Love Letter to Aphrodite


Dearest Aphrodite, May my mortal words woo your embraces…

Ishtar, may each whisper echo from my lips to yours. Diana, may each utterance tickle your passions, Venus, may each touch be of gooseflesh. Astarte, may each flick of my tongue open your pearl even larger–True Maidens of the Sea!

Ladies, let us speak of adventures, Of naughty mischief behind every branch, Where nectar drips off of the leaves of endless possibility…

I would walk in the foam of the sea, Wearing a wreath of myrtle, rose, apple, and poppy. Waiting for a chance to look upon your golden face, Your diamond eyes, your dove soft skin! Let me be your Swan, and I promise such a flight! Let us toss the feathers, and let them fall where they please. For a night of pleasure is in front of us: A feast of the senses! What luxuries we should Touch. What incense we should Smell. What wine we should Taste. What shall happen when our eyes meet?

Let my mortal attractions make warm the night, As my heart pounds deeply against my ribs, Where I quiver in ecstasy for your essence-So pure, so proud! I have washed in sea salted waters, And lay bare with drizzled honey in your honour. Naked, in my full form, I surrender. And await thee, come hither! Enter my heart, and taste my milk, Let us overflow, and laugh in joy! Delighting, playfully in the night, And let the stars be our witnesses, As I taste the sweet ambrosia of desire. Blessed be!


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