50 Reiki Tips For Surviving Your 21-Day Programme


After an attunement, the body goes through a transitional period of detoxification and clearing. Layers of the aura and biofield are shed like skin on a snake or like petals on a lotus. This can be a time for incredible insight, healing, and progression.

Allow yourself the time and space.

This is an incredible time for you to do some serious self nurturing!

The following list should help with the process.

Good luck and congratulations!

50 Tips for surviving for the next 21-days

hot tea

1. Honour your detox as a period of growth

2. Drink at least 6/8 glasses of water every day

3. Tea

4. Be kind and gentle to yourself

5. Give yourself a self healing every day

6. Take time to meditate every day

7. Violet flame and breathwork.

8. Run your hands under hot water if they get cold, cold water if they too hot.

9. Give yourself a hand or foot massage every day.

10. Smile and look at yourself in the mirror.


11. Know you are loved and lovable.

12. Choose to have positive and loving thoughts about yourself

13. Watch pleasant, positive TV programs or read some nice books

14. Listen to uplifting music

15. Take your shoes off and walk barefooted if you feel ungrounded.

16. Get plenty of fresh air and incorporate a gentle exercise plan

17. Avoid noisy and stressful places (as best you can)

18. Avoid negative people and situations (as best you can)

19. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, and red meat (as best you can)

20. Tea, again


21. Violet flame, again with dry bathing

22. Get plenty of sleep

23. Nap and siesta

24. Live in the Now

25. Spend time with good friends

26. Spend time with loving family

27. Honour your emotions and find healthy ways to express yourself

28. Journal

29. Do a random act of kindness every day

30. Share your ups and downs with your teacher or fellow students


31. Eat a sensible healthy diet

32. But also think hearty comfort food. Soups and stews never felt so good!

33. Smoothies!

34. Realize that some symptoms may not be related to the attunement directly but to other things that are affecting your life

35. Get comfy, wear your favourite clothes

36. Go to the spa or give yourself a personal spa treatment.

37. Take plenty of baths and soak those muscles. Add some sea or epsom salts along with some therapeutic essential oils.

38. Declutter and rearrange your bedrooms. Turn it into an oasis.

39. Create sacred space for yourself.

40. Do a space clearing or home blessing.


41. Invite your fellow students over for a weekly get together

42. Tea, again and again

43. Violet flame, again and again

44. Start a gratitude list

45. Rub the bottoms of your feet together if you feel ungrounded

46. Laugh!

47. Go on adventures.

48. Treat yourself at least once a week.

49. Be the silent observer of your own life.

50. Let go of things that no longer serve you.


4 thoughts on “50 Reiki Tips For Surviving Your 21-Day Programme

  1. Reblogged this on Witch N Weekly and commented:
    I love love love this list. I am not able to realistically flip my whole life upside down in a month but I think if you try to accomplish a few a week and get in to the groove you are definitely doing better then if you ignore all of these just in general! Thank you! This goes perfectly with my Smudging Sunday!

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