Expanding Your Happiness Day 16: Radiating Grace


“The quality of mercy is not strain’d . . . it is twice blest; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.” —William Shakespeare

Grace is an important aspect of expanding our happiness, because it is through grace that we express love and blessings completely and unconditionally. We are each a source and conduit of grace.

Grace is a loving power and presence that elevates and brightens whatever the challenge or situation might be. As we mature into our authentic selves, we are more open, receptive, and expansive, and so we naturally feel the influence of more grace in our lives. It is this same expansiveness and openness that makes it easy for us to radiate that grace along to others.

Radiating grace is not about adopting an attitude of sainthood, and offering benedictions to family and friends. It happens naturally, in moments as simple as passing along, or sharing, the fullness of heart that you feel when you offer a helpful gesture or kind word. When we share grace, our happiness increases many fold.

Today’s meditation facilitates this free flow of nature’s grace from your life to others.

Our centering thought for today is:

I share my divine blessings.

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Prasada Hum.” I am divine grace.

“It’s one of my favourite words, ‘grace.’ It’s the unconditional kindness of the universe, the gentle power and serenity that lifts us up no matter what it is that we are going through.  Grace is perhaps the most simple and most powerful promise there is. It is a state of  pure openness and being available, a space where you can allow a newer reality enter into your very being. Grace fills us up quietly and powerfully. Grace can be inspired by a beautiful moment in nature or spending time with someone we love, or just sitting quietly. It can arise from the most difficult of times. Moments that offer powerful opportunities for us to grow, and be transformed. When I think of grace, I think of someone like Nelson Mandela, a powerful world leader who emerged from his own suffering; who became a leader; who emanated forgiveness, peace, and humility. He radiated grace from every fiber of his being, and he taught us the deep joy that comes from holding grace in our hearts. Today, let’s share our grace with the world, creating wholeness and unity. Let us come together and radiate our grace in the stillness of meditation.” ~ Oprah 

Today’s Notes

Prasad is a divine gift or blessing. Prasad is also that state of divine generosity that uplifts and blesses. Prasada hum aligns our awareness to this state and the process of giving as well as receiving blessings.

Grace is a special quality that resides within. To be in a state of grace means ot be blessed, untouched by harm. It is said that divine grace is unearnea it is given freely from god or the ivine source. if you feel blessed ther eis a natural implulse to share how you feel, to bless others. How do you do this?

First, by example. Second through generosity of spirit. Third, by accepting the equality of all people in the eyes of god. 

Setting an example means that you radiate light because grace is the sensation of being in the light. When you feel this you are light handed rather than heavy handed. You are light in your step, your speech, and your attitude in trying situations. This leads directly to the generosity of spirit, which means that you lighten the burden of others and give from the heart. 

There is an image in eastern and western traditions of a tree so heavy with fruit they touch the ground offering their sweetness to every passerby. This is a perfect image for generosity of spirit. You give with the attitude of overflowing  love, kindness, humour, appreciation. 

Accepting the equality of all people is to adopt nonviolence, ahimsa. It begins by renouncing hatred and anger. The most powerful form of nonviolence embraces the belief that every breath comes from a state of grace, and thus is a devotional attitude.  You see the innocence in all living things, which is how we all look through the eyes of the soul. Once you experience your true self, seeing in this way comes natural because it shows you what grace really is. 

Let us consider our centering thought: I share my divine blessings. 

Now, let us prepare for meditation. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Begin to be aware of your breath, and begin slowly and deeply. Allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed with each breath. Gently introduce the mantra, “Prasada Hum.” Repeat it silently to yourself. Feel your body, mind,a nd spirit open and receive just a little bit more.

My Thoughts & Experience


Steadfast. Gentle but strong. This must feel how an activist leader feels before a peace walk.

It’s funny, I kept getting an itch on my forehead throughout the meditation, almost as if my third eye were opening and giving me some sort of vision for my developing career.  It was as if all the rubble and all the sand and stone that has crumbled around me, that represents what has happened, just started to be blown away by the wind. The larger debris just seemed to be moved up and away and out of harms way. Obstructions feel so gone right now. I am truly divine grace. And so are you…


Photo courtesy of Julie Falk


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