OSHO Day 6: Living Dangerously

“When the seed becomes a sprout it is going into something unknown. When the sprout starts growing flowers it is again a movement into the unknown. And when the fragrance leaves the flowers — again, a quantum leap into the unknown. Life needs courage at each step.” ~Osho
Play should remain your life, your center of life. Work should be as a means towards play. Work in the office and work in the factory and work in the shop, but just to have time, opportunity, to play… Play means doing something for its own sake. To live dangerously means to live life as if each moment is its own end.
Thought for the day: “There is always enough time to play.”
Being obsessed with the familiar is boring!
Osho says, “there are only two types of people in the world: people who want to live comfortably. Seeking death, they want a comfortable grave. And then there are people who Live and choose to Live dangerously, because life thrives only where there is risk.”
Taking a chance, taking a risk, isn’t always a physical risk. Driving too fast, mountain climbing, road-tripping alone, these are only physical risks. When Osho speaks of living dangerously, he asks us to also take mental and spiritual risks as well. He asks us to turn away from ordinary respectability, because this is not life. This is not Living, capital-L. Ordinary mundane things are not spiritual things. They hold no substance. Sure, money, work, a house, these things are, yes, needed, but they should not be the goal. They are the decoration. They should not be your center of life. Osho says the goal of life is play. So, we could all do well to make more time for play. Play means doing things for its own sake. Living in life each moment with its own end, unafraid, with the knowledge that yes, death is there. But you are not afraid of it. You know and accept and enjoy those moments of death, enjoying the reality of death. Love brings you face to face with death. Meditation brings you face to face with death. Remember, the art of risking. Never miss a chance. Risk is the only guarantee to be truly alive.
Today’s Homework: Coming out of our shell & Letting go of our armour.
“Dissolving the Armor”
This meditation is about dissolving a layer of protection, a certain type of
invisible “armor” with which we have learned to face the world, creating our
“risk-free” zone.
One of the ways we protect ourselves from situations or people that feel
threatening is to create a kind of armor around ourselves, a “protective shield”
that helps us feel less vulnerable, more safe and secure. It’s easy to see this in
others – we even have a common expression to describe it; for example when
a person who is normally shy and timid starts to speak up, we say, “she’s
coming out of her shell.”
Sometimes this armor can be useful – even necessary. But the problem is that
it often becomes a habit, a pattern, almost like a second skin that keeps us
from feeling fully alive, spontaneous, playful, confident in ourselves and of who
we are. But this shield has been with us for so long we don’t know how to get
out of it – and we should in fact be able to take it off as easily as we put it on.
A woman came to Osho with just this difficulty, and this is what he said:
“You carry an armor around you. It is just an armor – it is not clinging to you,
you are clinging to it. So when you become aware of it you can simply drop it. The
armor is dead: if you don’t carry it, it will disappear.”
He went on to suggest ways to start becoming more aware of this armor, using
a meditation technique that brings awareness to where the armor is expressed
in the body.
There are three parts to this meditation.
The Method
While walking or sitting:
Walking or sitting, exhale deeply. The emphasis should be on exhalation, not
on inhalation. So exhale deeply – throw out as much air as you can throw.
Exhale through the mouth, but do it slowly so it takes time. The longer it takes
the better, because then it goes deeper. When all the air inside the body is
thrown out, then the body inhales; don’t you inhale. The exhalation should be
slow and deep and the inhalation should be fast.
This will change the armor near the chest.
While walking, running or walking briskly:
Start a little running, jogging, or walking at a brisk pace. And now, while your
legs are in movement, just visualize that a load is disappearing from the legs,
as if it is falling off them. When our freedom has been restricted too much, our
legs carry the armor. So start running, jogging, walking, or even unstructured
dancing, and with the legs in movement feel that armor around them falling
off. And again, as in the first step, put more attention on the exhalation of your
Once you regain your legs and their fluidity you will have a tremendous energy
Before going to bed:
When you are ready to go to sleep at night, take off your clothes and while
taking them off, simply imagine that you are not only taking off your clothes,
you are taking off your armor too.
Actually do it. Take it off and have another good deep exhalation while letting
that armor dissolve.

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