Finding Your Flow Day 11: Activating Love

green rose

Journal: Thurs Day. Sunrise: 5:58 am EST. Albany, NY 58° F. Sunset: 7:47 pm EST. Anahata. अनाहत. Heart Chakra. Centering thought: “My life energy is love.” || Mantra: Om Kakini Namah. “I activate my love.”

Today we were asked, what melts your heart? Deepak shared, “to keep the flow of love in your life today, be aware of the different flavours of love in your heart. When you notice them, the flavours of love appreciation, gratitude, enjoyment, affection, romance, and personal attraction. If you appreciate how lovely the bonding is, take a moment to feel it and say to yourself, “this is love.” When you enjoy a phone call with a friend, or love the taste of a delicious lunch, say to yourself, “this is love.”  These aren’t small things, love is gentle by nature, and many experiences are infused with love even though we get in the habit of making love to be a big strong emotion. It can be that too, but feeling gratitude for a kind word is just as loving as a romance. As you begin to notice these flavours of love, your awareness will expand naturally and it becomes easier to make those loving gestures of kindness and compassion that are expressions of your true self. Everything begins in awareness, most especially the universal love that imbues the whole of creation.” 

So, my friend, what melts your heart? And how will you show the world? How will you share your love with those in your life today? What gesture will you make? What gestures will you receive? What will you do with your love?

By connecting to our natural expression of compassion, we realize that we are both loved and lovable. The flow of this energy is derived from within us, and isn’t something to be discovered, but actually realized. To realize that we have had it inside of ourselves all along. That we needn’t keep searching for it, because we already have it, and it can never be taken away. This is how we activate our fourth chakra, Anahata.

Last week, we experienced ourselves through the seven primary energy centers of consciousness. This week we have been activating the key energies of our chakras—security, happiness, and power. Today, we continue the journey by activating that part of our life energy that is precious, potent, and can be considered the nectar of our human experience—love. With abundant love flowing from the heart, everything in life is sweeter, brighter, and more enjoyable.

Yesterday, I wrote about the Solar Plexus Chakra, and its energy of strength, self-esteem, and ambition. Tuesday, I wrote about the Sacral Chakra, its energy of happiness, desire, and sacred sexuality. Monday,  I wrote about the Root Chakra, and its energy of protection, and its links to childhood abuse, anxiety, and fear. Today, I will be discussing and delving into the realms of codependence, heartbreak, and unconditional love.

As we activate the chakras, the energy begins to flow freely in its natural state. The movement is not random or blind—it is intelligent and purposeful. It not only clears away the obsolete habits and conditioning in our lives . . . it also structures new patterns of thought and behavior that reflect our infinite potentiality.


The force of the Anahata in our Hearts allows us to live fully, wholeheartedly, and with warmth. Living your love, expressing that love in whatever language you can, is the essence of living a life worth living, and well, loving.

We spend so much time though searching for it, seeking it out everywhere we look, in whoever we might fancy at the time. We look for it, plead with the heavens to send us someone to love, the last thing we think to do, ironically, is love ourselves first. Some however, have been scorned by love, and have decided to never love again. How is this possible? How is it possible to not love? To not breathe? To not enjoy your life, and appreciate it for what it is worth? No be cold and not allow yourself to show affection, to allow your life to be a romance? This is very sad, yet there are thousands of people out there who walk around without loving themselves, and by ignoring love, considering it a fleeting emotion whose only purpose is to distract us from our work.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself you have built against it.”  —Rumi

And isn’t that the truth? So many of us, myself included, have created barriers. We have used mortar and stone to wall up our hearts inside impenetrable psychic castles. We have closed ourselves off in hopes of not getting hurt, but ultimately, this is the only way we know for certain that what we did have was real, by grieving its loss. By getting hurt. By FEELING something, anything.

This is the reason why so many flee from even the mention of love, because it speaks of the idea of commitment, and we are sad scared little boys and girls. We run away, as fast as we can, or create incredibly complex tests or games because it is easier to look down from our castle garrets, and wait for someone brave enough to climb up our tower and rescue us, but only if they manage the moat of crocodiles and the big vat of tar we just poured down upon them.

How does this make sense? How does this reflect our true states of just loving? Plain and simple. Even if we have been hurt in the past, it is ultimately our decision whether or not we will allow our circumstances to make us jaded, cold, or bitter. We can choose love at any time. We just have to stop being afraid…


It takes time to outgrow patterns of behaviour, and especially patterns where heartbreak, loneliness, abandonment, and betrayal dictate how we perceive and interact with the world. We have a fundamental right to fall in love with the world and let love happen. We have a right to embrace our vulnerability and to feel that we are cared for. We have a right to let our hearts shine with gusto! To open out our arms and embrace the world and our love without judgment, or the threat of jealousy.

No one deserves to have their love ripped out of their arms. No one deserves to be the target of a hate crime. No one deserves to be in a relationship that is manipulative and painful, and void of compassion or that lacks consideration for another. No one deserves to be cheated on, ignored, played around with like a toy, or to be taken advantage of. No one deserves to be abused. Physically, psychologically, or sexually. 

We all deserve forgiveness. We all deserve a life worth loving. We all deserve to be loved and to love in return. We deserve to love ourselves enough and with as much passion as we would with a romantic partner, because if you cannot love yourself, how can you love another? If you are not kind to yourself, how can you show kindness? If you cannot give your heart and soul to something, why bother?

By embracing these fundamental rights, we awaken our inner kindness, compassion, our inner light and dark, and embrace our vulnerability. To do so takes great courage, and we should all applaud our efforts at transformation and coming into our own in our own good and healthy time.

We all make mistakes. This above all is true. We live, we learn, we fall down, but we get back up. We are all good people, and we are capable of being mean, vengeful, and angry. We all know just what to say to a certain someone when they have hurt us. We all know just what to do in order for them to feel the same amount of pain and drama that they have put us through. We all have this ability, but not everyone has to take that course of action. We all can choose to forgive and not forget. To accept what has happened to us, and learn from the experience. Anger and revenge can only go so far, and then what are you left with? Karma. Big time. You perpetuate the cycle.

Anahata allows us to forgive others and to forgive ourselves. Anahata allows us to be kind and gentle with ourselves, with our pasts, and with our present moments. Anahata is always there for us, whenever we feel alone. She is there to remind us that it always does get better, that everything is a season, and that this too shall pass.


All of our chakras affect each other. When one is happy and healthy, the others begin to harmonize. When one is unbalanced however, it affects them, and can cause dis-ease, and even illness. The heart chakra, is especially important because it provides us with the foundation to balance our lower & upper chakras and channel our energy outward. It is the home of our deep well of unconditional love and is where we can create healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Sabrina Reber writes that, “the heart chakra is developed between the ages of 4-7 years. When the heart chakra is opened it holds the energy of Peace, Compassion, Unconditional Love, Honesty and Harmony. These energies cannot be fully felt, understood and integrated until the lower and higher chakras are cleared, balanced and activated. The heart chakra is the place of balance between our lower, masculine, dark (human ego) and our higher, feminine, light (God) selves. Our heart chakra is the entryway to our soul and it cannot be fully opened until we integrate the light and dark within us. We each need to accept and understand our dualistic / human / egoic / divine natures in order to reach a place of non-duality and transformation.

It is in our heart chakra where we learn to embrace and love our vulnerabilities, darkness, limitations, hurt and pain so we can transcend the smallness of our human ego and grow towards something greater and more expansive. Our heart is our center, our essence, our spiritual core. Once the heart chakra is fully activated, it will awaken our soul consciousness and the higher chakras bringing our Spirit down into our physical being. Our heart and soul is the bridge to the God Mind where we end duality of matter and Spirit unifying ourselves into a place of connection, wholeness and inner peace. When the heart is fully opened we remember our divinity and allow the love of creation to flow through us. We remember that we are [Divinity] in human form and this recognition of the self also helps us to recognize the divinity in everyone and everything else. In this state, we recognize the interconnectedness in everything! 


Sabrina goes on to say that “because all humans have experienced many lifetimes where love has been withheld, we have an epidemic of wounded hearts that need to be healed. Because of this, we have created energetic shields over our hearts to protect ourselves. We shut down our emotional bodies disconnecting us from our heart centered consciousness and intuition allowing our egoic minds to take over. We closed our hearts and blocked the continuous flow of love from the ecstatic presence of our [Divine] self.  Until the heart chakra is fully opened we will not be able to flow divine energy into our high heart or thymus gland where our divine spark is ignited and our Christ Consciousness is expanded. When this occurs to every person on the planet we will literally create Heaven here on Earth. Once our lower and higher chakras are cleared our divine heart will be activated releasing the need to crucify ourselves or another and we will no longer need to carry the burden of our human egoic cross that creates suffering.” 

When our Anahata is balanced, we experience a “oneness with Life, Healing, true forgiveness, and courage. We are honest, and have healthy relationships with healthy boundaries. We live in “balance, have unconditional love, faith, peace, and compassion” for our selves and our fellow man. There is a “harmony, an openness in giving and receiving.” And there is “emotional wisdom, joy, bliss, expansion,” and a need for compassionate “Self Preservation, Self Love, Self Nurturance.” 



When Anahata is blocked Sabrina explains that there is a “withholding of Love,” and feelings of “separation.” A person who has a damaged Anahata  or who may possess a blockage in this center is “controlling, demanding, antisocial, critical, judgmental,” and might be prone to depression, lack empathy, lack healthy boundaries, and exhibit signs of “codependence, jealousy, and conditional Love.”

You will know someone who has a heart chakra imbalance just by how they make you feel. Are they affectionate? Was their hug wholesome, or brief and awkward? You will be able to tell in yourself, by asking yourself, “do I feel loved? Do I love my Self?” Do you wait around for your lover to call, text, or frequently check to see if they “like” your Facebook posts? Are you always seeking love and find it in all the wrong places? Are you comfortable with being by yourself for extended periods of time? How long can you go without talking with your lover? Does this make you feel sad, or indifferent? If sad, you could be more codependent than you think. If indifferent, you may have to reevaluate whether or not you are truly invested in your relationship.


All of these imbalances are caused by traumas to the Heart Chakra. “Rejection, Abandonment, Betrayal, Physical and Emotional Abuse, Grief, Sexual Abuse, Death of a Loved One, Divorce.” I would go further and say that parents who are cold, distant, and even emotionally not there, can cause deep psychic trauma on a child. Parents who do not show affection to each other or to their children, will find that their progeny will develop the same social dysfunctions as they have. Compact that further by seeking out the idyllic, fantastical version of “what a real family/relationship” should look like, and you will find someone who not only a sappy romantic (like me), but someone who is continuously confused and confounded by the people they date. 

This is why it is so important to know your love language, and the one of your mate.

When our Anahata is imbalanced for extended periods of time, Sabrina tells us that it often will build up and create an energy blockage that physically manifest as bodily symptoms such as: “Heart Disorders, Circulatory Dysfunction, Lung Disorders, Tension between Shoulders, and a Weak Immune System.”

When we really stop and sit down and look at this information, the data not only speaks for itself, but you can really understand how people become who and why they are. It doesn’t make it any easier to stomach, but it does open room for compassion and to grow empathy for others. Life can be sad, and difficult, and actions have effects. There is incredible truth here. Sabrina explains it further in this very poetic example of psychoanalysis:

“Many of us have endured difficult soul lessons in this lifetime due to our soul’s desire to clear and heal its residual karma and distorted energy from all previous lifetimes. Because of this, many of us have experienced great pain and disharmony. Once we understand that pain can be used as a catalyst for transformation and every experience that has ever happened to us was created by us for greater soul growth, then we can fully step into a place of complete surrender, acceptance and forgiveness. When we allow our hearts to fully open we create a bridge between our lower chakras and our higher chakras fully stepping into our power becoming heart centered conscious creators of our circumstances. We will no longer need to suffer the consequences of our unconscious creations. Once the heart chakra is cleared and opened, divine energy will continue to move up into the fifth chakra called the Throat Chakra.”


What are some tips to help balance your Anahata?

Physical: Eat green fruits and vegetables, take a shot of Wheatgrass and drink plenty of water. Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, cucumbers, Grapes, Celery, Broccoli, Collard Greens, Green Beans, Spirulina, Green Peppers, Green tomatoes, Peas, and Honey dew Melon, all have Anahata energy in their colour. Be green! Take a walk in nature. Walk mindfully and lead with your heart!  

Mental: Watch some romantic comedy movies that make you laugh and cry. Try, “Under the Tuscan Sun,” and then “The Sweetest Thing.” Read “Codependence No More:How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring For Yourself” by Melody Beattie. 

Emotional: Write down a list of all the things you want in a romantic partner,  even if you are in a relationship. Not how much money, job, or superficial/materialistic things. Just the things that matter about his/her personality. Hobbies. Qualities. Etc. Then circle the ones that your mate does. Then make a list for yourself, all of the things you love. Circle the things that you havn’t done in a long time. Pick one each weekend, and treat yourself. Take yourself on a date! 

Sexual/Spiritual: Make love. Meditate upon an yellow mandala, talk with your inner guides about what has happened, and what lessons are to be learned to change your patterns of behaviour. Be love! Give love! Forigive!

Environmental: Be green! Recycle! Indoor plants have so many benefits. Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils of Lavender, Rose, and Spruce are especially effective. Surround yourself with green. Colour therapy works!  Wear a green tee shirt, sweater or dress. Put up a picture or green painting. Change your sheets. Change your phone cover or background. Create a space where you can feel 


Again, by embracing these, we awaken our inner visionaries, and embrace our power and strength. To do so takes great courage, and we should all applaud our efforts at transformation and coming into our own in our own good and healthy time.


Om Kakini Namah. I am love. Om Kakini Namah. I am compassion. Om Kakini Namah. I am lovable.



Creative Commons Photography courtesy of Nastya, Ben Husmann, Amira, Michelle Simpson, Tim, Kiuko, Kyle Pearce, and Dennis Hill.


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