Expanding Your Happiness Day 17: Being of Service


“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” —Maya Angelou

Today in meditation we activate the sense of service. But instead of approaching service in the conventional sense, as a sort of obligation, we will look at it from the perspective of higher states of consciousness. In this view, service is not only a humanitarian effort, it is a path of joy and self-realization. It is an opportunity to grow in happiness, not a duty.

Service is listening and acting in response to a call for the unique gifts your life offers. This call is not based on your ego needs, nor does it come from social expectations. The call to service comes from your universal self, the cosmic part of you that directs your spiritual evolution or dharma. This is why being of service to the world is really a joyful expansion of the self.

Today’s meditation brings our awareness in accord to this vision of service.

Our centering thought for today is:

My soul expands when I help others.

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Seva Hum.” I am service.

“How can I be of service? We are all here to share our unique gifts with the world. That is why we are here, that is the Source of the richest happiness we can experience, and when we share those gifts with love, effortlessly and joyfully, the world rises up to meet us. Inevitably we receive so much more than we give. Gandhi said it best, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” That, I know for sure, is one of the secrets of soul expanding happiness. Open yourself to giving from the heart, and listen to the ways of being of service.” ~ Oprah 

Today’s Notes

Seva is the Sanskrit word for service. Seva is action performed for the sake of others, but more specifically it is action that is not motivated by individual desire. Instead, it is action prompted by the impulse of spiritual growth and freedom. This is why wisdom traditions extol service as a path to enlightenment. Seva hum stirs this selfless impulse and instills the joy of helping others as its own reward.

When you are living the happiness that comes from your being, serving others isn’t an obligation. It’s not about being a better person or raising your image in the eyes of others. Something deeper happens because in serving others, at the soul level, you are serving yourself. This isn’t a mystical experience. Parents already know how their children feel by being extensions of themselves.

There is a complete merging in two lovers that defines romantic love. When those around us become a real extension of our larger self, the pursuit of happiness builds beyond the boundary of the ego.  

Take this merge in to its ultimate and you will arrive to unity consciousness where you perceive no division between you and anything you perceive. When Jehovah speaks from the burning bush to Moses, the words are a pure reflection of unity consciousness. “I am that I am.”

Service implies action, which is why one of the traditional paths to enlightenment in India is known as karma my yoga, meaning the unity that comes out of right action.  Giving a pan handler a quarter so he will quite bothering you isn’t karma yoga because you don’t actually feel joyful in your gift and you aren’t blessing the person you give to.  You step onto the karma path when ever you give in the spirit of  freeing someone else from care or want while at the same time your action brings you bliss. 

Consider today’s centering thought, “my soul expands when I help others.”

Now lets prepare for meditation. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Begin to become aware of your breath slowly and deeply. Gently introduce today’s mantra, “Seva Hum.” Repeat it silently to yourself and allow your body, mind, and spirit open and receive just a little bit more.  

My Thoughts & Experience


Lately, I have been really thinking about my level of outreach in the community. And this meditation really got my spirit moving around. I need to start offering my services in different places. Places where both I and other people will be able to benefit. Where I will be able to either volunteer or get paid for my time and effort. 

There are so many wonderful organizations in the area. It is time, now that I am updating my resume, to allow my spirit to open by helping others on a larger scale, which can benefit my business because, well, this is my profession. This is what I do. But I have gotten so used to living from pay check to pay check and offering things for free that I have forgotten to really take care of myself as well. There is a balance that must be done by helping others, because yes it is good to be of service, but not at the expense of not being able to provide for myself. 

I have given so much up, and without thinking about it. I guess I really have got the service bit down, it’s just I need to perhaps focus more on being of service to myself sometimes too. 

It’s a funny business isn’t it? This helping of others. We always forget to help ourselves.



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