At-Home “Flu Shots”


Flu season is HERE, so what better time to ensure that everyone in your family has a strong immune system? Here is the complete article from Below are my favourites.

IMG_5542#1 “Apple Cider Slammer”

Apple cider vinegar is just that, a type of vinegar made from apple cider. This ‘Slammer’ contains beta-carotene, which according to the Mayo Clinic possesses antioxidant properties that counteract the damage done by free radicals and in return helps boost your immune system [source]. Find organic, raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar for maximum health benefits.

I take a shot of Bragg’s Organic Unfiltered Raw Apple Cider Vinegar that still has the Mother every morning. If my roommates or I come in contact with someone who seems ill, I will take another one as a booster. (If you are already ill 3-4 shots of this a day and you will golden in no-time.) You should be able to get it just about anywhere, or at least at a local Natural Foods or Co-op. Even Hannaford’s and other groceries carry it now as well.

Shot Recipe: Shoot back a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a two tablespoons of filtered water. Can’t stomach it? I personally suggest mixing a tablespoon with a tall 8oz glass of cold water to dilute it. I also add a touch of raw honey to sweeten it. 

IMG_5549 #2 “Green Machine”

Green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, and parsley provide a significant amount of nutrients including but not limited to, magnesium, folate, and vitamin B6. These crucial nutrients play an important role in optimal immune health [source].

Parsley is also really great for after meal eating as it is a natural breath odor eliminator.

Shot Recipe: Toss together a selection of leafy greens in your juicer and enjoy. If you can’t swallow the taste of only vegetables in your juice, throw an apple through the juicer for some natural sweetness.

IMG_5546#5 “Carrot Kicker”

Carrots are a great source of beta carotene. One of beta carotene’s main roles is to support the body’s mucus membrane, which lines the respiratory and intestinal tracts. A strong lining makes it more difficult for bacteria to enter the bloodstream and cause you trouble [source].

I love adding a bit of ginger to this one as well, or some yummy mango.

Shot Recipe: Juice a handful of carrots and enjoy. Don’t have a juicer? Do your best to incorporate carrots into the upcoming weeks menus!


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