Finding Your Flow Day 5: Finding Expression


4/18/14 Friday. Albany, NY. 38° F. Expression. विशुद्धThroat Chakra. Vishuddha.
Centering Thought: “My truth and creativity are within.” | Mantra: Ham. “I am creativity.”

Yesterday’s meditation focused on the energy of communication and creative expression.

We all express ourselves in different ways. Some people are loader, some are quieter. Some people express themselves through hand gestures, making faces, telling jokes…

Some express themselves through the written word, by painting, by cooking, sewing, or drawing. Some even go so far as to produce grand and elaborate theatre productions. And still others go so far as to hug their loved ones. They kiss. They bond. They embrace and tell stories. They share moments, and memories, and connect with others, even if they, like Uncle Tony, have to exaggerate just a tiny bit from time to time.

We all have our own outlet.

Authentically expressing ourselves is an integral part of a balanced, flowing life because it is how we share our unique gifts, talents, and perspectives with the rest of the world. At times we may feel reluctant to express ourselves openly because we feel vulnerable or exposed, yet when we hold back we limit our potential. Aligned with the flow of expression we learn to access a deep and transformational way of being that goes beyond displaying our personality, style, or wit. We discover a way of being that communicates our essential truth through voice, behavior, and even through our quiet presence.


Many children are taught not to express themselves. Voices are made silent, and years of oppression for “minorities” can create untold damage, not to mention stunt social interaction and emotional expression. Boys are taught to not cry. Girls are told to only speak pleasantries. Even still, “children are meant to be seen, but not heard.” Today remember that you are a valuable, brilliant diamond, here to shine your light to the world in your own special way.

If you have something to say, SAY IT! If you have something to share, DON’T HOLD BACK. Life is too short to live a life of only “pleasantries.” If someone has wronged you, call them out on it. If someone has harmed you, abused you, raped you, stolen your voice – RECLAIM IT.

Speak your truth…

Don’t hold back. Let it out. Write it out. Open that throat chakra, and express yourself. If you are artistically inclined, do something else. Paint. Write. Produce. Cook a stew of your thoughts, and dump it on the Earth to compost and transform. Write a shadow letter to someone who has stunted your growth as a person, and then burn it… or what would happen if you actually mailed it?


So many people out there walk around with a stick up their bums.

Remove the intrusive behavior. The intrusive negative energy. And invite your truth and expression to shine. Invite it to celebrate, and rejoice, and party to a life without inhibition!

If you love someone, for Pete’s sake tell them. Show them. Speak the language of love. The worst that could happen is that they won’t love you to the same caliber. But at least they will know. At least you will speak rather than carry it around your neck like a pack mule. Relieve yourself, with tact and compassion, and grow!

If you love someone, say, “I love you.” If you are in a relationship, tell them how much they mean to you. Even if it isn’t romantic. Even if it is. (Especially if it is.) This could be your very last day… Don’t be cold.

Remember that you have a beautiful voice – don’t waste it! Speak up and speak out. Be someone’s champion. Be your own champion.

What are you so afraid of?

Ham. I am creativity. Ham. I am true to myself. Ham. I am true to my Divine Self. Ham. I speak my truth.

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”  —John Gardner

my truth and creativity are within

Creative Commons Photography courtesy of Duncan Hall, Erich Strussi, and Juliette.


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