Expanding Your Happiness Day 7: Feeling Complete


“To be great, be whole; Exclude nothing. Be whole in everything.” —Fernando Pessoa

Congratulations! Today we complete the first week of our journey into real happiness. The feeling of completion is an important part of inner happiness. Feeling complete means we feel whole. We glimpse the vastness of our higher self and know we do not lack anything. We have everything we need within us; we are everything we need.

This awareness of wholeness is the key to feeling complete, because it is the awakening of self-knowledge that provides the feeling of wholeness and the feeling of quiet joy that accompanies it. Today’s meditation will awaken our experience of wholeness – that sense of completeness that is our true self. As we learn to live life from this state of wholeness, we begin to enjoy everything with ease, grace and delight.

Our centering thought for today is:

I am wholeness.

Today’s Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Sarvatva.” I am wholeness.

“We are now wrapping up our first week of expanding our happiness. We have connected within to the source of our greatest peace, love, playfulness, and hope that lights up and powers our lives. When we connect to it fully, that source leads us to an extraordinary wholeness more complete and meaningful than anything we might imagine. Getting quiet beyond calming the mind, getting to a place past doing, past thinking, past experiencing, to pure heart-centered awareness. That is a journey towards wholeness, and a level of happiness that can transcend and transform you. Let’s go there together.” ~ Oprah

Today’s Notes

 Few people are given any training in how to be happy. They look at others and imitate what makes them happy. In the field of positive psychology, it is generally excepted that this method isn’t very productive. The image of consumers being happy with the next smart-phone, millionaires made happy when they become billionaires, and yet the hunger for happiness still lingers. True happiness isn’t gained by status, money, position, or power; it is attained through inner fulfillment. Which depend son being whole. When we feel complete we don’t have empty spaces in side that need to be filled. In the world’s spiritual traditions, turning within wasn’t done chiefly to find peace of mind, or to settle the restless mind, the aim was to connect with pure awareness. Pure awareness is when it isn’t thinking. I call it the womb of creation. Pure awareness contains all possibilities. Because it is whole, you become more whole, more complete, as you experience it. You start to find the whole integrated self that is your true self. When the true self is fully awake, you are complete no matter what you may be doing or thinking. Positive psychology has also found that there is longer term happiness when a person accomplishes something they really value. When they set goals that take years to accomplish. And when they devote themselves to a higher set of values, whether it is with god, compassion, giving, service, or humanitarianism. This is an invaluable clue to happiness that goes farther. Because when you awaken your true self, your inner transformation becomes a supreme accomplishment. The state of enlightenment becomes your personal reality as long as you live. Being complete isn’t a struggle like something far into the future, wholeness is already yours. All that needs to change is your point of view. Once you experience pure awareness your personal reality will become more and more whole without effort. 

Let us prepare for meditation. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Begin to breathe slowly deeply and calmly. Introduce the mantra, “Sarvatva.” Repeat it to yourself and feel your mind, body, and spirit open and receive just a little more.

My Thoughts & Experience

break free

I sit here, and listen to the rain falling outside. Fireworks going off in the distance.

My right arm twitches, my body is rushing with goose-flesh. I am whole.

We all struggle towards feeling whole. I think that’s why we all are so desperate to find a partner, to find that which is missing from our lives in another, or in a mirror reflected back at us. It is a hard society we live in. This world is not always kind. But it is always beautiful. We truly are whole beings, but we feel so broken and separate from the different facets of ourselves, it is hard to find a way to balance them all out, to find a way to have them all coexist in harmony. 

We spend so much time focusing on the different aspects of our lives as if they aren’t connected or interrelated. The same goes for our relationships. But our striving only serves the old way, the old paradigm. 

By accepting our wholeness, we can gain harmony in an instant. All it takes is believing it. All it takes is loving ourselves enough to accept this seemingly far-out and foreign idea. But then again we Americans scratch our heads and wonder what it is that other countries that are way happier overall have that we don’t. 

They have and know value in themselves. They live lives centered around compassion, humanitarianism, service, giving, receiving. They have a strong sense of their higher selves and know what true happiness is all about. 

So can we. So can we. Because we are whole. This I know for sure.



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