OSHO Day 5: Love & Meditation Go Hand in Hand

“Be ordinary. Nothing is wrong with ordinariness, because in your very ordinariness you are extraordinary.” ~Osho
Now is the time to meditate. If love and meditation go together, you will have both wings, you will have a balance. Love and meditate, meditate and love, and slowly, slowly you will see a new harmony arising in you. Only that harmony will make you contented.
Thought for the day: “I ground my love through daily meditation.”
The problem with Love is that many people spend so much time looking for it outside of themselves. They don’t meditate. They don’t look within. And when you put two non-meditative people together? All there is is confusion.
Today, Osho said, “Unless meditation is achieved, love will remain a misery.”
We must learn to enjoy our simple existence. If we do not, if we do not learn to meditate, we will continue to look for the problems of our relationship in the other. Our partner, who is a mirror, will only reflect the ugliness we see in ourselves. And instead of blaming ourselves, we blame the one holding the mirror. This is not the way. Meditation is the way. Looking within is the way. Not blaming the other, and not blaming anything at all is the way. Facing the problem, and learning the problem, with awareness, the two of you, is the solution.
Osho says, “No one is making you look ugly. You are ugly. Sorry, but that’s how it is.”
We cannot blame the other for showing this to us. It is what it is. We mustn’t be angry. We must be grateful for the other, because he/she helps us look and go deeply into your selves. Love shows you who you are, where you are. But we mustn’t forget meditation when we are in love.
Without love, you will become unconscious of your problems because it shows us where we need to work. It shows us what traumas, what triggers, what things need to be healed. What things about ourselves need nurturance. What things about ourselves need to be let go. But this is scary.
This is why people don’t like love. They don’t like the work, rather, the ego doesn’t like to do the work. If you decide to turn your back on love, like Osho says, “Just because the mirror is no longer there, doesn’t mean you don’t have a face.” You will still be ugly. And with each new mirror you find love in, the problem will continue to be reflected back at you, until you decide to finally  settle in and DEAL.
With meditation, with love; meditating with love, and loving with meditation, we can find the necessary harmony to find our beauty again. With both wings attached, we can fly. With both, we find balance and can move past the past, and regain a sense of hope.

Today’s Homework & Meditation

“Allowing the Heart to Open Like a Flower”
This meditation uses our breathing … which is happening all the time even
though for the most part we are not aware of it.
Take a moment now and loosen your clothing, especially around the stomach
so that this area can move more freely.
“Sometimes the heart full of love is there … but it is like a bud, not like a
flower, the petals are closed. This bud can become a flower.” Osho
It should be noted here that there is a heart muscle and there is a heart center
– sometimes called a Heart Chakra or Heart Center, located between the
breasts. In this meditation we are dealing with the Heart Center. If you like you
can imagine your heart center as a flower of your choice.
This is a small and simple breathing technique to help the heart center to
The Method
Sit in a relaxed position while keeping your spine straight. Take a moment and
become aware of your breathing … not to change it, but to become more
aware it, of HOW it is happening. Is it deep, or is it shallow? Is it happening on
its own…? Or do you observe that you make an effort to breathe in or to
breathe out? Do you feel more comfortable on the inhalation or on the
We are going to breathe in a particular way, first I will explain how it works.
First of all exhale till ALL the air is out of the lungs; now pull in your stomach,
and use that action to push out any remaining air.
When you feel all the air is out, pause and let your lungs remain empty for as
long as possible. (No need to be afraid, because whenever necessary the air
will come rushing back in by itself.) When the air comes rushing back in, it will
open the petals of the heart center. This is one of the most significant devices
to open the heart.
So get ready now: Exhale deeply, pull in your stomach, and throw ALL the air
out of your lungs.
When you feel all the air is out, keep it out as long as you can… let it remain
out as long as possible. …
And when the air comes rushing back in, feel it opening the petals of the heart.
Do this once more:
Exhale deeply, pull in your stomach, and throw ALL the air out of your lungs.
When you feel all the air is out, keep it out as long as you can … let it remain
out as long as possible.
And when the air comes rushing back in, feel it opening the petals of the heart.
This simple technique can also be used whenever you want to change your
mood – maybe you’re feeling jealous, or annoyed with something at work, or
upset by something someone has said to you. Just take a few moments and do
this simple technique of throwing all the air out of your lungs … and with it, all
the negativity you are feeling. Throw it out. And when the air comes rushing
back in, allow the petals of your heart to open.

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