Expanding Your Happiness Day 14: Living Passion


“You can only feel creative when there is joy. When there is a sense of passion.” —Andreas Moritz

Passion is the powerful, focused force of happiness directed to a specific interest in life. Passion is a tremendous asset in expanding our happiness, because it draws our happiness out.

When we think of passion, we usually think about what we are passionate about – opera, chocolate desserts, skiing, or even salsa dancing. Today we will explore passion at a deeper level as we connect to what really matters, the source of passion within us. If we can access that infinite source of passion and joy inside, then we can live passion in all areas of our life.

At its source, passion is not associated with any particular object, it is rather a deep feeling of exaltation or even spiritual ecstasy. It is the happiness of life exulting in its own existence. Today we will tap into that blissful core of existence and let our passion flow from that place.

Our centering thought for today is:

My happiness energizes and inspires me.

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Rabhasa Hum.” I am pure delight.

“Well, I can’t say enough about passion. How do you know when you are in the true flow of it? You just lose yourself and find a powerful, instinctive energy. It means you are fully in alignment with your most extraordinary highest self. Whatever you are doing you are most in the flow, you are manifesting the magnificance of your very being and all is sublime. That my friends is happiness in its most exhaulted state, and it is yours simply by being who you are. That is the promise of the divine within you. Take a moment. Take a breath. We are going there, to a truly profound space of living with passion.” ~Oprah 

Today’s Notes

Rabhasa means the passion of living. It conveys the sense of a rushing or surging force of energy. Rabhasa hum, means we identify our consciousness, or life force, with the powerful passionate energy coursing through the universe. It gives us a passionate enthusiasm for life, and growth.

I’m sure you felt a surge of enthusiasm and feel energized. This is your passion, and what matters isn’t the person or thing that excites your passion, but the inner renewal that a lasting passion brings year after year. 

Spiritual passion goes even deeper. We wouldn’t be here appreciating the wisdom of the world’s deepest sages if spiritual passion hadn’t persisted through all the catastrophes of history. 

What makes it unique is that wisdom comes packages with the enthusiasm we are used to. Passion of any kind opens a flow of life we cant help but enjoy. Spiritual passions turns enjoyment into exultation. You feel uplifted by your soul.

There is a hierarchy of needs for spiritual passion. After the need for security and safety, the need for love and appreciation, even the higher needs of  creativity and finding your purpose, there is a need that modern society isn’t organized to fulfill: the need for higher reality where you find inspiration that flows from your own being. 

Spiritual passion fulfills this need and therefore leads to a sublime feeling of happiness.

Being natural, this need isn’t exotic or strange. What seems miraculous? The birth of a baby, an inspired poem, great music, words of profound scripture? Whatever fills you with a sense of wonder and awe is your window into spiritual passion. 

Consider today’s centering thought: “my happiness energizes and inspires me.”

Now, let’s prepare for meditation. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Become aware of your breathe, breathe slowly and deeply. Allow yourself to become more relaxed with each breath. Gently introduce the mantra, “Rabhasa Hum.” Repeat it silently to yourself. Feel your body, mind, and spirit open and receive just a little more.

My Thoughts & Experience


Lots of twitches. 
Antsy but passionate.
Excited to write my book. 

It was odd, it felt like there was a hand on my right arm throughout today’s meditation. 

Without passion, there is nothing. We need it I think to survive. We need it to live. And to love and to live some more. Passion is vital for any human, but especially for healers, for artists, for creatives, for romantics. Especially us romantics. We need it. We breathe it. It runs through our veins. It is our vital energy. 

It beats and pulses red throughout our bodies. It is our essence. With more passion, we so are more happy. We may be odd, or a bit over the top. But we have verve. And that  is a key to living a life worth living. 


Photo courtesy of B Mully


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