Okuden Usui Reiki Hikkei -Kokoro no okusoko: The Deep Inside

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Okuden Usui Reiki Level 2 for Intermediates
$100 (20 Hours) TWO 6-hour days, followed by FOUR 2 hrs. Seminars

This class is offered as an ecourse and locally with an interactive online component. Level 2 focuses on mental-emotional healing as you learn how to connect to the heart center. This course expands from an initial 2-day workshoppe, which will give each student hands-on practice and facilitate a better understanding of True Love, and True Suffering. Okuden clears negative emotion and thought patterns, assists with addictions, and heals past lives. It is at this level that the student learns and practices Shodo Calligraphy, distance healing, and Karmic healing via the Power, Harmony, and Distant Healing Symbols. Students will be required to complete 10 hours of unpaid reiki therapy and 5 hours of community service at a local place of worship, garden, park, hospital, homeless shelter, nursing home, or non-profit. In order to receive certification, students will keep a journal documenting a Usui 21-day detox for purification and energetic clarity; and 40-day challenge, over the period of this 10 week course.

PREREQUISITE: Usui Reiki 1 Certification from me or another Reiki Master Teacher. However, an interview tea will need to be completed to see where you and your studies are currently at. You may not be ready for this level, or perhaps will be better suited to a higher level of course study. 

REQUIRED Second Degree class book bundle includes:

Text here (1) Text here (6)

  • Holistic Arts Institute Course Handbook (2012) (PDF File) containing detailed descriptions of Therapeutic Interactions, beginning your Reiki business, deep chakra work, and exercises to heal your karma. (TO BE READ PRIOR TO TRAINING)
  • Healey Institute for Healers Okuden Hikkei (2015) (PDF File)
  • True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart” by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak.

REQUIRED Advanced Second Degree Classes Book Bundle includes:

Text here (1) Text here (6) Text here (3)

  • Completion of all the above REQUIRED materials
  • “Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • Healey Institute for Healers Advanced Okuden Usui Reiki Hikkei – Deep Depths (2015) (PDF File)

If you are wanting to go the Advanced Okuden Route, please click here for the alternate course syllabus and schedule. Advanced and Reiki 2 will be taught together, because you will need to have received Reiki 2 Training with me prior to the Advanced Course work. (They really bleed into one another.) Advanced Training will be a series of trainings once you have completed your Second Degree requirements. 

interfaith center Here is an excerpt from my Reiki 2 eBook:

A Personal Letter from Me to You

“We all desire to bring joy and healing to others. I doubt very much that you wake up each day hoping to harm another. I doubt very much that you wake up wishing to harm yourself. However, these things still happen. No matter what we wish for ourselves or loved ones, we all at one point or another fall into the arms of predators that would take our grace and transform it into discord. And sometimes beloveds, yes, we are the predators. Everyone has the ability to manipulate, regardless if our intentions are “pure” or “dark.”

From the very moment we were all born into this world, we have been poked and prodded into making materialistic and selfish choices based on what everyone else has been manipulated into wanting. However, at some point we realize what has happened. We realize that we have given away our vital energy over to another, whether it is an outside force or the sabotaging force of the false-ego. If you are reading this letter, let it be known that you have finally come to realize this. Your awareness has been opened with Usui Reiki Ryōhō. You have begun your own hero or hera’s journey within.

You have begun to understand the concept of letting go of things that which no longer serve you, and it is my wish that you continue onward. Ever vigilant. This next phase of your journey, in my opinion, is “where shit gets real.” You’re in for a series of layer removals. You’re in for a series of awareness changers. You’re in for a series of moments of pure enlightenment. You’re in for a series of wondrous, albeit scary transformations. Celebrate these moments Beloved! For all of the life’s many lessons are designed with you in mind.

Only you can live your life. Only you can choose Love over Fear. Only you can do your journey. Only You can do “The Work.” It will be your decision to either stop and close your eyes from time to time, or to keep going despite the hardship. Okuden Reiki is the world’s most large and clearest of mirrors; truly. There will be life-held beliefs that you have held close to your heart that will inevitably be released. Some of the most fundamental, some of your deepest ego’s opinions are about to be challenged. By whom? Well, by yourself, no your Self. Capital-S. By your guides. By your fellow peers. By your family and friends. By the animals that will begin to come into your life filled with wisdom and medicine. By the winds and the very Source of Reiki itself. So buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride; and by the time this rollercoaster ends I promise that you will be a much different person.

May you find the compassion and joy around every corner to battle your own demons. May you have the courageous vulnerability to ask yourself the hard questions and then respond with the hardest of answers to speak. May you continuously remind yourself of the Unconditional Love that you possess for all of Earth’s children, including yourself. Awaken your heart, awaken your mind, awaken your spirit Beloved. Dig deep, and know that I am really here for you. I know you are there, and it makes me very happy. I know that you are suffering, that is why I am here for you. So please toss your pride aside and ask for help when you need it. Listen deep to my words. You will learn to speak with Love again. You will restore peace within yourself. Through the energy of mindfulness, you shall care for your pain. Lastly allow me to end with an excerpt from True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart. There is such wisdom in these words.

“Truly there is no battle between what is deemed good and evil, positive and negative by humanity’s limited understanding. There is only the care given by the big brother to the little brother. We can observe, we can choose to act in a nondualistic fashion, and thus the waste materials of the conscious mind can always be transformed into flowers of compassion, love, and peace. Our consciousness is a living thing, something organic in nature. There are always waste materials and flowers in us. The gardener who is familiar with organic gardening is constantly on the alert to save the waste materials because he knows how to transform them into compost and then transform that compost into flowers and vegetables. So be grateful for your pains, be grateful for suffering – you will need them. We have to learn the art of transforming compost into flowers. The flower is on its way to becoming refuse, but the refuse is also on its way to becoming a flower. There is nothing to throw away. If a person has never suffered, he or she will never be able to know happiness. If a person does not know what hunger is, he or she will never know the joy of eating every day. Thus pain and suffering are a necessary condition of our understanding, of our happiness. So do not say that you do not want to know anything about pain or about suffering, that you only want to know about happiness – that would be an impossible thing. We know well that suffering helps us to understand, that it nurtures our compassion, and that for this reason it is vitally necessary for us. So we must know how to learn from suffering, we must know how to make use of it to gather the energy of compassion, of love, of understanding.”

And so, I dedicate this book to you and your quest for living the Reiki Way. Without anger. Without fear. With diligence, and gratitude, and above all else, with Love.


Introduction: Welcome to Okuden Usui Reiki Ryoho “The flow of life is composed of various streams of energy . . . our impulses for security, happiness, power, love, creativity, insight, and self-actualization all move together to form our unique life expression. In living this expression, we find our flow—the universal rhythm within that is the infinite source of joy, balance, harmony, and love. We begin our journey by establishing our core sense of security as the stable basis for all the growth to come.” – Deepak Chopra

So now begins your Reiki II Intensive, a second wave of insights that will expand your awareness and allow your old negative patterns of behavior to fall away like leaves. Reiki II is all about emotions, trauma, and deep energy work. We learn to shape and mold our past, present, and futures. Beloved, it is best to now prepare yourself to experience one or several “Dark Nights of the Soul,” otherwise known as “The Belly of the Whale.” There will be moments in all of our lives when we feel like we are at rock-bottom, but do not fear. We need these moments. We need them to grow and to see the error of our ways. I will first explain the meaning of this “Dark Night of the Soul” and follow it with how to deal with it with self-acceptance and compassion. Experiencing these moments also prepares us to help guide our clients as well as our potential students. Furthermore, the more we understand about this realm, the more we will be able to navigate it with albeit tears, but also humbled grace.”

Back to the Training

myosotis lake Each student will be attuned to Reiki 2 at the end of the training. The attunement is a process that happens between the Reiki Master/Teacher and the student. As the auras of the two people meld together, the student’s energy channels open and obstructions or blockages start to release. Each time a person receives an attunement, a larger percentage of this density releases. With less obstruction, the light of the Universe flows brighter and more in phase, like a coherent laser beam. Each Reiki Master has their own way of passing attunements, and various methods are valid. I just so happen to attune people at a Buddhist Temple. You needn’t be Buddhist or even religious to participate. All faiths/non-faiths are welcome!

An attunement does not give you anything new; it opens and aligns what is already a part of you. Attunements offer a sacred moment, a memorable crossing from one phase of life to another. It heightens and strengthens your capability to send healing outward into the world to your family, friends, and community. During an attunement, as many different things are experienced as there are initiates. Some see colours, others see pictures, and still others recall past lives. Some are filled with light or a feeling of total peace, wonder or love. Some may perceive more than others do. When asked to place their hands upon someone else to bring the energy through, the new Reiki healer may experience for the first time the Reiki characteristic of heat radiating through their hands.


We will all meet at The Interfaith Center in Albany by 8:30am for the training. There will be a break for lunch around noon, (Please bring your own homemade food, I only ask that it be fresh and organic to help facilitate your attunement process.) Herbal waters, Tea, and Healthy Refreshments will be provided. After lunch we will discuss some more followed by a meditation and attunements. After the attunements, I will give you all some time to talk amongst yourselves, meditate and possibly write/reflect in your journals. Then we will all gather for a field trip to the The Edmond Niles Hyuck Preserve. If you feel more comfortable, you may wish to travel separately.  Once parked, we will embark on a 60-minute (3-mile) mindfulness walk on the Falls & Lake Trail (trailmap). Once at the waterfall we will do a grounding meditation, followed by pictures with me and each other. pridenyAfter the hike I have made reservations at the Palmer House Cafe, which has an incredible 150 years worth of history. The menu consists of organic and local produce from various gardens and farms including that of the Chef Micah Kuhar who creates original dishes featuring his own farm raised meats and vegetables. 


  • A notebook and pen.
  • A crystal of your choice for concentration.
  • A healthy lunch, and water bottle. 
  • A walking stick (not required)
  • A yoga mat (not required)
  • Please dress comfortably and accordingly. (It gets quite cold OCTOBER-APRIL.)
    (Bring a sweater/hoodie should it get cool. This is a RAIN/SNOW or SHINE event.)
    -Please feel free to bring non-toxic bug spray/sun block since this will be an all day event until around 5pm. (MAY-SEPTEMBER)

TRAINING COST: The training cost is $100 and non-refundable to help pay for course materials and time. (You will need to PREPAY a $50 deposit for your Book Bundle in order to secure your spot.) Other training out there can be very expensive, and so in a way to help and teach everyone of every financial situation I have created the above price, alternative payment options and this Scholarship.

Text here (2)   ITEMIZED PRICING:

Okuden Book Bundle – $50 US
Tuition – $45 US
Training Room Fee – $5 US


If you for some reason miss a class, you will automatically be added to the next month’s training date, and an additional $35 US will have to be charged. Of course things come up and happen, however I have to secure and maintain the training space and this allows us to keep running. If students never showed up, we would not be able to maintain the center.

Please be considerate and respectful of other students and your teacher.


You will be attuned the day of the training, however, as stated above you will not be certified until you complete the following criteria:

  • Completed Reading of Shoden & Okuden Book Bundles
  • Complete the 21-day Detox
  • Complete the 40-Day Challenge
  • Complete 10 Hands-on & Distanced Practicum Practice Sessions
  • Complete PROJECT: 50 Random Acts of Kindness
  • Complete 1 Peace Vigil Walk
  • Complete 3 Reiki Dharma Seminars on Self-Love
  • Complete Oral Presentation (10 Question Final Exam)
    Study Guide will be provided before hand in order to study. 

Students are expected to practice Reiki daily, obey the Five Principles, make an effort to live those principles in their daily lives, encourage mental & emotional growth, practice Hatsureiho daily for self-cleansing & spiritual enhancement, and to continue spiritual development by attending regular training seminars to receive extra Rei-ju attunements for cleansing, purification, and to strengthen their abilities to access Reiki.

In addition to the training day, students are asked to attend 4 Reiki Dharma Seminars on the following:

  • True Suffering
  • True Self-Love
  • True Worthiness
  • The Forty Rules of Love

Here is a sample of a typical CHC Usui Reiki 2 Student Calendar.
THIS is also open to any degree practitioner for a tune up/refresher. ((This course is also available as an eCourse)) (*If you are interested in the class/distanced eCourse, message me: http://www.facebook.com/healey.derek )  may peace prevail early spring COURSE SYLLABUS: The goals for this training will be that the Student will be able to:

1. Explain the learning process regarding holistic ethics.
2. Describe the significance of Do No Harm.
3. Describe the significance of Unconditional Love.
4. Describe the significance of Model Healthy Behaviours.
5. Describe the significance of Forming Quality Professional Relationships.
6. Describe the significance of Forming Quality Client Relationships.
7. Describe the significance of The Pursuit of Wisdom.
8. Describe the significance of Competence in Holistic Practice.
9. Describe the significance of Professional Responsibility.
10. Describe the significance of Societal Responsibility.
11. Describe the significance of Environmental Responsibility.
12. Explain why it is necessary to ask permission before providing Reiki.
13. Describe the steps involved in a Reiki session.
14. Describe the techniques for therapeutic interaction.
15. Explain what the Higher Self represents.
16. Explain what results in a deficiently closed chakra.
17. Explain what results in an excessively open chakra.
18. Describe the location of each of the seven chakras.
19. Describe the function of the endocrine glands associated with the chakras.
20. Describe the principle identification for each of the seven chakras.
21. Describe the principle level of consciousness for each of the seven chakras.
22. List the signs of a balanced state for each of the seven chakras.
23. List the signs of childhood trauma for each of the seven chakras.
24. Explain the need to approach the energy field of a client with care.
25. Describe the location of each of the seven subtle bodies.
26. Describe the level of reality of each of the seven subtle bodies.
27. Explain how the biofield may be assessed with the hands.
28. Explain how the biofield may be assessed with intuition.
29. Explain how the biofield may be assessed with a pendulum.
30. Explain the difference between psychic ability and intuition.
31. Pronounce the Reiki 2 symbols.
32. Draw Reiki 2 symbols.
33. Describe three methods of using the Reiki Symbols.
34. Explain the original intent of Cho-Ku-Rei.
35. Explain the original intent of Sei-He-Ki.
36. Explain the original intent of Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen.
37. Describe the level of healing for Cho-Ku-Rei.
38. Describe the level of healing for Sei-He-Ki.
39. Describe the level of healing for Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen.
40. Describe three visualization methods of distance healing.
41. Describe three surrogate methods of distance healing.
42. Describe the five techniques that Usui used in his healing system.
43. Explain how beaming is conducted.
44. Explain how interval healings are programmed.
45. Explain how to make and use a Reiki box.
46. Explain the significance of the Akashic Records.
47. Explain the process of karmic balance.
48. Describe a method for healing karma.
49. Describe a hands-on method for healing the Earth.
50. Describe a distance method for healing the Earth.
51. Describe how to construct a crystal grid.
58. Explain the dark night of the soul and why it is so important.
59. Explain what is “True Love.”
60. Describe how one would share concern for someone who is suffering.
61. Describe how one would initiate a Telephone Meditation.
62. Describe the close relationship between Shams of Tabrizi and Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī.
63. Explain the many layers of each of the Forty Rules of Love.

Learning Reiki is a wonderful accompaniment to anyone, especially though with working in social work & healthcare field. It reminds us to take care of ourselves as we take care of others, and it also reminds us that everyone no matter who they are is on their own journey. It reminds us that none of us are free from experiencing suffering, and that we should all find compassion in our hearts to accept this. Once again students are asked to develop their personal practice before moving on to the Third Level of Spiritual Healing & Teaching. The Second Degree training prepares the student to practice the healing system of Reiki at a professional level. Doing Reiki Level 2 is more intense than Reiki 1 because it begins the deep descending journey into the human psyche. This is where you venture farther into this life and beyond. Into living the Reiki Way every day, even if you seem to fail. This is where you begin the reclaiming of your personal security, sexuality, esteem, love, truth, wisdom, and connection to all that is. Buckle up, and smile! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride…


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