In Search of The Wild One


I stand tall at the mouth of discovery, my stomach growls and my mouth waters.
My bare feet touch the earth below and I know I am not that far away.
I have hunted for the wild since birth,
Born from a snow storm, and unloved by a father.
A mere puppet for a mother to play house,
My heart always knew the wild.

As I grew, the wild retreated into the darkness,
And only visited me in my dreams.
La Loba howled at me from the corner of my room,
“Remember,” was whispered as she chewed her bones.
Terror in the night fueled me, kept my spirit aware
Of the predator in the next room over.

Wolf was my companion,
He taught me how to act weak while still alive.
And helped me hide the bruises and find the secret language.
He taught me how to be quiet while tears and snot dripped from my chin.
And helped me hide the voices and find the secret medicine.
He was my companion.

So I stand here at the foot of the cave, face painted with blood.
I venture ever onward towards that sound from the corner of the grotto,
“Remember!” it screams as shadows play with bones.
I hear it, a howl from within, a deep-dark beckons to speak its voice.
I am hungry and my tongue is thirsty, and there is no other way to go,
But onward and downward and upward and onward.

In search of the wild, The Wild One within.


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