What Does Being a Reiki Master Teacher Mean to You?


Being a Reiki Sensei is simple, but not easy.

It is doing everything we have done before, but differently.

When we begin exploring Reiki, we study, read, and consume knowledge like it is candy. Then, we slowly realize that this is not just a one day, or a one 21-day thing. We slowly realize this is going to take work, and sweat, and many tears, and even a stronger sense of humour. Because not only do we study, read, consume knowledge like it is candy, but we do. We do the exercises, we do what the great teachers and books say. We do the meditations; we make the necessary lifestyle changes for our health. And then, we walk our talk.

We study, read, consume, do, and then LIVE what we have learned and continue to learn. Being a Master Teacher is like being a student all over again, but with insight. It is having done it and breathed it and lived it, but continuing to do it, breathe it, and live it.  It is having eyes to See, words to Speak, noses to Smell, ears to Listen, hearts to Love, and hands to Touch the world. We have grown and grown to accept that yes we are mentors and examples, but that we are also human.

We have bad days just like everyone else.

We cry, we yell, we get bad. We break up, we drink, we may even cuss. But we also love, unconditionally, and nurture ourselves and are kind enough to ourselves, because we Know- capital K, that we are still human.

We don’t go around wearing all white and throwing glitter. We aren’t now magically exempt from the suffering of the world because we are Master teachers. We are the wounded warriors of the soul. Through all the other levels and the more to come, we have become members & now leaders of the Scar Clan. With each passing day, we have grown to carry more and more of the suffering of the world in our hands, but we do not allow it to bog us down. Because as Master Teachers, when we peer into the darknesses of the world, and within ourselves, it is not that we are no longer afraid, it is that we know we have the cajones enough to persevere and jump into the thick of it regardless.

Yes, to be a Teacher we have much work to do for others and the Universe, but especially for ourselves. Because yes, we may be “Masters,” but we have not yet reached mastery. But as Masters, we Know; we know that we do not have to do it alone.    


8 thoughts on “What Does Being a Reiki Master Teacher Mean to You?

  1. Great post thanks really made me think! As a Reiki master I think we are also communicators. I have not been practicing as much as I should as I have been ungrounded slightly I think! But I feel my energy is getting stronger and my guides are calling me to practice more regularly, which I am now. I also have recently taken on my first student, exciting times for me, I really feel I moving to another level. Namaste

    1. Namaste! Many blessings your way, feel free to reach out to me any time, especially on facebook. I’m hoping to create a Reiki Practitioner Collective for the holidays if you would be interested. 🙂

      1. I’m not on Facebook! But practitioner collective sounds good, keep me informed with any info.

        Peace, namaste

      2. Like I say I’ve not been teaching. Been a very busy year mentally, bit feeling quite grounded at the moment!

      3. I will keep you informed, and I am glad you feel well and grounded! Very necessary things from time to time with this work when we are exploring in our uncomfortable zones no matter what level you may be at presently… 🙂

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