21 Reiki Tips for the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)


Many of us in the states have become aware of the EVD outbreak in Africa, and of the man who flew in to Dallas, Texas. There is much panic, and rightly so, however as Reiki Practitioners we cannot allow ourselves to be swept up in the storm of fear.

To be effective healers, we must arm ourselves with knowledge, love, and practicality.

This is a virus.

It does not have a known cure, and the current survival rate is roughly 50%.

However there is still much we can do to work with this dis-ease.

20 Reiki Tips for Healing Big Nasty Pathogens: Ebola

1. Research. Compile yourself a list of trusted resources about the pathogen (Ebola) and learn about its background, transmission, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

2. Discover how to understand exactly how the pathogen dances its dance, and why.

3. Meditate if you hit a wall.

4. Accept that this pathogen exists for a reason, and does serve a larger purpose. Remember viruses and bacteriums are living Beings as well that possess karma, energy, and passion.

5. Prepare yourself for what must be done, i.e. prepare yourself to say good-bye to the world or a loved one.


6. Create a crystal grid with an intention for healing those afflicted and a separate one for yourself. Make use of all your known Reiki Symbols, especially the Distanced and DKM Master Symbols.

7. Be sure to use Raku Master symbol at the end of any healing session distanced or otherwise to disconnect the bond that you have created between you and your client(s) just to be safe and for the good of all.

8. Take frequent breaks to ground and center yourself periodically throughout the session to discharge any energy you may be picking up. Remind to tell other practitioners to do this if you will be leading a healing circle.

9. Violet flame before, during, and afterward. As well as dry bathe.

10. Allow yourself to cry for those who are in pain and suffering. Don’t feel like you have to push those feelings down. A good Reiki Practitioner understands the value of such emotions. Acknowledge them, embrace them, release them, and then let them go to Source.


11. Master Healers. Blue Kyanite. Malachite. Citrine. Chrysocolla. Sulfur. Black Tourmaline. Hematite. Aventurine. Place any of these in or around the room or have on hand for yourself and others who do not show signs/symptoms. (The incubation period for Ebola, that is, the time interval from infection with the virus to onset of symptoms is 2 to 21 days. Humans are not infectious until they develop symptoms.)

12. Make use of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) and adhere to Engineering Controls, Work Practice Controls as well as Universal Precautions. Wash your hands with reverence before and afterwards, and thoroughly even though you won’t be directly touching the patient. Use a hand-sanitizer as well as a Medicinal-grade Essential Oil. But be warned don’t over do it. Skin breakdown of the hands will increase your risk for infection. Health-care workers have frequently been infected while treating patients with suspected or confirmed EVD. This has occurred through close contact with patients when infection control precautions are not strictly practiced.

13. It is also a very harsh dis-ease to work with because we as Reiki Practitioners are so used to touching, and in this case hands-free Reiki should be utilized AT ALL TIMES especially when the clients are showing signs/symptoms. However you can use guided imagery with the patient and teach it to the patient’s family in such a way that it can be intimate.

14. If you are giving direct care and touching the patient as well as their bedding/clothing which will obviously be contaminated with various fluids. Remember, Ebola spreads through human-to-human transmission via direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people, and with surfaces and materials (e.g. bedding, clothing) contaminated with these fluids. You should also bring an extra set of clothes in case they get soiled. 

15. Try not to fall into despair. You ARE doing the work just by Being present. Do not give in to fear. Just for today, don’t be worried. Remember, Law of Attraction works for both the things we want and the things we don’t want to happen if we keep obsessing about them. 


16. Make Reiki Soup, water, and tea. DO NOT EAT THE BUSHMEAT! Ebola: Another Reason to go Veggie. You need to keep your immunity up and this takes considerable food and energy to maintain. Be sure to eat wholesome foods with garlic, ginger, horseradish, onion, etc. and plenty of water/tea. 

17. Rest. Getting enough sleep helps the immune system be in top condition. Also with rest, you will be less cranky and be able to be in good humour. Getting patients and family members to smile or laugh even during this troubling time is priceless. 

18. Encourage the client to eat Reiki Soup/broth, water, and tea. Fluids are important along with hospital saline and electrolytes. However as the illness progresses this may become harder and harder for them to do. 

19. Encourage the client to rest. Sleep is important. Again, as the illness progresses this may become difficult, however with effective pain management this can be induced if necessary.

20. Encourage the family members to do the same. If they are not themselves quarantined, those brave enough should be encouraged to keep their spirits high and hopeful as their energy will impact the patient. (Another reason to keep yours up as well.)

21. Stay connected to your relationship with compassion. In these hard times it is so very easy to get angry. At the Divine, at governments, at other health-care workers, at Big Pharma, at the patients themselves for putting you through such an ordeal, and even worse, yourself for thinking that you are not doing enough. Remember your precepts: Just for today, I will not be angry. Just for today I will be compassionate to myself and all other Beings. 

Namaste Beloveds.

May we all come together in this troubling time for the Good of All.



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