Finding Your Flow Day 7: Finding Consciousness


Journal: Easter Sunday. 40° F. Sunny. Robins. Sparrows. Crown Chakra. सहस्रार. Sahasrara. A mountain symphony of “flowing water, chimes, and cello.” Beauty is all around us.
Centering thought: “My consciousness is universal consciousness.” | Mantra: Sahasrara Im “I am pure awareness.”

Today, we completed the first week of our meditation journey.

In the past seven days, we have connected to the core energies of who we really are. We have dispelled insecurity, awakened inner happiness, reclaimed our vital power, opened our hearts, spoken our truths, and seen our own wisdom.

As we align with these natural energy currents we open to a life flowing with peace, joy, and fulfillment. By tapping in, one-by-one, we have learned how to directly access our natural state of security, happiness, strength, passion, creativity, and wisdom. These qualities are always present—what you are experiencing this week is the power of your authentic self.

Today’s meditation focuses on Light. We are alive and pure embodiments of light.


The sun’s photons have traveled so very far to spark life here on Earth. It’s vibrations dance in every cell of our being. Electrical charges flare and flash and dance within our soul. The search for enlightenment has always been to look within. Strikes of genius simultaneously happening all over the world at the same time. Inventions. Discoveries. Pure poetry of universal consciousness. We truly are all connected on a deep deep level. Upon the waves of electromagnetic rainbows.

Light is around us and within us—it is our guide on the path toward self-realization. Light is what triggers us to wake every morning, allowing us to see . . . dissipating the darkness and shadows. As we open to the light within, we connect to the divine light that illuminates our soul, awakening us to our real Self, and the light that connects all things. We find that we are one light connected to all light, universal connection, and consciousness. As this energy is awakened, there is no more searching or striving. Experiencing yourself as infinite consciousness is the state of enlightenment.


Once we recognize ourselves as such, we can then see others as so too. We see the divine connection that we are all a part of. The divine connection that our species has with other species on the planet. Our connection to plants and animals, becomes truth. Our equal divinity and light shines through our arrogance. We can see the consciousness of all life on earth. In every living thing, regardless of human IQ. Human superiority over nature then becomes obsolete and a joke of the past. War becomes obsolete because we see that there is no difference, no driving factor to obliterate other’s ideology, because we see we all wish to be and share our love. Once we awaken, once we reach out for our true enlightened selves, we will make untold new discoveries as a species and look towards our evolution towards light. Towards love. Towards joy and safety and health.

Sahasrara Im. I am conscious. Sahasrara Im. I am love. Sahasrara Im. I am light.

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back.”  —John O’Donohue

Creative Commons Photography courtesy of Jason Ahrns,  Pink Sherbert Photography, Dawn Ellner,


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