Finding Your Flow Day 8: Activating Security


Journal: Sunrise 6:02 am EST. Albany, NY 73° F Sunset: 7:43 pm EST. Muladhara. मूलाधार. Root Chakra.
Centering thought: “My life energy protects and secures me.” || Mantra: Om Dakini Namaha “I activate my stability.” 

Today we were asked to take stock of the activities in your comfort zone. and the activities outside of your comfort zone throughout the day. We were also asked to then allow our inner energy to grow and open to the flow of protection. In this way we will be able to deal with anxiety and feel more secure in your movements, actions, and environment. By activating our Root chakra, Muladhara, of security and safety, we feel awakened, peaceful, and rooted deep within our being where nothing can harm us. 

Last week, we experienced ourselves through the seven primary energy centers of consciousness. This week, we will clear, open, and activate each of our seven chakras, transforming old constrictive patterns into expansive, powerful, and joyful expressions of our true selves.

As we activate the chakras, the energy begins to flow freely in its natural state. The movement is not random or blind—it is intelligent and purposeful. It not only clears away the obsolete habits and conditioning in our lives . . . it also structures new patterns of thought and behavior that reflect our infinite potentiality.


We all have been through trauma, and conditioning since we were children. We have spent many life times, remembering and reawakening to the reclaiming of our own vital energy. It takes time to outgrow patterns of behaviour, and especially patters where ego and fear like to hold on and dictate how we perceive and interact with the world. We have a fundamental right to be safe. We have a fundamental right to be secure with ourselves, with all that we are, with all that we identify as, and with all that our beautiful spirits are or will be.

By embracing these, we awaken our inner warriors, and embrace our vulnerability. To do so takes great courage, and we should all applaud our efforts at transformation and coming into our own in our own good and healthy time.

“Security . . . it’s simply the recognition that changes will take place and the knowledge that you’re willing to deal with whatever happens.”  —Harry Browne


All of our chakras affect each other. When one is happy and healthy, the others begin to harmonize. When one is unbalanced however, it affects them, and can cause dis-ease, and even illness. The root chakra, is especially important because it provides us with the foundation of our very survival. It is the home of our deep instinctual nature, and keeps us grounded as well as centered and healthy in our physical reality.

Sabrina Reber writes, “When our root chakra is balanced we have no need or desire to manipulate, force or control another with distorted energy to get what we want. We have faith in our own personal manifesting abilities and we do not expect others to take care of us. We do not give our power away and we know we are fully capable of providing all of the basic human necessities needed for our survival. We are a leader, not a follower. We are stable, healthy, courageous, patient and powerful.”
An unbalanced Muladhara will manifest by having survival issues, such as money issues. Being “over focused on making money even at the expense of others (greed) or the inability to make money in order to provide for your basic necessities. Anger, violence, fear, lack of self worth (leading to self centeredness), disorganization, fearful, restless, anxious, disconnected from the body (overweight / underweight / unhealthy), lack of faith, inability to relax, inability to stay grounded, loosing our center and oftentimes over reacting, inability to be in the present moment – always in the past or in the future.” The list could go on. 
All of this can be caused by traumas in early childhood, and even in the womb. Sabrina explains that, “Traumatic Birth, Difficult Childhood, Insufficient Bonding with Mother, Physical Abuse, Abandonment, Fearful Environment, Distorted and Controlling Religious Beliefs,” all lead to an imbalanced Muladhara.

When the chakras are imbalanced for extended periods of time, they often build up and become energy blockages that physically manifest as bodily symptoms such as “Constipation, Bone Disorders, Weight Problems, Sciatica, Degenerative Arthritis, Knee Trouble, Eating Disorders, Aging, Gastrointestinal Disorders.”
In seeing this, we can agree with Sabrina and also see that “a large portion of our society has a blocked or unbalanced root chakra. The majority of us were raised by well intentioned but unawake parents who were unable to provide us with the nurturing necessary to fully develop this chakra. The root chakra is developed while we are in the womb and up until around 12 months. If we were raised in a safe, loving, nurturing environment the chances of our root chakra developing fully are very high, therefore, providing a very strong foundation for the rest of our chakras to fully develop. If this chakra is not developed our foundation will be shaky and our roots will not be strong enough to provide continued support for our highest growth potential. When this occurs, we protect ourselves by withdrawing our Spirit from fully grounding into our root chakra so we can avoid experiencing our pain. Although this serves a purpose by helping us move through emotional traumatic events in our lives; if we do not eventually re-open the root chakra, allowing the life force energies from the Earth and our Spirit to enter our system, we will become depleted leading to an energetic imbalance, illness and disease.”
“In addition many religions, governments and the media induce inappropriate levels of fear keeping people stagnated in their root chakra. Fear of God, fear of people with different beliefs, fear of food shortages, viral outbreaks, food contamination, invading countries, nuclear threats and a failing economy keep us stuck in a perpetual state of fear making it very difficult for our root chakra to function properly. In addition, many of us have bought into the belief that we are separate from each other and God, and it is our separation consciousness that creates all suffering and fear. When we begin to grasp the idea that we are each divine sparks, NEVER separated from God [The Universe, The Great Spirit, The Divine, etc.] we will be able to remove the cages of fear that enslave us. Fear is the demon of the root chakra. In order to release our fears we must first admit we have them in order to transform them. Ignorance is not bliss and denial keeps us stuck. Once we acknowledge our fears and work through them they will be released clearing the blocks we have created in our root chakra. Once they are cleared we free up space for earth energy to move into and through our root chakra ascending up into our second chakra called the Sacral Chakra.”

What are some tips to help balance your Muladhara?

Physical: Eat red fruits and vegetables and drink red wine. Tomatoes, apples, strawberries, raspberries, beets, cherries, red beans, watermelon, radishes all have Muladhara energy in their colour. Also, look into self defense classes or some sort of martial arts.

Mental: Balance your checkbook or consult an accountant to help get on a budget.

Emotional: Confront your fears. Speak out against childhood abuse. Talk to your parents about how and why they raised you the way they did. Try to understand them from their point of view. I suggest using a counselor to facilitate the conversation, especially if you will be confronting past abuse.

Sexual/Spiritual: Meditate upon a red mandala, talk with your inner guides about what has happened, and what lessons are to be learned to change your patterns of behaviour.

Environmental: Surround yourself with red. Colour therapy works!  Wear a red tee shirt, sweater or dress. Put up a picture or red painting. Change your sheets. Change your phone cover or background.

Again, by embracing these, we awaken our inner warriors, and embrace our vulnerability. To do so takes great courage, and we should all applaud our efforts at transformation and coming into our own in our own good and healthy time.
Om Dakini Namaha. || “My life energy protects and secures me.” || Om Dakini Namaha || I activate my stability. 


  2. Creative Commons Photography courtesy of: Kuzeytac, Shutterbugamar, Les Haines, Giorgio Raffaelli, Max Williams, Matthjis and Harkwig HKD.

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