Finding Your Flow Day 3: Finding Power


4/16/14 Journal. 27° F Partly Sunny. Manipura. मणिपूर. City of Jewels. 

Centering Thought: “My power and strength are within.” | Mantra: Ram. “I am strength.”

What does it mean to be powerful? Power does not only belong to the rich, and political. We all have an innate power within us, that helps us be accepting, calm, optimistic, and whole. Like Oprah said, “True power is strength over time.” Even the meekest person of little stature can possess immense power and strength for others when they need it. To be strong and powerful, does not always mean you have to bench-press the weight of a semi-truck at the gym.

Our individual flow of energy will be joined by the flow of unlimited power—universal power. This connection can transform our outlook from one of fear and doubt into an easy confidence and strength as we let our life flow with the almighty force of nature. – Deepak

It is true, “we are never given more than we can handle.” However, in the moment of the “given more more than we can handle” we sometimes feel powerless, weak, and then apathetic.

So, how do we tap into this source of inner strength and power?

How can we feel confident when we feel like we are crumbling? All we have to do is, “Remember!”


Remember that there is an incredible bank of energy within you, and also that surrounds you. The power of Reiki, or universal life force energy, permeates all barriers, walls, prisons, and barbed wire. This Universal force is in every flower, speck of sand, and cell in your body. Remembering this, after we have initially grieved allows us to look adversity in the face unafraid. It allows us to recognize our own innate ability to overcome all obstacles.

Sheer will alone has moved mountains, flipped over cars crushing children, and stopped injustice, war, and corruption.

Remembering this, remembering that you ARE strong. That you ARE powerful. That you CAN and WILL break free from misfortune, oppression, abuse, insecurity, and fear.

Ram. I am strong. Ram. I am powerful. Ram. I am a peaceful warrior!

my power and strength are within

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.”  —Anna Freud

Creative Commons Photography courtesy of SlalitElpidio Guillermo


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