Finding Your Flow Day 6: Finding Wisdom


4/19/14 Saturday. Albany, NY. 52° F. Wisdom. आज्ञा. Third Eye Chakra. Ajna. Centering Thought: “My wisdom is within.” | Mantra: Om. “I am wisdom.”

Our sense of intuition provides us with cues that point us toward our personal fountain of inner wisdom.

This wisdom is at our very center, if we listen, and if we heed its advice.

So few are able to step outside of themselves, to touch this wisdom, which paradoxically forces you to take the next step even deeper inside of yourself. We each have these resources. Our own inner wise men and women and spirits. Tapping into this guidance, allows us to trust our instincts, gut hunches, and intuitive dreams.

Eye'll be Seeing You

Try this exercise. Every hour today, look at yourself through the eyes of your soul. Learn to change your perspective. How do you feel? What do you truly see?

Hour 1: Hungry. Excited. Comfy. Loved. I see a person who is filled with ambition and incredible potential. I see someone who may have been wounded, but was able to heal and heals so many others. Someone who also needs to nurture himself as he nurtures others.

Hour 2: Full. Calm. Comfy. Loved.  I see a person who is touched by the words of love, from thousands of miles and an ocean away. I see someone whose heart is open and whole and alive. I see a soul shining in the sunlight, among ocean waves, among palm trees and sunglasses. I see someone who is truly happy no matter the distance.

Hour 3: Relaxed. Warm. Curious. Comfy. Loved. I see a compassionate man who tries to understand the human condition. I see someone who is adamant about dissecting his own patterns of behaviour while being kind to himself and forgiving others of their own misdeeds. I see someone who has sympathy for those who have hurt him and who now looks towards a future free from limits. 5:25pm EST.

Hour 4: Hungry. Warm. Mindful. Nostalgic. I see someone who lives in their imagination. Creating the reality to which he feels safe, happy, and loved. I see a man who is reaching out for another hand to hold, and who has found it. I see a man who is content, and surrounded by birdsong.

Hour 5: Relieved. Peaceful. Tired. Anxious. Sweet. Loved. I see a man trapped by societal obligation and economic restrictions. I see a man with a wild heart that longs to fly, but who needs to rest before the flight. I see someone who is comfortable with the simplest of remarks, finding meaning underneath the slightest of touches. I see someone who needed a day to just be, to recharge and not be over scheduled or overburdened. I see a man fast realizing his true nature. 

Hour 4: Hour 5: Hour 6: Hour 7: Hour 8:

Meditation takes our mind beyond our mental patterns and history of conditioning to a state of purity where we can relate to our inner guidance as directly and innocently as an infant learns speech from its family. As intuition grows, the knowledge of our true self expands, connecting us to the source of wisdom. Seeing the world through the eyes of wisdom allows us to live with fluidity and grace, flowing with the river of life. Aligning with this current, our every thought and action is perfectly harmonized – struggle is released and we are free to embrace every moment as it comes.


Embracing every moment as it comes… Embracing the here and NOW.

It has been a struggle of perception for me to embrace the moment, and not get caught up in the could be’s or the high expectations of society/my ego self. However, this does not mean you have to throw out your hopes or dreams, but simply be compassionate and reasonable that nothing is ever set in stone, and by being open to outcome, you can truly live. Live every moment, as if it were your last.

By making every second count. Every action count. Every kiss, touch, word, and thought count.

Tapping into this wisdom takes effort, and time, and actual devotion. Not getting carried away by your feelings of jealousy, anxiety, or insecurity. Not allowing your happiness to be overshadowed by worry. Not letting your heart grow cold from trauma, nor allowing your voice to be made silent.

Living, breathing, trusting, and eating all that is your deep soul wisdom. Finding the wisdom in knowing that you are “divine love, intelligence, and creativity.”


As Deepak said, “cultivating connection with your inherent intuition leads you to your truth. As you listen and respond to this inner guidance you begin to discover your purpose and path. You only need to open your awareness, listen in the stillness of your being, and take it in.”

Try today’s exercise. Tap into that wisdom. See what insights you may gain. And see with the clear vision of your deep inner Self.

Om. I am wisdom. Om. I am wise. Om. I am intelligent. Om. Now, I can see.

“You are a Divine Being and within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages.”  —Anthon St. Maarten

Creative Commons Photography courtesy of Moyan Brenn,  Jeff Golden, Hartwig HKD, and BK.


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