Expanding Your Happiness Day 1: Feeling Joy

expanding your happiness

“Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling.”  —Tony DeLiso

So here we are again, another FREE 21-day meditation challenge from Mr. Chopra and Ms. Winfrey.

“Over the next three weeks together, we will learn that happiness is much more than an aspiration. Happiness is our true nature – our very source of being. When we expand our awareness within, we discover that there is no limit to our happiness. And as we grow in happiness, we can’t help but share that happiness with those around us.

We’re used to thinking of happiness as a pursuit or the emotion we feel once we attain what we want. During these three weeks we will approach happiness differently – internally instead of externally. Rather than seeking one temporary joy after the next, we will explore the permanent and limitless source of joy that is our essence. Once we connect with our inner bliss, we find joy, understanding and fulfillment in all our actions.”

Our centering thought for today is:

Happiness is my true nature.

Our Sanskrit mantra for today is:

“Ananda Hum.” I am bliss. 


“Happiness, the essence of bliss, is a knowing not a goal to pursue. It’s within you all along. It is our true nature. It is at our core. It is within you in your closeness to the Source of all that is.”
~ Oprah

Today Deepak taught that “so many seek happiness out side themselves. This isn’t necessary. External happiness fades with time. Your essential nature is happiness. Happiness expands from within us all the way out into the world the way a tiny seed grows and shares its sweet fragrance.”

Over the next three weeks we will focus on the following:

Week One: “Valuing our own happiness. We will connect with inner silence. the ground state where happiness springs. Happiness doesn’t have to be earned. We needn’t strive to be happy when it is already a part of our nature. No matter who we are. Ananada, bliss, always waits inside waiting to be nurtured.”

Week Two: “We will devote to expanding happiness. The choices we make are critical, every thought or action. Contributing or detracting. Our brain and every cell in our body is attuned to the input it receives and the most powerful comes from the awareness you experience.”

Week Three: “We will be totally in the flow of consciousness offering our happiness to others. The natural expression of happiness, acting from the core of our Being.”

Being happy is a reality and is not selfish. We don’t need to be super attractive, wealthy, or popular, all we need to do to be happy is expand our consciousness.

Like all meditations, I began by closing my eyes and began breathing. For about 10 minutes we repeated the mantra, “Ananda Hum.”

Many use this time to clear their mind, however as I repeat the mantra, I use this special time to connect with my Higher Self, which is actually me only younger. I visit him/me, and shower him with affection, love, attention, and play. In my opinion, connecting to our inner child or Higher Self (mine just so happen to be the same thing), is essential to remain happy. And what better way to reach joy than to tap back into the fun of being a kid?

As a Master Reiki Teacher Practitioner, I also use this as a time to do self healing.

(I’m king of multi-tasking.)

I had a few pops in my shoulders, which is where I store a lot of tension and past trauma as well as in my lower back. By the end of the meditation I am feeling happier with myself, and my shoulder and back are no longer tender to the touch. Things were certainly released.

See? These meditations can be used for so many things. Relaxation, and deep necessary self-healing.

So, take a moment, close your eyes and begin repeating the mantra. What will come up for you? What images will you see? Where will your mind go? And how do you feel now that you have allowed your Self some time to just BE?



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