Expanding Your Happiness Day 13: Living Gratitude


“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”  —Meister Eckhart

Today we explore the role of gratitude in expanding our happiness. It’s obvious how feeling thankful for the good things in one’s life powerfully contributes to a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing, but this version of gratitude still depends on our mood at the time. It also is limited by our beliefs about what is positive, and our understanding of what is good.

There is a deeper kind of gratitude that goes beyond our conceptions and beliefs of good and bad. This expanded sense of gratitude rejoices in life exactly as it is, right now . . . life is perfect in spite of its imperfections. We find ourselves grateful to simply breathe and greet the sunrise. We feel privileged to engage in the full range of human experiences: busy traffic, strong coffee, and missing a loved one. Our heart is big enough to embrace and appreciate life as a whole, just as it is, without worrying about whether it is “good” or “bad.”

This gratitude has reverence and appreciation for the entire dance of creation right now. This is the perspective that today’s meditation will help foster in our life.

Our centering thought for today is:

I am thankful for all I have.

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Shreem Namah.” I am thankful. 

Today’s Notes

Shreem is the goddess of joy, abundance and beauty. Namah means respect, by bringing our full conscious being into appreciation or gratitude. This mantra cultivates a feeling of appreciation and gratitude for the abundance in life.

My Thoughts & Experience


Taking simple moments and showing our appreciation or gratefulness for not only the many conveniences we take for granted such as running water, indoor plumbing, unpolluted drinking water, and Central Air; but for the simpler things like a loving partner, a warm Spring day, or the laughter of children; this is what it means to be on a spiritual path, especially that of Reiki.

In Reiki we have a key principle of gratitude, to “Just for today, be thankful for your many blessings.” 

Because no matter how bad it might seem, Beloved, it can always be worse. 

These moments of humility show us that there are many “good” and “bad” aspects to everything in life, and shows us that we can even be grateful for things that we ourselves may not have but that others do. This teaches us to let go of envy and jealousy and see that there are already so many things to be happy and grateful for in our world.

When we catch ourselves in moments where our minds are running rampant, we can calm them with our awareness alone, and sink into a deeper more focused mindset or higher state of consciousness to access spiritual growth, and truly jump in away from petty concerns to do “The Work” as my friend Debbie would say, or “Finish the Important Shit First” as Leonie Dawson teaches at her Amazing Biz, Amazing Life Academy.

Being grateful expands our consciousness and vibration, and it truly shows. You needn’t fain actual gratitude, but when you do feel it, when you feel that happiness, let others know. Share your gratitude. Be gratitude. Live gratitude. 



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