“Like” to Invite Love Into Your Heart: A Full Moon Reiki Meditation

creative commons lions head full moon

Tomorrow, Thursday night will be my next FREE Full Moon Reiki Meditation at 11pm EST. Our focus will be to open our hearts so that we can better share our love with with our Selves and others. By working on our own perceptions of Self, and by accepting “me-for-me”, we open untold doors of happiness & health.

So, Happy Full Moon in Leo! Join us from the comfort of wherever you will be at the time. Whether you’re awake, out socializing, working, or even at home in bed; you can attend in spirit by just taking a moment to ponder the following. No one has to meditate. Simply sitting and taking a reflective moment is all that is needed.

What is Reiki? Reiki is Love. It is that universal connection that binds our bodies, minds, and hearts together. It is the fabric that is interwoven between all things living and nonliving. It is pure unconditional love.

I will be offering and sending this unconditional healing energy to anyone who wishes to participate from the comfort of their own home tomorrow night.

Will you be calling it an early night, and will already be in bed? No worries. When we are asleep we are perfect channelers of Reiki energy. If you wish, you can say the blessing below before bed to welcome the harmony that will be sent to you.

**SPECIAL** All those who join both this New Moon and Our next Full Moon Meditation will be entered to receive a special Reiki Gift Basket and a private FREE 30-minute Reiki Session. Stay tuned for details!!

It will be the night prior to the Full Moon, which is a very important night for celebration for many cultures and faiths around the world. From Buddhists, Native Americans, Pagans, and even Secularists; the cycles of the moon have a certain rhythm to them that mirror our own inner rhythms. And why not? It makes sense. Just like the tides that ebb and flow, our inner tides and waters fluctuate throughout the month as the gravitational pull of the moon gets closer and farther away.

This month’s full moon is The Snow Moon; or the Hungry Moon.

“Since the heaviest snow usually falls during this month, native tribes of the north and east most often called February’s full Moon the Full Snow Moon. Some tribes also referred to this Moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since harsh weather conditions in their areas made hunting very difficult.” – Farmer’s Almanac

I like to call this full moon The All Lover’s Moon.

It isn’t just for people who are currently in romantic relationships, it is for every lover.
Every one who loves. Every one who loves their self just as much as others.

creative commons hearts in snow

This will be an excellent night for really asking how can you share your love with your Self & others? Self discovery is essential to a balanced and healthy holistic lifestyle.

As I like to say, “In order to find love, you must love your Self. All that you are and more as you look in the mirror. You must see love. Feel love. Taste love. Hear love. Be love. You must make your life a beautiful painting of love. You must hug others and touch your own cheek with affection. You must add the ingredient of love to all that you cook. You must ensure that your words and thoughts are compassionate. And most importantly of all, you must represent the love that which you wish to have. If you want love. Create it.”

So, why not get in touch with your inner workings a bit more; find spiritual, emotional, and mental clarity so that you can manifest harmony and warmth of spirit?

By liking this post, I will take that as an affirmative for wanting to participate.

My intention for tomorrow night will be to focus on our ability to create love in our lives.

“For crying out loud, stop comparing and start living! And you’ll be happier with your life, I guarantee. This is crucial: the most difficult thing in the world is to be who you are not. Pretending and trying to be someone else is the official pastime of the human race. And the easiest thing in the world is to be yourself. Be happy. Live! There must be a reason why God made you tall or short or fat or thin or bumpy all over. Love who you are!”
― Bo SanchezYou Have The Power to Create Love: Take Another Step on the Simple Path to Happiness

We will also focus on all those seeds that we planted during the last New Moon. This will be an excellent time for you to meditate and answer some of the questions we posed a few weeks ago. How have you tended your inner heart’s garden? Have you become more considerate of your actions towards others and your Self? Have you begun to shun negative self-talk? Do you find yourself being more grateful for the people in your life?

creative commons hands on heart

Our intention/prayer/blessing/poem for tomorrow night will be:

It is a good idea to place your hands over your heart chakra, Anahata, as you say the following blessing, light a candle, and either just sit, or meditate if you’re awake. If asleep, simply say it prior to bed if you wish.

“Thank-you for sending Love for the greatest good of everyone gathered tonight.
Thank-you for sending Love for the greatest good of all who could not make it for this healing.
Thank-you for sending Love for the greatest good of (our/my) home, community, and planet.

May I embrace my inner lion’s heart.
May I embrace my inner lover’s heart.
May I embrace my inner healer’s heart.
May I embrace my inner dreamer’s heart.

May I acknowledge my past heart breaks and let them go with a warm hug.
May I acknowledge my current heart’s condition and let it be.
May I acknowledge my future heart’s wholeness with a smile.

As the moon softens, may my pain and suffering be released as the moon darkens and darkens.
As the moon softens, may my mind draw upon the peaceful sanctuary of this season, as the moon darkens and darkens.
As the moon softens, may my soul be nurtured with self-love and self-acceptance, as the moon darkens and darkens.

As I travel past the land of Midwinter’s wonderland, may I relate my journey to the wisdom of this season.
May my spirit roar at the wonder of this night.
Happy Full Moon.
Namaste. Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you.
I (pray/sing/wish/say/hope/intend) tonight, and begin my journey towards wholeness.”

Just allow the energy to flow for a few minutes until it seems like you have met your mark. Bathe yourself in sweet moon beams as you drift away to sleep.

Now, as participants, if you wish to step it further, you can become a better conduit for this energy by sinking into meditation with me at the same time.

creative commons love

I will be performing the Reiki healing tomorrow, THURSDAY the 13th AT 11PM EST. for about 30-60 minutes.

If you wish, get comfortable, light some candles/incense, put your choice of music on, and meditate with me.

You may even wish to make some hot chocolate or tea, light some candles/turn on your holiday lights, and just sit. 

If you will already be in bed asleep, which is a great state of mind to be in when receiving healing, print out and say the intention above. Or you could even say one of your own making.

I am really very excited about this, and I welcome who ever is interested!

Let’s take some time for ourselves, and meditate together. (Just be sure to correlate with your time zone.)

If you run late by accident, don’t feel guilty. You can enter at any time and leave at any time.

The key is to allow yourself the time to heal. You may even wish to stay longer than the 30 minutes.

I will be gifting the Reiki for approximately 1 hour.

See you all tomorrow under the liminal moon light.

Namaste my friends, and Happy Full Moon!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photos courtesy of Creative Commons: alistair.pottMeanest Indianmrbula


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