OSHO: A Course in Meditation

Osho has always been one of my favourites. And actually, my sister gave me His Book of Secrets for Christmas. Now, we have an opportunity, for 21-days, to meditate and learn from him for FREE.
“If you are ready to uplift your meditation practice and your life, you have come to the right place. Get ready to be transported to the deepest levels of consciousness, with world renowned, contemporary mystic, Osho.
You will notice a difference from the first day of this groundbreaking series. The words you hear from Osho are intended to get your attention, heighten all your senses and show you the value of using your whole being – spirit, mind and body, to reach new spiritual heights.
Meditations such as these can release you from the need to follow any particular ideology or outside guru. Instead you begin to be led by your life’s greatest guru – the one that was born in you when you came into the world of effects. This is the beauty of Osho’s brand of inner science. It takes you on a journey to rediscover your self.
Each daily session is about 15 minutes long in which you will listen to Osho and a facilitator which will guide you through the daily meditation.”

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