Young Living Essential Oils: An Investigation Part 1

lavender field

As many of you have noticed, I have not been posting as often as I used to. Life has really taken off. My schooling is coming to a close, and my Reiki business is booming. I have been meeting extraordinary people, extraordinary spirits, and extraordinary teachers.

I have however, been doing a lot of research into the company that I am a distributor and consultant for out of pride that I am associated with such a prestigious and forward thinking organization.

All of this started because I wanted to share Young Living Essential Oils in a public workshoppe for those interested in Aromatherapy. 

So I began writing the eCourse Handbook, and Workbook because with all of my workshoppes and classes I like to have an easier way to forward everyone the information, the research, and the overall picture. Fast forward 3 hours later when I began to try to find pictures of the 10 farms and distilleries that we have around the world.

I have to say this was not an easy thing to do. Usually you can just GOOGLE images and find something. And of course, I found a few resources, but specifically only for the Lavender Farms. As a distributor I also have access to our company’s Flickr account and not have to worry about copyright infringement. There again, all I could really find were a ton of corporate event photos, some preliminary photos of the new Highland Flats Farm in Idaho. Which led me to our founder Dr. Gary Young’s personal blog.

After several hours of reading past blog posts, all I could really see were one or two images, all of which seemed to look like they were staged, and nothing specific to showcasing these farms.

I do want to point something out here. Even though my inner skeptic’s ear was ringing, I still remain faithful to the Young Living vision of bringing Medicinal and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to the masses. I just find it very disheartening that very little research is made public.

As a company (and as distributors) we say it is safe to ingest certain essential oil, oil blends, and essential oil supplements with very little to no mention of their impact on pregnant women or even the fact that you should never ingest essential oils without the direct supervision of a licensed Aromatherapist. Anyone who has ever taken a single Aromatherapy class knows this to be true. 

So, regardless of the lack of actual-physical-data-in-my-hands (so far), I have come to the conclusion that I can only truly rely on my own personal relationship with the oils, the classes I have taken, and other qualified research data. 

I would love to showcase each individual farm. I would love to show people where these oils come from, where they are grown, and how it becomes what they are seeing in front of them. Sure, there are some videos, but very little attention is directed at the source of these amazing substances.

One thing that I know for sure though is that the Young Living Essential Oils work. I am speaking from personal experience. But then again, other brands out there also work.

We promise and say that ours are the best in the world. But where are the scientific journal publications?

We have a Scientific Advisory Council, but where are the links to their sites? Their research? The progress on the tests/audits they conduct? Why is it that when I GOOGLE the first woman on the council, Alishia M. Alibhai, BS, MS, PHD, CERTIFIED REIKI MASTER/TEACHER, COACH all I can find is her website associated with Young Living? It looks like it is only the website of someone deeply devoted to making money, and smells of an infomercial? The one piece of research that I have found on her site is great. It lists the Ten Daily Essential Oils and their uses as well as some research. However, where is the citation? Who conducted these studies, what “scientists” are you referring to?

Furthermore, if Dr. Alibhai completed her PhD in social psychology at the University of Calgary in 2009, why is it that her facebook page only has that she went to West Canada High School? If I had a Ph.D. I would showcase that as a great achievement. I am all for humble and modest people, but when you are researching like I have been, you have to ask these types of questions.

However, I do have to say that she seems like a very nice person with a beautiful spirit. From her photos to her other website, you can feel that she truly does want to help people.

“In 2009, Alishia travelled to California to be certified as a Soul Coach and Past Life Coach. Alishia had the honor of receiving personal training from Denise Linn, who has taught seminars in 20 countries, is the Founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching®, author of 15 books, and world-acclaimed expert in Feng Shui and Space Clearing. More recently (in 2011), Alishia was officially certified as a Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader. 

Alishia has always had an interest in Essential oils and our ability to heal our bodies, mind, spirit, and emotions with them. In August 2011, she discovered Young Living Essential Oils and since then has spent a great deal of energy and effort learning about and spreading knowledge about therapeutic grade essential oils.” 

She is a woman after my own heart, and from one Reiki Practitioner to another, I know deep down that she is legitimate.

We promise that we don’t use chemical herbicide and pesticides. But where are the pictures or at least the product in the catalog? 

If we are using one of our products as a natural herbicide/pesticide, where is it in our Distributor Catalog? We should look into this and even add another level to our business vision. There is a booming market for more natural means of eliminating and keeping away bugs and other insects that damage crops.

On February 28th, I updated my status with the following:

Sometimes, being an investigative journalist has it’s advantages. A good dose of ethical skepticism isn’t a bad thing. Doing my research, and getting serious work done. Because I owe it to my clients to be 110% and I owe it to myself to be 110% certain. #YoungLivingEssentialOils#FarmInvestigations#KeepingStandardsHigh#WheresTheResearch#TheWork#DebunkingNaySayers

Now, it is March 6th, and I have to admit there have been quite a few red flags that don’t sit well with me Especially after 12+ hours of personal research and telephone conversations, and deep digging. 

  • Why is there so much negative press about YL?
  • If we are an organic company, why is there no mention of being USDA Organic Certified?
  • Where are the pictures of the farms?
  • Where is the research that we conduct?
  • Why all the secrecy?
  • Why the lack of transparency?
  • And why do we tell people that certain oil blends are safe to ingest?

Stay tuned for my next report with one of the company’s representatives.


5 thoughts on “Young Living Essential Oils: An Investigation Part 1

  1. Like the premise and your goal of looking past the superficial layer of what you believe in…it can be too easy for people (trusting people) to be fooled, and a heroic effort on others to make sure it does not happen. Cheers.

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