Now That I Have Found You

So true…
Sad to say that is something I do not do. 
But maybe but maybe, there is a light in that too. 
…Now that I. Have. Found. You. 

You are so brave to just go, without even a care.
With only a smile, and wind in your hair.
I’ve done it once, but again? Who knows?
But of course there are so many questions I could pose.
What will we do? Where will I be?
Would you want to come and follow me?
Is there really no time but here and now?
The universe clock is ticking with a big tick pow!
The time is here, this is it.
Should I just pout with crossed arms and sit?
Hell no my love, even if I cry!
Even if I’m scared or even if I sigh.
Because I love you, and see?
There is still so much we could be.
I would be a fool, a dummy,
A Wonka McFumbly.
But I will never drop your heart or your hand,
Not for as long as there is air and there is sand.
Not for anything, its you and me til the end,
Until we can no longer walk, or our hearts mend.
Until the universe clock stops ticking with a big tick pow!
I don’t care, I love you; in the here and now!

Inspired by a few incredible people, Dr. Seuss, and the following youtube video.

Creative Commons Photography by Justin Mier (Boston Harbour at Sunrise)


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