Expanding Your Happiness Day 3: Feeling Peace


“Happiness consists not of having, but of being. It is a warm glow of the heart at peace with itself.”  – David O. McKay

Our meditation today will connect us to an aspect of our joy that expresses itself as inner peace. This is not ordinary peace of mind or peaceful interactions with others. This is the permanent feeling of peace that comes from the soul itself, and encompasses all the other varieties of peace within it. The Bible refers to it as “the peace of God which passes all understanding.”

This level of peace is the core of stillness within that gives us steadiness and quiet comfort when circumstances in our life may be confusing, as well as when times are happy and fulfilling. This spiritual peace is our calm center that keeps our life in balance.

Our centering thought for today is:

I am peace.

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Shanti Hum.” I am peace. 

“Today is an exciting day.  This is where you will want to pause and really spend some time. Through today’s meditation we will head towards a new dimension of peace.” ~Oprah

My notes for today:

Peace is an inner state that comes in many forms. Peace of mind. when you arent worried or stressed , you can go inside and relax. A deeper peace is a freedom of anxiety about the future. It makes you feel safe and secure. Even deeper is the peace of self acceptance. You are okay with who you are. Then there is spiritual peace. Is the contended stillness of the soul. The peace that surpasses all understanding. When we access this we move beyond the mere absence of stress, worries, doubt, and insecurity. as valuable as it is to be free of these, we gain even more when we find spiritual peace. First because it contains these other types of peace, your heart and mind is content. Second and even better, spiritual peace cannot be taken away from you. This is the place where unconditional love is found. This is the HOME of happiness that can expand into unbounded bliss. Peace in the soul is the fundamental happiness underlying life, even when outer events are not pleasant or enjoyable. You can survive a great crisis without being shaken because you are at peace. You have given yourself a level of core well-being. It is always there to fall back on in difficult times, but also in times of love and fulfillment.


My Thoughts & Expieriences

Today, I was again swept up in goose-flesh as I contemplated and meditated upon my own innate “peacelihood.” Like yesterday’s inspiration of using “healing crystal technology” instead of saying “crystal healing,” with my sessions; today I was pushed again to imagine myself as a Light Being. Floating, peaceful. An embodiment of peace for the world. I often do this sort of meditation when I am trying to spread peace into the world. I become a Gaia-sort of Light Being like on Fantasia, but more in appearance like an ascended Ancient Oma Desala from Stargate.

Remember, you are peace.

Meditate. Close your eyes and repeat the mantra, “Shanti Hum.”

If you are able, put in some ear buds with your favourite meditative music. Block out the rest of the world. Just for now.

Imagine yourself immersed in blissful peace. With each repetition, know and believe that you are indeed Peace, capital- P. Not just peaceful, not just full of some outer peace, but that you are Peace itself.

How does this feel to you? What experiences do you have when you realise this and your conscious expands to this idea?



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