Living The Reiki Way Just For Today


Shoufuku no hihoo
The secret method of inviting happiness.

Manbyo no ley-yaku
The wonderful medicine for all diseases of the body and soul.

Kyo dake wa, okoru-na. Shinpai suna. Kansha shite. Goo hage me. Hito ni shinsetsu ni.
Just today, don’t get angry. Don’t worry. Be grateful and show appreciation. Work hard on yourself. Be kind to others.

Asa yuu gassho shite, koko-ro ni nenji, Kuchi ni tonaeyo.
Morning and evenings, sit in Gassho and repeat these words aloud and in your heart.

Shin shin kaizen.
For the improvement of body and soul.

– Usui Reiki Ryoho. Chosso, Usui Mikao.
-Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method. The Founder, Mikao Usui.  

Living the Reiki Way is all about living in the present moment with compassion in your heart, and we only have to try one day at a time. 


Each of these principles seem so esoteric and foreign, yet simple. Everyone knows that anger and worry only lead to unhappiness. We know we are supposed to thank people for things. We know we should work hard. We know we should be nice. But all the time? In every moment? Regardless of traffic, and deadlines, and PTA meetings.

Regardless of heartbreak and accidents. Regardless of past or future obsession.

Now how do we manage that?

We can honour and respect everyone, everything, and every moment. It is possible. We can choose to invite people into our happiness rather than getting swept up in their storm. We can choose how to react to certain situations with nothing but compassion. But that means we will have to let go of a lot of stuff. A lot of previous conditioning. It’ll take a lot of work. But, hey, thank goodness it’s one of the principles, eh? And thank goodness we can always begin again and try harder in the next moment, the next day. Every morning is a new beginning, and wherever we are, we can be there totally. We can be present, completely and utterly present in all that we are doing. We can choose to be present and be alive, in this moment, right now, this very second. So, just for today, we can embrace pure mindfulness and pay attention to what has heart and meaning right Now because “there is no more joyful place in the world than exactly where you are, right now- because you cannot experience real joy when your mind is elsewhere, thinking of what has happened int eh past, or what might happen in the future. In this way, being more in touch with your experiences helps you to realize that you are living, rather than just existing.” 


Dr. Usui Sensei asked his students to live the Reiki Way by following the Gokai: the Principles. In this way we all can grow towards enlightenment in so many areas of our life. By following these precepts we can incorporate a higher vibration to our environments, to our clients, to our families and planet. 

According to the American Psychological Association, anger is an emotion characterized by “antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong.” Anger can be a good thing. It can give you a way to express negative feelings, for example, or motivate you to find solutions to problems. However, we can choose to just for today, not allow toxic-anger to control our lives. 


In positive psychology, worry is described as a response to a moderate challenge for which the subject has inadequate skills. Worry can also be a good thing. It can show us that we care about others’ safety and our own and can help us to be constructive to change our situations. It is like anger, a survival mechanism. It reminds us to put on our seat belts and to use preventative measures against dis-ease. However, toxic-worry in the form of extreme anxiety can paralyze us and prevent us from achieving our highest good. 


Taking things for granted or living with regret are no ways to live. So we can show appreciation the things we do have, the people in our lives now, in the present moment, rather than the ones who have left us or the ones who aren’t yet. By living with Gratitude, we raise our consciousness where toxic anger and worry have no standing. 


In this way we can devote our lives to this way of life. We devote ourselves to the Reiki Way because we value it. We value ourselves, our lives, our practice. We value our connection and our ability to heal ourselves and others. With enough experience and Diligence, we can work towards personal growth and development of our entire planet. We are the sum of our experiences, in every moment we can choose to make them be nourishing rather than debilitating. 


If we are diligent enough in our own practice, think how much easier it will be to be so with others. After all, we cannot love or take care of others without loving and caring for ourselves first. Loving Kindness is more than just being nice. It’s being kind to everyone we meet, under any circumstances, in any situation, in the present moment. We need not always judge people based upon what they wear or what they smell like. We can be kind and respect all peoples regardless of age, gender, creed, tribe, nationality, language, culture, religion, or orientation.  Everyone we meet is ultimately trying to help us along, Higher Self to Higher Self, and we have a duty to meet all of creation where they are, in the Now.


In the words of Penelope Quest, “remember that living the Reiki Way doesn’t mean you have to be solemn and serious- life is meant to be enjoyed, so have fun, live life to the fullest, share happy times with people you love and bless Reiki for the gift it is in your life.”



One thought on “Living The Reiki Way Just For Today

  1. Love this post! And thank you for a great idea at the end of your post where you state gratitude for creative commons photographers, very nice 🙂
    I am definitely trying to live the way you described, I find worry and my ego often get in the way so reminders like your post are very helpful.

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