begin the healing process once you have found the source of your anger and eventually you will learn how to embrace your anger like a lost and wounded child. Take your anger into your arms and hold it, and shower it with love. This is the only remedy for anger. Compassion is the balm that heals all wounds, hurts, and miscommunication.

Once you have learned to understand your anger, whether it is being directed at yourself or others, you will then be able to express it in a healthy way.


One of my favourite quotes is “if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten.” Anger is a reaction to something that does not agree with our current level of consciousness or vibration. It is a reactive response to things that are incredibly not okay, whether or not our reaction is justifiable or has no merit. We react. We are human. We have a beautiful ability to be impacted and inspired.  So how do we deal?

We can either Express, Suppress, or Calm.

Expressing our anger is important, but the thing we as Reiki Practitioners must learn  is that being assertive and being aggressive are two different things. In order to express our anger in a healthy way we must be able to be clear about our needs, and learn how to get them met without hurting ourselves or others. We must be respectful with our expression. Sometimes it is not always wise though to express our anger right in the moment, it may in fact be very dangerous especially if others may respond with violence. Instead we can convert and redirect our angry energy to Source or the Earth.

We can ground and center it. We can put it in a crystal in our pocket. We can blow it into a stone or stick and through it into the bushes or into a running river. We can use it constructively to exercise and run or clean the house. Housewives in the 50’s and 60’s knew how to do this with incredible grace.

However, we must be careful to not become passive-aggressive. Suppressing our anger will only lead to being over critical of others and cynical, and who wants to go see a Reiki Practitioner that is cynical and mean behind your back? It is important to not become a door mat nor snide. We as practitioners must remember our Reiki 1 training and stand up for ourselves in a peaceful way without being bitter or jaded.

We are all adults. We should be able by now to talk to other adults in a calm and cool way without becoming a hot-head. Sure it may be risky, but we can still be polite, make a joke, and own our anger. We have the techniques. We have the training. So we must utilize and apply it! We can become masters of our own anger, not the other way around. By using Reiki we can calm ourselves in the moment and reach for the higher ground of tolerance, compassion and forgiveness.

This would be a great time to do the exercises on pages 85, 95, 97, and 106 in “Living The Reiki Way” by Penelope Quest.

Here are 13 Reiki Tips For Dealing With Your Anger:

  • Use “I Statements” rather than “You Statements.” “I feel [blank],” rather than “You make me feel [blank].”
  • Breathe deeply with your diaphragm down into your hara zone.
  • Make use of visualizations
  • Stretch and release the inevitable muscle tension effect of anger.
  • Exercise by running, swimming, power walking to work off accumulating stress.
  • Meditate with an affirmation or mantra of “Just for today, I will be calm, cool, and collected.”
  • Eat healthy foods without processed preservative hormones that do impact your reactions.
  • Practice responsible alcohol consumption.
  • Don’t try to self-medicate with addictive drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, shopping, sex. These things are only escapes from actually dealing with your emotions and situation.
  • Don’t run away from your problems, they always find you.
  • Learn to say “No” to drama and stressful environments. This means at work, home, and in your personal relationships.
  • Express your emotions with a trusted friend or therapist.
  • Express your emotions through artwork. Make music, paint, or write a short story or poem. Pour all that you are into it.


  • “Living The Reiki Way: Reiki Principles for Everyday Living” by Penelope Quest (2013 Edition)
  • Gratitude to Creative Commons Photographers BK, and madstreetz.

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