Finding Your Flow Day 4: Finding Love


4/17/14 Journal: 30° F. Sunshine & Music. Heart. अनाहत. Birdsong. Heartsong.

Centering Thought: “My love and compassion are within.” | Mantra: Vam. “I am love.”

Today more than ever, I know that love is my essential nature. It is more than an emotion—love is who I truly am. When we shift our orientation from receiving love to being love, and giving love—everything changes.

Out of all these chakra meditations, I relate most to love. Perhaps it is because I am a sappy hopeless romantic who watched too much of Ally McBeal growing up. Perhaps fantasizing about Eros, Aphrodite, and Kwan Yin allowed me to rise above my adversity and embrace the world with warm unconditional love.

I have always been more of a giver than a receiver of love. I jump in wholeheartedly, and rarely test the waters before my plunge. It is very easy for me to live this way, because it is the only way I have ever known how to, well, LIVE. I am so blessed that all the heartache that I have experienced hasn’t left me bitter nor has it left me inept or incapable of sharing all that I am and more with a mate, friend, and partner.

“We all seek love. As humans, we thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually when we feel, receive, and share love. For many of us, it is not uncommon to believe that finding love is difficult, out of our control, or that the stars must align in an act of destiny in order for us to have love in our lives.” – Deepak

In life, we either dance to the song of fear or to the dance of love.

As Deepak said today, “even the strongest love can come and go. Love can be so intense that it is painful, and we fear its loss which can be devastating.”

creative commons hands on heart

But by looking at love instead as a commodity to be possessed, reflect upon how it can be shared instead of hoarded. True love is not possessive. It isn’t something you can control. By connecting with the source of love within you, you can stop judging yourself poorly and creating walls or limits in your romantic relationships. We are meant to give love. Receive love. Be love. Breathe. Forgive your Self. Forgive your son. Your daughter. Your husband. Your wife. Love your Self. Look back on your life decisions not with regret, but with appreciation, wisdom, and compassion. Allow yourself the oversight(s). And keep on loving…if you can.

“Love is light, joy, contentment, generosity, trusting to be in partner with something larger than yourself that lives within you. Love heals our wounds. It flows from our heart just like breathing.”

Today, take an empowering step and explore the idea that the source of all love is already within you, in the center of your being. In the center of your spiritual heart. When we tap into the flow of love we no longer seek to fill an inner void by seeking love from others. We instead align with the ever-present reservoir of love that lives within. We move from seeking love to living love.

So what will happen when you find your love? When you start living your love? What will you do then?

Will you take care of your love? Will you nurture it? Will you be a tad bit more compassionate to others? Will you cherish it and learn from it? Will you set it free when it comes that time? You may lose love from time to time. But it can always be found again. Because you never truly lose love. It is within you all the time. Remember. Remember. Remember.


Vam. I am love. Vam. I am lovable. Vam. I am wholehearted.

“Loving yourself…does not mean being self-absorbed, it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart.”  —Margo Anand


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