Finding Your Flow Final Journal

The following daily medicines are ways to radiate what we have already found and activated in the previous weeks. They are nudges. They are examples. They are suggestions in how to tap into the flow of your own Being.

Granted, I first shared these on Facebook, and am now just getting to it to share them here.

Soon, there will be another 21-Day Challenge from Deepak and the Chopra Center. Until then, remember all of the ways that we can express these qualities about ourselves for a healthier, happier, and more whole life.


Day 15


Today’s medicine: Tap into your own peaceful warrior.

What will you do today to be a grounding example of protection, peace, and stability to the world today? When someone in your life is going through a struggle, take a moment, breathe, ground yourself, and lend a helping hand. By being a force of security, we can express the strength of our inner selves in the face of any storm.

Radiate your complete peace and security. Om Bhu, Express your stability into the world.

Day 16


Today’s medicine: Laugh and smile at a complete stranger.

What brings a smile to your face? How do you share your happiness with others? Is your laugh infectious, sending waves of joy outward in all directions? Look at this image. How can you not laugh with ecstasy and complete joy? Deepak says that “when we tap into the flow of true happiness, we become a beacon for others to do the same. As we practice sustaining our connection to this infinite source of inner joy we access the uplifting support of happiness no matter what may be happening around us. We are now empowered to shift the state we are in by choosing to pause for a moment as we find our way back to the flow of positivity. As we live mindfully responsive to life, choosing to access and express our inner joy, we affect a larger circle of people than we can know. As others are exposed to your happiness, they have the opportunity to open to it, receive it, and effortlessly pass it on. Each moment we have the ability to say yes to happiness. Lead the way and watch the world around you transform!”

Radiate your happiness and generosity of spirit. Om Bhuvaha, Express your happiness into the world.

Day 17


Today’s medicine: Surrender, let go of your fear. Remember that you are powerful.

“Spiritual power is the flow of universal power focused through us to support and benefit others.”

Oprah mentions that by surrendering to the flow and trusting that which is greater than ourselves, we “radiate a vortex of strength and power.”

Deepak adds that by expressing power through the solar plexus chakra, we gain access to a “core of support that knits together mental, emotional and spiritual strength.” These three kinds of strengths are what we need in order to overcome obstacles, reach our goals in life, and share our strength with others.

Radiate your strength and support. Om Swaha, Express your confidence into the world.

Day 18


Today’s medicine: Take someone by the hand and tell them that you love them. Hug a stranger who looks like they need it.

Why do so many limit how they express the energy of love? Is it because it is socially acceptable to love our friends and family but not humanity? Is it out of fear or timidity or because our love is blocked by memories of love gone wrong? Or because we are afraid of what might change, what might happen if we do? All of these are a part of human experience.

Stop. Feel the love you have for your child, your parent, your sister, your pet, your lover.

What if the love you’re feeling right now could be the predominant energy that rules the world? Well, it does. Your deep personal spark of love is the same magnificent love that powers the universe. Imagine then what happens when we each of us, expand our energy from feeling love, to BEING love. That is what we begin to do today.

Make a conscious connection with love today. Any time you feel a positive emotion, acknowledge this is love flowing from your true self. You don’t have to express your love at that moment, you can simply enjoy it then, right there in the present. Feel the love of the warm sun on your face. Feel the love of a laughing child. What’s important is that any positive feeling can be a moment of expressing your love outward to others. Know that by opening to, activating, and expressing your love creates the paradox that you ARE love itself. Know this to be true. It doesn’t always have to be romantic love, or sexual love, but a sustaining energy all the time as you go about your day. There is great joy in transforming a small moment along the way into an expression of unconditional love. “Knitting together the fabric of wholeness one stitch at a time.”

Radiate love from your true self. Om Maha. Express your love into the world. You don’t have to be afraid anymore…

Day 19

weird sky blue pink phantom hot tub

Today’s medicine: Encourage others to BE themselves, and throw negative self talk out the window.

It isn’t unbelievable to think that you are wise, creative, loving, and universal. You have infinite potential waiting to be opened. Don’t hold back. We all need you to shine forth. Don’t restrict your self in the mind, body, or spirit.

Radiate your unique expression. Om Janaha. Express your uniqueness to the world. Today, and every day. Embrace your weirdness. Who actually WANTS to be a dull cookie cutter version of themselves? Relax, take a breath, and BE WHO YOU ARE on the inside. Your true authentic beautiful self.

Day 20


Today’s medicine: Greet everyone you see today with a “hello,” “I see you,” or “Good morning,” and smile and say silent blessing.

Greet them, and truly SEE THEM. Acknowledge the same divine spark of Truth in them that is also reflected in you. Ask yourself, what is your True Self? Can you relate to their True Self as well? Aren’t they the same underneath it all? In the essence of connection, express your Truest wisdom and intuitive self. Open up and believe in it. Stop hiding behind the clouds of societal masks, and shine! Rumi celebrated this by saying, “There is a community of the spirit. Join it, and feel the delight of walking in the noisy street and being the noise. Drink all your passion, and be a disgrace. Close both eyes to see with the other eye.”

Call it what you will, but radiate your Truth and be an inspiration for others. Om Tapaha. Express your Truth into the world.

Day 21


Today’s medicine: Smile with your heart, look into every mirror you pass and know that you ARE enough.

The past 21-days have not only been just about sitting in meditation. It has been a walking, breathing, and living meditation. Every day has been a new insight. A newexpression of my True Self.We can all open, awaken, activate, and radiate the immense energy that is within us. There is great security, joy, confidence, love, truth, wisdom, and healing to be had by looking within and confronting your fears and demons. Everyday is an opportunity to overcome past trauma by living your light! We were all born from stardust, reclaim your birthright to shine! Find your flow and awaken your hopes and dreams.

Radiate and share your Light with everyone around you. Om Satyam. Express your pure awareness into the world.

“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” – Buddha


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