Reiki Hands For Hope


Recently, many of us at CHC have wanted to reach out to the larger Capital Region and provide free services and random acts of kindness.

Our Objective

Our Mission is to bring a larger awareness  of what it truly means to be Reiki Practitioners. We live the Reiki Way. We bring awareness to how compassion and love can remedy all anger and fear.

We vow to embrace our duty for “Hands of Healing, not Harm.”

Some of our “Reiki Activism” focuses on:

  • Abuse Awareness: Self, Physical, Physicological, Emotional, Spiritual, and Environmental
  • Group Hugs or Free One-to-One Hugs on street corners
  • Handing out Free Flowers with Love Notes
  • Cleaning Roads of Litter and Debris
  • Handing out Free Sandwiches and Water during the warm months
  • Handing out Free Tea and Soup during the cold months
  • Interfaith Caroling during the Winter Holidays
  • Playing with Rescue Pets at Animal Shelters
  • Visiting local Homes for the Elderly

Our circle is a group of diligent, and dedicated Reiki Practitioners, Massage Therapists, and other Healers who wish to be the change they wish to see in the world. If you are interested in helping us, feel free to contact me via derek AT completehealthcircle DOT com



Saturday, October 25th, 2014 – Project “Reiki Hugs”
Corner of Lark Street and Madison. Albany, NY.

GRATITUDE to Creative Commons Photographers Tim Brockley and truthaboutit



2 thoughts on “Reiki Hands For Hope

  1. Keep up the good work, Derek and gang. People aren’t buying the Reiki concept here. They prefer massages and most massage therapists are also Reiki Masters. So they get a two for one with a massage. sd

    1. People here are more interested in learning to do it themselves rather than going out of their way to book a session. There is still such a hazzy idea of what Reiki is and does. That being said people rarely book a massage and even then they are shy when it comes to tipping. I feel the same is everywhere unless you find yourself like I surrounded by other healers. This is why we have banded together. Perhaps so could you in time? 🙂 *Hugs*

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