Peaceful Warriors

creative commons ukraine revolutionaries creative commons ukraine revolutionaries3 creative commons ukraine revolutionaries2

I sit here listening to Towa Tei—
drinking my morning juice.
I look out the window at
a world that is melting,
yet not on fire.

So many are dead—
so many are dying still.
Lives wishing to see a better world.
We are
the ancestors of future generations.

My streets are not filled with—
dead bodies, guns, nor broken glass.
Ukraine, Venezuela, Thailand
My brothers and sisters,
I weep for you.

Though you lay dying—
your spirit remains strong.
We may have lost you to the truest evil (ignorance.)
But we will find you again because;
You will not be forgotten.

With tears down my chin—
snot and blood are my prayers for you.
A new age is coming
that will be harmonious and wise.
Filled with peaceful warriors.

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Creative Commons Photos courtesy of: snamess,


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