Scholarships & Grants


Our scholarships are a bit unorthodox…

…they are real and you can get one if you need it. I want people to be able to afford the training they want. I can even give you scholarship to make it even more affordable.  At the same time, I don’t want to be taken advantage of by people who can afford to pay but just don’t want to pay. (I’m not going to penalize everyone for the actions of a few either.)

That being said, if you want to be a Reiki Practitioner, and you truly don’t think you can afford it, think again.  I’ll make it both affordable and fair.  I want to help healers BE healers.  All you need do is be up front and honest with me, and we together will make it happen for you.  I’m building life-long relationships with my students, and that begins with trust and support from both sides.

Scholarships are based BOTH on financial need of the student AND on the desire of the student to be a Reiki Practitioner.  Call me, or come see me or email me, but get in touch with me if you want to be a healer.  I promise you, we’ll make it happen and fast.


  • The scholarship entitles you to a 50-100% discount off the current class price.
  • All you have to do to apply is send us an essay by email on why we should consider you for a scholarship.
  • Your application will remain private – it will not be published.
  • Scholarships are available for both local workshoppe classes and distance-learning eCourses.
  • The fee will need to be paid within a week of your Scholarship acceptance.
  • Applications must be in by 1 week before a scheduled workshoppe class and you will be notified soon thereafter.
  • There is absolutely no shame or judgement in applying for this scholarship.


  • Do I really need the scholarship?
  • Could I just cut back on recreational drugs like marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, and fast food to make up the difference since these things impede my healing ability anyway? You would be surprised how fast these things add up!
  • Could I cut back on my splurging?
  • Do I really need to buy that new (insert materialistic item here)?
  • Can I start carpooling with coworkers for a little while so I wont have to spend so much money on gas?
  • Could I ask someone else to pay for my tuition?
  • Am I simply making excuses for not having enough money?
  • Am I just really bad with my money management skills? At which point you may also consider, how can I improve my relationship with money?
  • Do I really need the scholarship or am I just looking for a freebie?
  • Do I really want to be a healer and create change in the world?
  • Am I ready to really get to work on my health and self-awareness?
  • Am I ready to really get to the source of my trauma/neurosis?
  • Am I ready to really walk my talk?
  • Am I ready to begin my spiritual journey and work on my life’s path?
  • Am I really ready to put forth the effort to learn?
  • Will I be diligent and responsible enough to do what must be done?

Learning Reiki is a wonderful wonderful thing, but it takes guts, determination, and honesty to be self-aware enough to break through your own energy blocks. Learning Reiki isn’t only rainbows and butterflies and sparkles. It is a roller coaster ride. Both frightening and exciting. It takes a certain type of someone to see it through.

  • Are you that type of person?

To Apply For a Scholarship:

Please submit your answer to all of the following in the form of an essay. Submit it in pdf format to: 

admin AT healeyinstitute DOT org

Re: Scholarship Applications
Kindly email your essay along with any level certifications, lineage, and teacher contact information as a way for us to verify your credentials.
Bowing to you three times,
Healey Sensei

PART 1: The financial Nitty-Gritty…

Regular cost of the Reiki 1 training is $40 deposit ($75 total),
Shoden Usui Reiki Training Level 1 for Beginners
which includes your Shoden Book Bundle, Tuition, and Training Room Fee.
Regular cost of the Reiki 2 training is $50 depsoit ($100 total), 
Okuden Usui Reiki Training Level 2 for Intermediates 

which includes your Okuden Book Bundle, Tuition, and Training Room Fee.
Regular cost of the Advanced Reiki 2 training, $50 deposit ($150 total)
Advanced Okuden Usui Reiki Training – Advanced Level
 , which includes your Okuden Book Bundle, Tuition, and Training Room Fee.

Reiki Scholarships are available only for Level 1 and 2 at this time, as I am still working out the Reiki 3/4 curriculum.  The cost for levels 3, level 4, and level 5, will be as follows:

Shinpiden Usui Reiki Training Level 3 for Masters $265.00

Shihan Usui Reiki Training Level 4 for Teachers $300.00

Shichidan Usui Reiki Training Level 5 for Advanced Masters & Teachers $300.00

You need to submit a $5 US non-refundable (it will be refunded if you are denied a scholarship and you do not wish to make use of alternate payment options) registration fee along with the following:

A brief statement to tell me why you can’t afford the full tuition for the class you will be taking. In addition to telling me which Reiki Level is the one for which you are applying, also include answers to the following:

1.) What down payment can you afford?
2.) What weekly/biweekly/monthly payment can you afford?

Please, keep in mind that I paid $75 for my Reiki 1 Training, $95 for my Reiki 2 Training, and $155 for my Reiki Master Teacher Training. Other training out there can be very expensive, and so in a way to help and teach everyone of every financial situation I have created the above prices, alternative payment plan (See below) and this Scholarship.

PART 2: Your desires and intentions…

Why do you want to be a Reiki Practitioner? You really need to convince me here why you’d be a good healer.  I’m looking for people passionate about healing and helping others through these methods and why.

Please include:

1.) Why do you want to be a healer?
2.) What drew you to Reiki?
3.) Why should I give you a scholarship?

4.) What do you plan to do with your certification?

In General, you are expected to pay a reasonable amount toward your tuition and installment payments as determined by your financial situation.  You additionally need to convince me of your intention to pursue a life utilizing the healing practices you will be learning.

In exchange for a total tuition scholarship, you will be expected to volunteer (with proof) your time for community outreach and service for a non-profit, nursing home, hospital, church, garden, animal shelter or other community center.

PART 3: Other Alternatives…

If for some reason you are denied a scholarship there are other options available to you.

I will still offer training for barter, service trade, and/or installment payments. Many of my students have paid tuition by providing me a massage as they were licensed massaged therapists. What skills do you have that could help towards your tuition? Are you a crystal healer, a gardener, a beekeeper?

Reiki is often the stepping stone for a lifetime’s worth of self-growth and learning, and I do not want to hinder anyone truly passionate about bettering both themselves and the world.

This is my promise to you that I will work with you if you are truly of need.

Namaste dear ones~


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