Expanding Your Happiness Day 6: Feeling Hope


Today’s meditation activates the power of hope in our hearts. Hope is a key spiritual component of our joyful self. Spiritual hope is not a feeble, anxious wish for things to be better . . . it is the active engagement of our aspiration to the almighty force of evolution. True hope ties our individuality to the cosmos, giving us the guidance and support to move toward out hopes and dreams. This expansion and fulfillment of our aspirations is an essential joy of life.

We feel happy when our love grows and our territory of influence expands, and hope is the leading edge of this expansion.

Our meditation today takes us to the source of hope, the source of our evolutionary expansion of consciousness. From this still center of being, we illuminate the light of hope in our life.

Our centering thought for today is:

Hope lights my path.

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Shreem.” I am all possibilities.

“Just like we look for love and desire peace, we all hope for the best. But your true self doesn’t wait for hope, or hope for hope, your essential self emanates hope. Rooted in the all powerful and certainty of Source, capital- S.  Ellie Buzzell says, “Just as a man cannot live without dreams, he cannot live without hope.” If dreams reflect the past, hope summons the future. Access that certainty and hope and the happiness that flows to you will be more powerful than you can imagine. It is a force that grounds you and lifts you up all at once.  Embrace that as we meditate on that source of hope and assured happiness within us all.” ~ Oprah 

Today’s Notes

Happy people are optimistic and hopeful. 

Hope is a positive force in there lives which is different from feeling anxious and hoping everything will turn out right. When your sense of hope flows from the Source, you know that new possibilities will emerge and good outcomes are in sight. Hope opens a path. It isn’t passive, just waiting and praying things will change. When you are connected to your true self, you sense what you need to do to improve any situation. So hope is like a feedback loop: the more you nurture the hope the more optimistic you feel; and being optimistic you move naturally to take the openings and opportunities that come your way. 

This is very different from feeling uncertain and trapped by circumstances.  Hope is like a thread leading out of the maze. It doesn’t get us out, but it is our connection to freedom. And if you follow it, you can make your way out and feel the joy of liberation.  

Be open and having this intention to becoming more hopeful and letting hope be your guide prevents you from being influenced by negative thoughts that automatically spring to mind. 

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Become aware of your breathe and just breathe slowly and deeply. Introduce the mantra, “Shreem.” This mantra opens your awareness to your infinite potential. Repeat it to yourself. And allow your mind, body, and spirit open just a bit more. 

My Thoughts & Experience


With this meditation, I performed a simultaneous physical self-healing and a Reiki healing session on my Higher self. With one hand on my cheek and another on my heart, I repeated “Shreem.” At one point it felt like there was a moth that landed on the back of my neck, but nothing was there. And then a mosquito bit my left temple, followed by another light breeze on the back of my neck.

It was as if a spirit guide was helping to release a blockage in my throat/neck chakra, or that there was something giving me a boost or a push or simply telling me that they were here, helping me, supporting me, by placing a hand or wing on my shoulder.

Lately, moths have been finding their way to me. Indoors, outdoors…over the past month I have become a magnet. Especially for lunar moths. Online and in the wild, they seem to keep popping up. 

My friend Avia, writes extensively on the Moth’s symbolism

This may be analogous of garnering protection for ourselves in our spiritual practices.  The moth reminds us to have a willing heart in our spiritual growth, but realize the heart is a treasure to be taken care of.  Part of this caretaking involves nurturing and protection during times of development.

With this, I KNOW that I am all possibilities, and so are you. With this, I KNOW FOR SURE that hope lights my path…



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