Expanding Your Happiness Day 4: Feeling Love


“A joyful heart is the normal result of a heart burning with love.” —Mother Teresa

Today’s meditation will show you that love is our joyful spiritual center. We don’t need to go anywhere to find love. This is love that never fades. We never lose this love because it comes from inside. We are our own source of joyful love. If we look for love around us, we are assuming we lack love, and that we can find it in another person. But, love is our nature; it is who we are, and it is as near as our beating heart. Our meditation today will help us reorient our feeling of love to our spiritual core so that we no longer look for love, but bring a full loving heart wherever we go.

Our centering thought for today is:

I am love.

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Aham Prema.” I am love. 

“Many of us have preconceived notions of what love is. It’s supposed to knock you off your feet and make you swoon. We have images how it should appear. Tall, slim, witty, charming all in one package. So if love doesn’t show up, wrapped in our personal fantasy, some of us won’t recognize it or ever feel True Love at all. Today, let’s shift that fundamental sense of what love is. Let’s go deep within to transform our paradigm  in a big and glorious way. From wanting and searching for love to actually being love. What is true love? It’s You!  You are Love. Open your heart, and meditate.” ~ Oprah

Today’s Notes

When you discover your true self you will say, “I am love.” This is very different from the self that most people are familiar with. This is an insecure and fearful self that searches every where and anywhere to find it and is scared that it will be taken away. “I want love” can be transformed into “I am love.” Your search for love can end. You know that love is an internal flow that connects you to all others, to everything in creation. By now, you have experienced what inner silence feels like as it opens the way for inner peace. The next step is understanding that you are meeting your true self. There is love that no one can take away from you, once you know that love is the very core of your true self.

There is no distance between you and your true self. You are always connected. You have been connected from the moment you were born, but over time your connection has been frayed by doubts, fears, and wounding. Today, you will discover that your true self is closer than breathing.

Now, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Become aware of your breath, and breathe…

Introduce the mantra, “Aham Prema.” Repeat it silently to yourself and feel your heart, mind, body, and spirit open just a bit more.

My Meditation Experiences


Goose-flesh. Pangs in my left shoulder and arm. Warmth in my chest.

Reminded of gratitude for meals. Reminded of my past meditations on merging with Eros, the personification of Love. Reminded that this is a path that I must continue going on (towards Love). It has been a repeating aspect of my studies, and both my personal and love life.

Speaking with Eros was moving, lifting, and encouraging. Feeling and sensing Eros within me, that I was indeed him again, that I only forgot, was not only a breath of fresh air. Now I know that my path continues onward towards self-nurturance and self-love. Ironically, this is what I am teaching my Reiki 1 students, and it seems that they are in effect reminding me of the same things. To cherish my Self, to cherish my heart, to cherish my love, and to be reminded and to be living that every day.


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